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Product Of the Week – Jewelry Wipes 0

jewelry-wipesDisposable Jewelry Wipes are this week’s Product of the Week, For Good Reason (read on…)

For on the go jewelry cleaning, or just cleaning at home, these jewelry wipes can’t be beat! You can keep them virtually anywhere, because they come in a small, lightweight plastic container, and they dispense just like wet wipes, through the top with a perforated lid! It couldn’t be easier, all you do is pull out a wipe, and shine away!

They work on metals, great for necklace chains, bracelets and rings. One of the things I like to do with them is to clean my wedding ring on the inside, where you sometimes forget to shine. This will help keep tarnishing to a minimum, and save your fingers from dark circles. The only thing that took me by surprise when trying these out was that they are actually dry to the touch. At first I thought maybe they had “expired”, but after reading the directions, they are actually designed this way, which is nice because they don’t leave an obvious amount of jewelry cleaner on your hands, which would make it impossible to use these “on the go”.

Here are some ideas on when and where to use these wipes:

  • Travel – probably the best travel jewelry cleaner. You can put the whole box in your suitcase or, better yet, just place one or two wipes in a ziplock bag in your carry on so that you have something productive to do on the plane!
  • Car – keep these in your glove box for instant jewelry shining in the car (not while you are driving, though 🙂 )
  • Jewelry Organizer – An obvious place for these is right in your jewelry box – you may find that you don’t even need anymore jewelry cleaners once you give these a try!

Now, get shining!

Vanities for Jewelry Storage 0

Vanities for Girly Girls and their Jewelry

Girls Gather Round!  A vanity in the bedroom can serve so many purposes.  First, and foremost, it adds a very elegant feel to your bedroom décor.  Second, it gives you a place to sit while getting ready for a big night (or day)!

vanityBedroom vanities come in many shapes and forms.  Most of them lean toward the antique, elegant look.  But, you can also find modern versions with updated wood finishes like espresso, and modern art style curves and lines in their construction.  Here is a nice modern vanity from Stacks & Stacks Homewares.

A vanity usually consists of a table, a mirror and a bench, sometimes sold together, sometimes sold separately.  Most of them have a drawer or two or lift lid storage.  This is usually where you put makeup, but it can also function as a jewelry organizer!  If you can find one that is designed for jewelry storage, that’s great!

If not, you can turn them into a jewelry organizer with just a few tools.  First, you can buy a jewelry drawer insert that divides the drawer and provides a felt backing to protect jewelry.  Here is a great selection of these, you can mix and match pieces to get a custom style jewelry organizer.  If you are finding that you can’t fit these directly into the small vanity drawers, you can find smaller, modular drawer dividers in different materials that may fit better into the drawers.  Look for clear acrylic, wood or fabric boxes and trays.

For necklaces, use either an adhesive or suction hook or two directly on the mirror for an elegant look and also to keep your necklaces tangle free!  If you can find a row of these hooks that is even better.  A vanity also makes a great gift for teens and girls going off to college.

Space Age Jewelry Cleaners 0

Ionic and Sonic Jewelry Cleaners for Professional Shine!

Is your jewelry looking tired? The easiest, quickest way to clean it is with a Jewelry Bath! Ionic and Sonic Jewelry Cleaners are used by professionals, but you can have them at home for a fraction of the price.

First, a WARNING: NEVER clean Pearls, Opals, opaque stones (like turquoise) or other Delicate Jewelry in a sonic or ionic jewelry cleaner, ALWAYS read the instructions to see what jewelry can be used in your cleaner. Pearls can actually dissolve in these liquid cleaners, so make sure to read the instructions for your machine and also do a test spot on metals before hand to make sure you won’t damage your fine jewelry.

How do they work?

  1. Ionic jewelry cleaners work by using a positive charge to attract to dirt and tarnish on your jewelry. Your jewelry is dropped into a solution which has chemicals that make the water more conductive. These cleaners usually clean metals in under a minute.
  2. Sonic or Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners work by using ultrasonic waves. These powerful waves blast dirt and tarnish off of the jewelry, a favorite of professionals.

Both types are very easy to use. They usually require batteries, and a solution. Usually the solution is included. You simply fill the machine with solution and (sometimes) water, then put your jewelry into a basket or on a clip, close the machine and turn it on. In no time at all, you will have beautiful, shiny jewelry just like it’s new!

I really like this small sonic jewelry bath, it looks nice because of the clear container, and it is small enough that you can put it right on your bathroom counter. It’s also compact enough that you can put it in a jewelry organizer or box. It is also very inexpensive, available at

Men’s Valets 0


Jewelry Organizers for Men who Wear Jewelry (or Not!)


I know, I know…  Doesn’t seem important.  But, even if your man doesn’t have jewelry, he probably has a watch, right?  Okay, if not a watch, certainly he has a wallet.  Where does he put his wallet at night? 


He probably doesn’t need a jewelry organizer the size of yours, but wouldn’t it be nice for him (and you) if he had some place to lay his accessories at the end of a long, hard day?  The bonus for you is that he won’t be junking up your night stands, bathroom counters, etc.  A men’s valet comes in a couple of forms, and is a great investment. 


The first type of valet is the freestanding type that holds clothes.  These are usually about three feet tall, so they are almost a furniture piece of their own in the bedroom.  They come in many different styles and shades of wood, from deep cherry to more modern espresso.  A man can hang the next day’s clothes (think suits and business attire), keeping them wrinkle-free over night and ready to go in the a.m.  Other features on some of these valets include mirrors, pants presses and drawers.  If his job doesn’t require formal business attire, you can get away with a men’s valet that sits right on the dresser. 


These are very elegant boxes, perfect for wallets, keys, cell phones and any jewelry that he has.  I really like this valet tray, it is made of real leather, a chic alternative to wood, and has compartments for everything, including two hidden suede-lined sections for more valuable items.  It is compact, so you won’t be bothered by its presence on your dresser.  Men’s Valets make great birthday or (my favorite) Valentine’s gifts. 


Surprise your husband with a thoughtful gift this year, a little place he can call his own on your dresser!

Jewelry Organizer Trays 0

Jewelry Trays Organize your Dresser Effortlessly! 

Jewelry is really just another piece of your outfit, so why not give it a home in your dresser above your socks, pants and shirts?  Some dressers come with smaller sized drawers on top – if your dresser has drawers like these, by all means, use them for jewelry storage!  If you aren’t blessed with a built-in jewelry drawer, you can make a similar set up in one of your dresser drawers by using these handy jewelry organizer trays.  

jewelrytraysThey are very inexpensive compared to jewelry boxes, and they come in more than 10 different models, so you can choose the exact configuration that you need.  They are padded and velvet lined in a deep burgundy color, perfect for showing off your favorite gems.  They are modular, which basically means that they come in two sizes that are complementary to each other.  So take the interior measurements of your drawer and then you can make a complete drawer organizer, filling (or almost filling) the bottom of your drawer.  They are also stackable, a GREAT feature if you are using a typical, deep dresser drawer.  (Just remember to put pieces that you use most often on top). 

Here are some of the different configurations available, and how to use them. 

  • The 20 Ring Holder is perfect for rings.  The 18 Compartment Tray holds earrings, pendants and also rings if you wish. 
  • The Bracelets and Watches tray holds medium length chains, and necklaces stay safely separated in a double wide 7 Slot Necklace Tray.  If you have necklaces with stiff wires, or something valuable that you don’t want to store bent, there is even a totally open tray. 
  • The Personal Valet has 3 large compartments for your cell phone, wallet and anything else you use daily. 
  • There are many more mixed trays too that hold a mixture of different types of jewelry – check it out and start getting your jewelry organized now!

Large Capacity Jewelry Organizers 2

Have a Large Jewelry Collection?  Some people have a lot of jewelry, and, therefore, a lot of jewelry organizers around the house.  If you are lucky enough to have a very large assortment of jewelry, you may feel that you are overrun by organizers and you can’t ever seem to even find the piece that you need. 


Here are some ideas about what types of large capacity racks are out there, the pros and cons of each, and some fresh ideas for you to consider. 

  • Jewelry Armoires have been around forever.  They are usually very elegant and almost act as their own piece of furniture.   The styles vary greatly and have come along way since their invention.  Traditional oak and elegant cherry armoires are available, but many manufacturers are making models that match more modern styles, including mission oak and even crisp white.  They usually feature a combination of lined drawers with dividers already in place, and sometimes a lift lid with a mirror which is really handy.  I really like the models that have hanging necklace storage on the side, which is really the best way to store necklaces.  They are a little pricier than some jewelry boxes, but the use of veneers instead of 100 % hard woods has made the prices more reasonable.   
  • Jewelry Closets are great for large jewelry collections.  They are wall mounted, very space-efficient so you don’t have to worry about using up valuable floor space.  They can even be mounted recessed into a wall if you own your home and are allowed to do that much remodeling.  They are usually pricier than armoires but offer a little bit more storage and are a very permanent solution (not good if you move a lot).  
  • Jewelry Bag:  This is by far the cheapest but it still has 80 pockets, so you can pack in a lot of jewelry.  They are actually pretty good for necklaces, too, because when you get the chain in the pocket it really doesn’t move around a lot and get tangled.  This one can be used for travel, and can hang right on the closet rod or on a screw on the wall or door.


Jewelry Counter Organizer 0

Mini Drawer All In One Counter Organizer – a Great Jewelry Box

We just moved into a new house.  If you’ve read my earlier post about keeping jewelry downstairs where I usually get ready, then you saw my cute makeshift jewelry box filled with just a few everyday pieces. 

However, in our new house, the downstairs bathroom has a very small counter so I’ve had to down size a little bit in the primping department.  (But, I actually think this is a good thing on many levels).  I used to get away with a separate makeup basket and jewelry box but now I am going to combine them into one compact jewelry organizer. 

I decided to try a mini drawer organizer to hold everything in it, including my makeup and jewelry and deodorant, all the things I need in the morning before I head out the door.  I like this one for a lot of reasons.  First of all, it’s pretty inexpensive.  Second, it’s a beautiful crystal clear acrylic.  Acrylic is really nice because it is as clear as glass, but less fragile.  That’s why many jewelry organizers are made of acrylic plastic.  Third, it has three drawers which works perfectly for my needs:  One drawer for makeup, One drawer for jewelry and One drawer for other stuff like deodorant and face cream.  It actually works great and, as with many organizing projects, I have realized that I can get away with less than I did before (especially in the way of makeup). 

Tip:  Anytime you organize a closet or drawer, plan to get rid of a certain percentage of things, either by throwing them out or donating them (10% is a good start).  If you are worried that you will miss them, keep them in a bag or box for a few days and mark your calendar for the day you will get rid of them.  If you don’t use them by then you know it’s safe to chuck ‘em.

DIY Jewelry Organizer for Necklaces 0

A Simple Homemade Jewelry Organizer to Keep Necklaces Looking their Best! 

As I stated in my last post about necklace organizers, hanging necklaces and bracelets is the best way to store them.  Hanging them, as opposed to tossing them in a box or drawer, ensures that they will not be tangled or broken, giving you many more years of use. 

Can’t afford a new jewelry organizer?  Check out my step-by-step instructions below of how to make a cheap (or free, depending on what you have lying around your home) hanging necklace organizer. 

Supplies & Tools that you will need: 

  • Metal Hanger (the dry-cleaner kind) 
  • Screwdriver
  • Vice Grip
  • Screw, Nail or Pushpin
  • Jewelry!!!

Step By Step Instructions:

  1. Remove any paper or tape products from the hanger. 
  2. Use the screwdriver to pry away the twisted wire at the top of the hanger neck (skip this step if it is already loose). 
  3. Grip the top of the pried-away wire, preferably with a Vise-grip, although  you can use regular pliers if you don’t have a Vise Grip.  (Needle-nose Vise-grip works best, it makes this DIY project much easier).  Using this tool, unwind the twisted wire until it is totally open.  Now you can see how easily this necklace hanger works – you should easily be able to twist the wires just one time to get a “latch”. 
  4. Install a screw, nail or even a push pin into the wall where you want to mount the hanger. 
  5. Now you are ready to load it up with necklaces, bracelets, anklets and watches.  Start by loading the pieces that you rarely wear so that they are at the “back” of the organizer, with the most used pieces in the front, ready to go! 

Tip: Since this isn’t exactly the fanciest or prettiest jewelry organizer, I recommend that you mount it behind a door or in the closet, so it doesn’t become an eyesore. 

If you are looking for something nicer, check out this selection of jewelry organizers at – there are many necklace options here.

Hanging Necklace Organizer 1

My #1 Pick for Necklaces:  The Wire Jewelry And Accessory Rack Hanging Necklaces Keeps them Safe and Easy to Find.  Necklaces, bracelets and watches do much better hanging than they do sitting in a jewelry box or a drawer. 

In a jewelry box, “long” jewelry, such as necklaces and bracelets get tangled very easily.  This can make it hard to find what piece you are looking for.  It can also damage or even lead to unwanted breakage of delicate chains and beads.  So, necklaces especially, but also bracelets, should really be on a hanger to avoid messy knots and tangles, and, eventually, breakage and loss of jewelry.  There are many different types of necklace organizers, from drawer trays to dresser top upright boxes. 


 This Wire Jewelry and Accessories Rack is a really great necklace organizer because it mounts to the wall, so you don’t have to worry about taking up valuable space on your dresser.  It is definitely space-efficient, which I love!  You can keep it in the closet, behind the door, or on the bathroom wall.  It is very secure – your necklaces and bracelets won’t slip off as long as you keep them between the two wall hooks. 

It does a great job of showing off your jewelry and it is inconspicuous enough that it doesn’t detract from your beautiful gems.  This is especially true when hanging on the wall.  If you have just spent days repainting your home in new, vibrant colors, this necklace hanger will still let you see your hard work shine through.  It mounts easily with just 4 screws. 

Now Get Organizing!