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Jewelry Storage Umbra

My jewelry has always had a way of spreading like bishop’s weed throughout the house – over the vanity, in the cabinet, and on the tables or windowsills (where I absentmindedly remove and leave them). Of course, I may suffer from an organizational impairment, which I am working on in therapy and at my job, but I have risen to the challenge of getting my clutter under control, including my jewelry, with a little help from my employee discount AND from Umbra, one of my favorite companies.

Umbra is a Toronto-based company offering innovative, award-winning organizing and decorative products at affordable prices. One of the unique things about them is that they employ many international designers who bring a diverse wealth of ideas, inspiration and innovation to the creative table. Furthermore, they honor their artists by individually crediting them for their designs. I have to think that honoring and celebrating their designers is one of the secrets to their success, whatever the reasoning behind it.

Employing multiple designers from across the globe means Umbra continually situates itself on the cutting edge of design. Umbra designers breathe fresh life into old ideas, as well as create brand new, inspired, non-derivative, out-of-this-world designs. Their product lines range from bathroom accessories to waste cans to curtain rods (something new). Jewelry storage and display products are extensive and unsurpassed in originality by most competitor products. Umbra jewelry organizing products include jewelry boxes, hanging jewelry storage (including their bestselling Little Black Dress line), and stunning jewelry trees and displays that are as visually intriguing as they are functional.

Here are a few of my favorite Umbra jewelry storage products by category:

Umbra Hanging Jewelry Storage Organizers

Little Black Dress – Sexy and clever, this 39-pocket jewelry organizer hangs right on a closet rod and rolls easily to fit in luggage when traveling. This original Little Black Dress was so popular, they expanded the line with similarly witty jewelry organizing products.

Little Black Corset – Naughty and nice, this jewelry holder harkens to vintage homemade panty girdle storage assemblies with a modern twist. 23 pockets for storage hold plenty of baubles and 20 additional Velcro straps keep bracelets and other accessories secure.

Little Black Corset

Little Mini Black Dress – Smaller than the former organizers but with ample storage and sass (4 zippered compartments with 9 compartments), this little hanging organizer rocks for compact, rollup luggage storage.

Umbra Jewelry Trees

Umbra Venus Jewelry Stand – cleverly references the famous Botticelli Venus with the Umbra’s popular dress motif standing in for her. Fashioned in mesh, with plenty of holes for earring storage, the dress sits atop a storage shell and includes additional overhead arms for storing bracelets and necklaces.

Umbra Venus Jewelry Stand

Jewelry Tree Stand – Flower – is a simple, yet elegant solution for hanging necklaces and other jewelry. A sparse array of flowers suggests a cosmos patch in summer, realized in a design that is both contemporary and utilitarian. 11 different chromed flowers have four petals each for storing a variety of necklaces and bracelets.

Umbra Jewelry Tree Stand Flower

Umbra Ring Holders

Umbra Animal Ring Holders – Compact and minimalist, these little Anigram die-cast zinc ring holders ensure your rings don’t get lost. Made with white bodies and contrasting silver appendages, these little guys are adorable objets d’art. Choose from bunny, reindeer, dog and elephant holders.

Umbra Animal Ring Holders

Elephant Ring Holder – This chrome-plated elephant ring holder, with its clean lines and minimalist design, is absolutely sublime. Hang rings from either the trunk or tusks.

Umbra jewelry displays are as aesthetically pleasing as they are utilitarian and make fabulous gifts for your favorite vixens, your mother, daughter or any jewelry-loving individual in your life. I’m sure you and your gift recipients will enjoy your Umbra products as much as I have mine.



Matt Carr – Little Black Dress

Sung Wook Park and Marcee Ruby – Little Black Corset

Sung Wook Park – Little Mini Black Dress

Luciano Lorenzatti – Umbra Venus Jewelry Stand

Alan Wisniewski – Jewelry Tree Stand

Sung WookPark – Umbra Animal Ring Holders

Joel Yatscoff – Elephant Ring Holder


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Jewelry Organizers for Travel 0

Jewelry Travel Organizer Blog

Traveling, while potentially fun, can also be stressful. Finding secure, yet manageable jewelry organizers for safe travel and TSA issues are always a concern : What size bottles do I need for liquids? How should they be labeled? What kind of food can I take? For people who NEED jewelry, there are other worries, such as customs/inspections and secure storage in hotel rooms.

When passing through metal detectors, you really need your jewelry consolidated into something that’s accessible and easy for workers to pull out, inspect and return to your luggage. Vinyl-pocketed jewelry storage hangers are a great choice as many can be rolled in your luggage and later unrolled and hung from a closet rod in your hotel room.

Hanging Jewelry Organizers

  1. The Umbra Little Black Corset measures only 8 W by 18.75 H x .5 D inches and has 23 clear pockets for storing jewelry, plus 20 Velcro straps for hanging bracelets and other items. This makes a great travel companion because it provides hanging storage and visibility. With a little luck, the luggage inspectors might NOT excessively paw through your jewelry.
  2. The Hanging Jewelry Organizer has many of the same benefits as the hanging corset in a 28-pocket design with 14 Velcro straps for accessories. A convenient, swivel hook makes both sides accessible.
  3. The larger-needs 80 Pocket Canvas Jewelry Organizer is great for longer trips or for the traveler who absolutely adores jewelry. Double sided, with a provided hanger, this organizer can also hold other travel accessories, or you can share it with family members.

Travel Jewelry Cases

Travel Jewelry Cases provide more secure storage for your valuable jewelry and accessories. Hard shell, latched varieties offer padding and protection and may fit in a hotel safe for extra secure storage.

  1. The Black Faux Suede Jewelry Case has a latched lid and flocked interior to protect your jewelry. It measures 10.5 W x 2.5 H x 7.25 D inches, making it a good fit for many hotel safes.
  2. The Leather Jewelry Carrier is padded for protection and small enough for onboard luggage. It measures only 8.25 W x 5 H x 1.25 D inches and fits nicely in a briefcase or other compact bag.

Other travel jewelry cases are available on our website, and, of course, we carry plenty of home jewelry storage cases and jewelry cleaning products as well.

by Laurie H.


organize-it sidewalk sale

Hanging Jewelry Organizer – Small Spaces 0

There are so many different ways to organize as well as store jewelry — but what do you do when you have absolutely no surface space to store your pretties? 

I recently moved house for what feels like the millionth time and the transition has left me with a smaller bedroom, but  a bigger closet. The bittersweet change has forced me to rethink my wardrobe and accessory storage.

I used to keep my jewelry in nice trays atop a vanity, but the new master bedroom just doesn’t have room for the extra furniture.

After scanning Pinterest for days, I attempted a cute DIY hanging board, but the cluttered look was just too much in the small room. So, I thought, I have the closet space, why not use it for jewelry, too?

A little searching lead me to the Hanging Jewelry Organizer (above). The simple design was a life saver and, honestly, is one of those inventions that makes you wonder, “why didn’t I think of that!”

I love this slim organizer for so many reasons, where do I begin?

First, it has so many pockets, tabs and velcro loops. I fit all of my jewelry in it and still have room left. It’s a great excuse to feed my bad habit. You have 28 pockets plus 14 loops to stash your pieces. The four large pockets are excellent for watches,  cuffs and other bigger pieces. On the other side, six medium sized pockets and 18 small pockets are perfect for earrings of every size. I have lots of broaches, too, and they fit perfectly in these pockets.

The pockets are made of clear vinyl, too, so it’s super simple to find what you’re looking for.

As if that’s not enough, the top hook is designed to fit on any standard sized closet rod. It even swivels so you can twist and turn the double-sided organizer when you’re searching for that perfect piece.

This piece is just easy and efficient, there’s not much more to it. It fits easy in your wardrobe, even if you have a small closet and it holds loads of jewelry. Even if I had the room for a large standing jewelry box, I’d probably opt for this organizer to hold my everyday favorites.

Valentine’s Day: Acrylic Jewelry Organizer 0

Jewelry Organizers - Acrylic

Valentine’s Day is closing in on us and the pressure to find the perfect gift for our loved ones is weighing heavy. While roses, chocolate and jewelry seem like a quick fix, I encourage  you to think outside the box — well, maybe inside the box this time.

Acrylic jewelry organizers are a great gift for ladies who already have a collection of Valentine’s Day jewelry piled up. These durable and sleek storage pieces are a great addition to vanities, closets and dresser tops. They display as well as organize precious pieces, all while protecting them from dust, tangling and scratching.

Necklace Hanger 

A hanging necklace holder makes an excellent gift. Crystal clear acrylic makes up this entire piece, allowing a clear view of contents at all time. Hang numerous necklace from the 12 hooks, all of which are attached to a removable lid that lifts up to reveal contents. Necklaces hang so they do not tangle or knot. This display case makes a great statement piece, too, when you show it off atop a personal vanity, bathroom counter or dresser.

Earring Screen

If you’re sweetheart is more of an earring collector, an acrylic display screen is a gift she’ll love. Earrings stay organized, properly stored and easily accessible for your morning routine, too, when you use an earring screen. The accordion style design stands freely and can accommodate up to 128 sets of earrings of all styles; store your studs, hoops, and dangling pairs all next to each other.

Jewelry Chest of Drawers

If your special someone wears jewelry of all kinds, a small chest of drawers is the perfect gift. With three drawers, she can store as well as organize rings, bracelets, necklaces and other accessories. Padded drawers will protect her jewelry from scratching, tangling or knotting. Little pulls make it easy to access contents and the top of the organizer can even be used to stack remaining pieces. The compact design is also great on display.

Creative earring storage ideas 0

earrings storage

I’m a big fan of stud earrings. They’re easy to wear for days at a time and they’re super simple to store. There are a couple pairs of stud earrings that I have in my regular rotation and I would love an easy way to access them. So I did some research and tried out some not-so-typical means.

For a new storage piece for my earrings, I headed into the kitchen. It seems strange, but there are a lot of similarities between the storage pieces in your kitchen and vanity. Here are some creative storage options I tried out:

Glass Sugar Bowl Image

3. Sugar bowl: The most obvious thing I could think to go to first was a sugar bowl. This clear, glass design features a lid and overall cute design that is a great accent for vanities. I really liked the overall idea of this piece. The glass is a great compliment to the decor I already have and it looked very nice with my other vanity pieces. The eight ounce capacity is perfect — I could throw in a few pairs of my studs and easily find them the next time I wanted them. But it just wasn’t it for me.

Olive Wood Salt Keeper Image

2. Salt Cellar: This small olive wood container was a really close second for me. It’s the same basic idea as the sugar bowl, but it offers a warmer, more natural decor accent. If you have a larger vanity space or counter top, this small bowl with lid would be an easy solution for you. The natural wood grain is a beautiful compliment to any decor. The hinged lid swivels 260 degrees, which is a really neat feature. This unique piece is a great option for creative earring storage.

Magnetic Spice Tin Image

1. Spice Tin:
This was my winner. The small tin is made from stainless steel so it’s rust proof and super durable. The clear window on top lets me see which earrings I have inside and the silicone seal keeps everything tightly together. For me, it combines the pros of both the sugar bowl and the salt cellar — plus some. The magnetic back is my favorite part; this little organizer adheres to all metal surfaces. I leave about five pairs of stud earrings in this tin and I keep it stuck to the frame of my vanity mirror. It’s perfection!

Jewelry Cleaner – Tarnish Remover 0

Putting a nice ring, bracelet or maybe a necklace under the tree for the Mrs this Christmas? Or maybe you have a decent jewelry collection of your own? We all make sure our favorite pieces are stored properly, but how often do you clean them?

If  you’re searching for a gift for the always-accessorized person in your life, consider some quality jewelry cleaner accessories.

Keep it clean

If you’re working on a budget, there are many different levels of jewelry upkeep. If you want to keep things inexpensive, a good solution or polishing cloth is a great gift. Not what you’re looking for? I recommend these awesome jewelry cleaning towelettes. They come in a dispensing tub –just like the wipes you use to tidy up of house — so you can easily access them. I love to keep them on the bathroom counter and give my everyday pieces a clean wipe as a part of my morning routine.

If the jewelry lover in your life is more serious about their collection, consider an ultrasonic cleaner. These digital cleaners are capable of cleaning jewelry, watches, glasses and more. These ultrasonic cleaners work by vibrating while jewelry soaks in cleaner, shaking free dirt and grim that you typically struggle to get to with standard cleaners.



Christmas: Standing Jewelry Armoire Mirror 0


Organize-It has released their winter catalog, full of great gift and storage ideas for the holiday season. Inside the pages we found the perfect jewelry armoire that would make the lady in your life happy this Christmas. 

This standing jewelry mirror opens up to reveal lite storage. Hooks, cubbies, pockets and other organization pieces all line both sides of the open mirror. The dark wood frame compliments any decor, whether you add it to your bedroom, master bath, closet or more. The long vertical mirror is a great addition to a morning routine, making it easy to see an entire outfit at once.

When the armoire is opened, four small LED lights are activated, lighting up your jewelry collection and making it easy to find what you are searching for.

Standing Mirror Jewelry Armoire Features:

  • Gives your bedroom a stylish accent as well as additional storage space.
  • Front door has a full length mirror so you can view your wardrobe.
  • Whenever you open the door a small LED light is activated.
  • Light requires three AAA batteries to function, not included.
  • Store your dangling or stud earrings in the provided cards.
  • Hang necklaces and bracelets on the dozens of hooks.
  • A pocket on the door can hold several bracelets or hoops.
  • Store dozens of rings on the provided holders at the top.
  • Seven divided sections provide room to store other accessories.
  • Black plastic holders can easily store watches and bracelets.
  • Tilt the cabinet this way and that to better angle the mirror.
  • Constructed from durable wood in a rich espresso finish.

Spotlight: Go modern with a jewelry stand 0

There are a million ways to organize jewelry, but I always get excited when I see a fresh idea. This modern copper jewelry stand is the perfect marriage of efficiency and chic style. 

This show-stopping piece is crafted from steel and concrete. Yes, concrete. The unique design features a copper plated finish that cleverly accents any color pallet. This piece displays your favorite valuables while securing them in place.

This contemporary design has multiple ways of accommodating your goods. For starters, the bottom doubles as a jewelry dish. Complete with a lipped rim, this dish secure small, everyday pieces like wedding bands. Atop, three varying sized hangers hold necklaces, bracelets and earrings. The creative, double rail tops secure earrings in place.

This jewelry stand even features a protective foam bottom that prevents scratching on hard surfaces. Display it with confidence atop your dresser, nightstand, vanity, bathroom counter tops and much more without worrying about leaving behind damage.

Find other great jewelry organizers at


Watch boxes and winders 0

Watch winders are not your typical jewelry storage, but they are an important piece of the puzzle. Any watch collector — or even those with one or two timepieces — knows the importance of proper storage and regular winding. 

Watch chests

Display your favorite timepieces in one of these solid wood chests from American Chest. Velvety suede lines the inside and matching pillows are ready to have watches wrapped around them for safe keeping.  Separate cubbies help protect pieces from scratches and dust. The lid features a sleek glass panel that keeps contents visible but completely protected. Available in two sizes, you can chose from the regular design that fits up to six watches or the larger design which fits up to 10 watches and includes a bottom drawer for accessories.

Watch winders

If you’re more of an enthusiast, watch winders are a must. This Double Watch Winder, also from American Chest, is crafted from solid American cherry wood. This winder can contain up to two watches at a time. Complete with four programs, this watch winder features nylon gears, a mabuchi motor and intermittent programming sequences. This beautiful dresser top piece also features the slim glass panel in the lid, perfect for keeping contents visible and well protected.

Plus, all of American Chest’s elegant products are made in the United States.

Find these products and more like them at

Jewelry Tree Meets Soap Pump 0

How great would it be if everything you keep on the bathroom counter could be replaced by one magnificent organizer? Well, now it can.

My bathroom counter sees a lot of clutter. Hair ties, washcloths, earrings that MUST come out as soon as I get home from the office — it’s never ending.  And before now all I could do was try to neatly put it on a shelf above the sink, keeping the counter clear for the others who frequent the restroom. But, inevitably, things were always falling off. Plus, the cluttered look just always got to me.

About a week ago we got this awesome new product — and it’s the perfect solution for my water closet clutter.

This all-in-one jewelry tree, soap pump and towel bar comes in a compact design that securely sits on your bathroom counter. The sleek brushed steel finish and clean straight lines create the perfect modern accent that compliments any traditional or contemporary decor.

The pump holds up to eight ounces of liquid, whether you choose to use it for hand or face soap, or even lotion. The tree has a non-slip bottom so it stays in place, even on slick counters. But the best part is the two movable arms. These bars are great for washcloths, jewelry, hair accessories and more. The bottom of the stand even has a lip around the edge so you can use it as a jewelry tray. I like to leave rings and earrings here when I’m too busy to put them away right away. It’s even great for setting out your accessories the night before work to cut down your time trying to get out the door.

This stainless steel jewelry tree and soap pump is sure to last years and always look great whether you utilize it in the bathroom, on your nightstand, vanity or in a walk-in closet.

Find this awesome piece and other products like it at



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