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Hello Jewelry Fanatics! 2

Welcome to my Jewelry Organizer Blog!

I love jewelry! If you have found my blog, you must also like jewelry, or at least need to know what to do with it. I would say that I have a pretty moderate collection of jewelry, but I understand that jewelry is one of those things that is hard to get rid of once you have it.

It is so small and seemingly harmless that it doesn’t seem like it will ever clutter or take over your house like some other things (shoes, clothes) do. So, you don’t feel like a total pack-rat when you hang onto old pieces. Still, I have found that if I don’t keep my jewelry organized, it can cause some minor problems:

  1. It takes forever to find the piece I need
  2. It tangles and breaks – I can’t tell you how many chains, bracelets and necklaces I’ve lost to tangling (You probably have a similar story here)
  3. I dread putting it away in the right place so it ends up sitting on the bathroom counter, rusting away sadly
  4. Or, I flat out lose it. Yikes!


I have tried all types of jewelry organizers, from wooden jewelry boxes to drawer inserts, and even cardboard boxes. Nothing seems to work well universally, and that’s okay, because I figure that since I’ll (hopefully) be acquiring more and more jewelry over the next few decades, this will be an ongoing process. Also, since I’m kind of an organizing freak, it’s fun for me!

Currently, I have jewelry in all places around my house, including the downstairs bathroom, upstairs bathroom, linen closet, and, the most expensive pieces that I hardly ever wear, are in the back of my closet. My goal is to get everything in one or two places, easy to find, and safe from my kids curious little hands.

Join me on my journey of jewelry organizing and check back soon for tips on more jewelry ideas, including recycled jewelry, eco-friendly ideas, beading (of course!) and do it yourself jewelry organizer ideas!  Don’t forget to leave comments with your own tips and stories!