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Bead and Jewelry Organizer 2

 A Tool Chest performs well as a Jewelry Organizer – Go Figure!toolchestWho would have thought that your hubby could be filled with envy when he sees your new jewelry organizer?  This 16 Drawer Chest is designed, first and foremost, as a garage tool and hardware organizer; hence, the dull gray appearance, so he may just think that it’s a new garage organizer for him.  Except that it’s not.  It’s actually for you to store all your jewelry and crafts supplies in!  I’ll admit that it’s not cute, but it sure does come in handy for organizing anything jewelry or crafts related.

Here are the top benefits of using a tool chest to organize accessories:

  • The see through drawers are great for holding beads and beading supplies, jewelry or jewelry making supplies or any other crafts that you are interested in.
  • It is made of high impact polystyrene so it can really get tossed around – this is especially useful if you take your beads or crafts to sell at crafts fairs and farmers markets.
  • This drawer chest is also stackable, so you can maximize storage in any room for any project, at anytime!
  • It can be used on the counter top or dresser, but it can also be wall mounted.  That might sound kind of strange, but since you can remove whatever drawer you need, why not save a little counter space by mounting this to the wall.  A great place would be in the laundry room, behind the bathroom or bedroom door, or in the closet!  That way you don’t have to see it, either, a major plus since it is not designed to be decorative.

TIP:  To really get the most organizing out of these drawers, print up address labels for each drawer that tell you what is in them.  That way you don’t have to go digging needlessly and your beading process will go much more smoothly!  Here is some great, extra info for Beading fanatics.

Expandable Jewelry Organizer 0


Product of the Week! Expanding Jewelry Tray for In Drawer Jewelry Storage!

I found this great expanding jewelry tray that is designed for in drawer jewelry storage.  I can’t cheer enough about the benefits of storing your jewelry in a drawer.  There are so many great jewelry drawer dividers out there, that if you are lucky enough to have an open drawer in your bedroom dresser or even in the bathroom, you are really missing out if you don’t use it to organize your gems! 

This jewelry organizer expands from 13 to 22 inches, so you can really maximize storage in your drawer.  If you have an entire drawer that can be used, then simply stretch it out as far as it goes and organize away!  If, however, you only have half a drawer emptied out, say, next to your makeup in the bathroom, then you can still make use of this great organizer.  There is an upper layer with divided trays, or cubes, great for all of your earrings, rings and pendants.  If you slide that tray to the side, it reveals two more cubbies.  One large one that can hold bracelets, watches and more, and a long narrow cubby for necklaces.  It’s made of wood with a clear sealant on it, easy to clean when it gets dusty.  It features a loc ball system that keeps it open once you have opened it, no slippage. To protect it from dust, simply lay a cloth or towel over the top, this will also hide it from burglars, toddlers, and your roommate that likes to “borrow”  your stuff. 

Stacks & Stacks carries many more jewelry drawer dividers, including stackable felt lined trays in burgundy, black and more.  Or, for an easy to find and extremely affordable option, a simple plastic divided tray is always a great idea.

Jewelry Organizer – Product of the Week! 2


This Compact Catch All Travels with you to keep you Organized Anywhere!

Planning a Vacation?  Don’t leave home without this adorable Leather Travel Catch All, available at  Not only does this bin come in handy in a million ways, it is absolutely adorable.  It’s made of nappa leather, a very high quality and supple leather, and, even better, it comes in Black (great for the guys), plus three more trendy colors, including Blue, Key Lime and Pink (perfect for us gals!)  It folds flat, so there’s really no excuse for not bringing it with you, because it will take up absolutely no space in your luggage.  So toss one of these in your suitcase.  When you get to the hotel, simply fold the sides up and fasten with four buttons, it couldn’t be easier to use, and gives you an 8 x 8 inch box instantly. 

Here are some different ideas of how to use this cute bin: 

  • Jewelry Organizer:  In the hotel, you can set this catch all right on top of the dresser or table, preferably near a mirror.  Dump your jewelry into it so you can see all the different pieces that you have brought.  Separate them right off the bat so choosing and dressing will be a cinch when you are pressed for time! 
  • Catch All – Use this bin in the hotel room as a catch all for keys, wallet, and cell phone.  If you have ever locked yourself out of your hotel room, then you know why it is so important to have a designated place for it! 
  • Bathroom Organizer – On the bathroom counter, this little organizer is great for makeup, lotions and other toiletries.  Slide one of these leather catch-alls into your toiletries bag and then set it up when you get there so that you will have all of your primping supplies handy when you need them! 

Here are some tips on how to prepare your jewelry for travel.  Bon Voyage!

Towel Rack as Jewelry Organizer 2

Another solution for organizing necklaces and other jewelry is found in the Kitchen!


You’ve probably heard me go on and on many times about how the only way that necklaces should be stored is either hanging or laid out flat completely with no bends.  This is the best way to make sure that your chains don’t break and that necklaces don’t get knotted.  Well, I just had a great tip from someone for a necklace organizer.  This is great for people that don’t have access to stores that sell these necklace and jewelry organizers, and it’s also great if you already have one of these around your home! 

Remember those swing arm towel racks that your grandma used in the kitchen?  Well, they are making a comeback, but with updated styles, using more contemporary materials like brushed steel. 

These wall mounted racks make great hangers for necklaces, bracelets and anklets.  Here’s why:  Each arm moves independently, and since there are either 2 or 3 arms, you can maximize jewelry storage like never before with these.  Just think how many chains you can put on three 12” bars.  That’s three feet! of necklace hanging storage.  And, you can split up the three bars however you want.  Maybe one arm for pieces you wear all the frequently, another for bracelets, and another for anklets.  The possibilities are endless for using these. 

You can also use them to hide your jewelry.  Simply use the bottom two arms for hanging jewelry, but put a hand towel or kitchen towel over the top and press all three arms to the wall.  A burglar running through your house will never suspect that there is jewelry hiding behind that towel! 

If you find that the material is a little too “slippery” for the items you are storing, (most likely with beads and pearls), here’s a tip:  Wrap the swing arm in masking tape and allow a little messiness, this will create creases and bumps that your necklaces can settle into!

Ooh la la! How About an Ornate Organizer? 2

Hi everybody! My name is Molly, from Wine Racks Blog and Spice Racks Blog. Michaela asked me to share some of my favorite jewelry organizers – and I’m happy to oblige.  

See this?


This is one of Marie Antoinette’s jewelry boxes. The girl may not have had the best sense for politics, but you cannot deny her sense of style. I know, there’s something to be said for subdued taste – but you know what? Sometimes you’ve just got to go big!

armoireNow, I don’t know about you – but I’m not lucky enough to live in a French chateau. But that doesn’t stop me from mentally decorating my imaginary castle. Here’s a jewelry cabinet that any queen would lose her head over – the Antique Parchment Armoire. This jewelry organizer is hand painted, has a flip top with a mirror, and enough storage space for the crown jewels. 

chestBut of course, if you’re really lacking room but still want a bit of luxury – there’s a jewelry organizer for you. How about this Floral Jewelry Storage Case? This tres charmant case is hand painted and features designs of flowers and birds. What I love about this case is that it has a lift-up tray – so you can stash secret treasures (love letters?) away from prying eyes.

I found these jewelry organizers at StacksAndStacks. Have you found any great organizers lately? Let us know!

Happy Valentine’s Day! 2


A Gift Guide for Jewelry Storage for Everyone on your List!

Ahh, it’s that wonderful time of year again.  No, not Christmas, Valentine’s Day – a day celebrating love of all types, from Moms and Dads to their kids, Grandparents to their Grandchildren, and couples of all ages to each other!  Jewelry storage comes in many different forms, and, just as jewelry itself can be, a jewelry box is a beautiful gift to give on Valentine’s Day. 

Here is a list of some people you may be wanting to shower with gifts, and, for each, a jewelry storage option designed just for them! 

  • Wives and Girlfriends:  A Jewelry Box is an obvious choice.  Choose one in made of hardwood with glass or mirror accents.  If she likes very elegant home décor, dark and light cherry woods are the way to go.  If she has more modern taste, a white painted, black or espresso jewelry box will bring a smile to her face.  If she already has a lot of jewelry, here is a cute idea:  Purchase an inexpensive jewelry organizer, like a jewelry drawer divider tray and wrap it up, but first put her real present (a pair of earrings, or, maybe, a ring?) in it.  She will be thrilled by both of these thoughtful presents. 
  • Dads and Boyfriends:  Yes, some of them have jewelry too.  If not, a Men’s Valet is a nice V Day present – Stacks & Stacks has table top valets and beautiful wooden watch cases.  He will feel loved, important, and it will give him a nice place to set his wallet, keys and cell phone at night (as opposed to the floor) –  a gift to everyone! 
  • Girls and Young Women:  Little girls love musical jewelry boxes, with or without the spinning ballerina!  For older girls, faux leather boxes in cool blues, pinks and browns are a big hit, and can hold anything from jewelry to love notes on their dresser top. 

Product of the Week! Hanging Jewelry Organizer 1


A Hanging Jewelry Organizer Provides Space-Efficient Jewelry Storage

Many people are surprised to find all the different products and organizers that are made to hang right over the closet rod.  Over the Rod Shoe Racks are great for shoe storage.  Over the Rod Accessory Hangers hold belts, scarves and more.  And, you can even find Jewelry Organizers in this Space-Efficient form!

Of course, most of us already have our closets filled to the max with clothes, every inch taken up by favorite shirts, dresses and skirts.  But, give me just 2 inches of hanging space in your closet, and I’ll give you a jewelry organizer.

This Hanging Jewelry Organizer, available at, is very narrow.  It hangs two different ways:  wide, which allows you to see everything that is in it, and sideways in the closet – it only takes up a few inches of hanging space this way.  It has 80 pockets, enough for almost any jewelry collection, and the pockets come in varying sizes, so you can put earrings and rings in the smaller pockets, and necklaces and bracelets in the larger ones  (Small pockets 2.5″h x 4.25″w; large pockets are 6.5″h x 4″w).

Here are some other great uses and features of this product:

  1. Kids Organizer – Keep your little girl’s barrettes, hair bands and bows in this easy to use pocket organizer
  2. Travels Well by Car, Boat or Plane – this organizer can be folded or rolled up and stuffed in a suitcase.  When you get to your destination, you can hang it over the closet rod or even on a hook on the bathroom door
  3. Garage Organizer – Keep small tools, screws, nuts and bolts in these tiny pockets – if you don’t have a hook on the door in the garage, simply nail into the wall and hang this organizer from it!

Keeping Jewelry Safe 1

Keep your Jewelry Safe from Theft, Fire and Water Damage!

For your most precious jewelry, a simple jewelry organizer may not be secure enough.  Most jewelry is inexpensive enough that we would not be devastated, emotionally or financially, if it were lost. But some jewels, even cheap pieces that have a hefty price tag just in terms of memories, need to be stored, locked, or hidden!  Here are some options for how to safely store your most important jewelry at home.

  • Locking Jewelry Boxes – This won’t be much of a deterrent to burglars, but if you have little ones at home that like to walk off with your diamonds, dropping them all about the house like they were goldfish crackers, this will at least protect your gems from their tiny hands.  These jewelry boxes have a tiny keyhole, and include a key, sometimes with a cute tassel.  This a great option for jewelry storage in the closet, bathroom and on the dresser.


  • Office Safes – These heavy duty safes can hold much more than just jewelry.  They are called “office safes” because they can hold your most important documents, like passports and bank account numbers, keeping thieves out.  Bonus:  Some of them are also fire proof or waterproof, extra protection against natural disasters.  Choose from combination locks, key locking safes, and even bio metric thumbprint locking safes.
  • Hidden Safes:  Fool everyone from burglars to your annoying little sis with these hidden safes.  One option is a wall mounted safe that you can hang a large painting or print over.  Another option are these trickier containers:  a 7up can in the kitchen unscrews for hidden storage, a can of Flat Fix in the trunk holds extra cash, and a fake electrical outlet is great for your favorite pearls and diamonds!

Now, rest assured that with one of these options, your jewelry is safe and sound, always!