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Traveling Jewelry Organizer – Can Safe 1

A Can Safe is a Great Choice for Traveling with Jewelry Safely!

To get your jewelry to your destination safely and in one piece, consider one of these hidden safe cans, or faux product safes.  You’ve probably seen them before, and maybe just didn’t even know it.  They are available in all different types of common products that you see everyday, and are so discrete that you don’t even know what’s in them.  Some examples include 7 up cans, flat fix cans and more.  I’ve even seen Aquafina water bottles with hidden storage in the middle and water on the outside, and I am totally serious when I say that you can’t even tell that there is a hidden compartment inside.  I’ve also seen shaving cream type safes that actually spray, you guessed it, shaving cream out of the top!  Anyway, this is a really safe way to travel with jewelry, especially car travel. 

So keep one of these hidden safes next to your jewelry organizer.  All of them work equally well, and they are very small, just like the real products they are modeling, so you can stuff them into your suitcase.  Note: Airport security will definitely know what they are, but that’s fine, as long as no thief does!  The next time you are going on a trip, whether it is down the street or over the ocean, you will be thankful to have this nifty travel jewelry organizer with you.  There are other products specifically designed for traveling with jewelry, but I like these, as I said, because no one will know what they are.  If you have the 7 up can in your hotel room, even if someone comes into rummage through your luggage, there is no way they are going to think to look in a can of soda – brilliant!  Safe travels for you and your jewelry!

Wall Jewelry Organizer Armoire 1

A Review of the Most Space Efficient Jewelry Organizers

Whether you live in a large home or a small one, there is always a good reason to be concerned about space efficiency when it comes to jewelry organizers.  Why let your whole house be overrun by jewelry and jewelry boxes if you don’t need to?  In the true spirit of the first week of spring (Friday), I’ve decided to do a review-style entry here, a summary of the best, tried and true ways to organize jewelry for those who crave space efficiency (yours truly included).

  1. Over the Door and Hanging Organizers – This has to be number one in space efficient organizers for pretty much anything.  If you can an organizer that goes over the back of your door (and believe me, you can) for anything, go for it!  This is a no brainer way to organize your home without taking up closet space or floor space.  And, it doesn’t have to be permanent since you don’t have to drill any holes, great for us renters!  OTD organizers are made for so many different things nowadays, including jewelry storage, shoe racks, pants valets and toy storage.  If you can’t find an over the door organizer for your jewelry, over the closet rod works just as well.  There are very thin pocket organizers with a hanger on top, and these are great for slipping earrings, necklaces and rings into and hanging on the closet rod, and also great for travel.
  2. Jewelry Trays for Drawers – As I always say, if you have the space in a dresser drawer, this is a great place to keep your jewelry.  Lined jewelry trays are easy to use, and keep your jewelry all laid out in front of you, easy to pick the right piece.
  3. Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizers – this lighted jewelry armoire is a great find.  It is large enough to hold a sizable jewelry collection and doesn’t take up any dresser or counter top space.


Acrylic Jewelry Organizers 2


A Review of Acrylic Jewelry Organizers: How to Use, Where to Buy and more!

I’d like to say that Acrylic Jewelry Organizers are the wave of the future, but actually they’ve been around for a really long time.  Still, they are a really nice alternative to other jewelry boxes and racks.  First, I have always wondered, what is acrylic?  Acrylic is a clear plastic that looks just like glass.  There are many great advantages of acrylic over glass, some of which I will get into below. 

One of the reasons that acrylic is used in really thick applications (think windows and shower doors) is because it has a very high transparency rate, making it the clearest material known.  Think of really thick glass – it always has a slight green color to it, while thick acrylic remains clear.  And this is why it is really so great for jewelry boxes.  Because it is so clear, it really showcases beautiful jewelry well. 

Some different types of acrylic jewelry organizers include hanging necklace organizers, simple lift lid boxes, and more complex divided boxes.  They are all a great choice for storing your jewelry, and especially useful if you have colorful rocks or gems that are nice to see through the box.  Here is a beautiful, simple acrylic jewelry organizer tray.  Use it on the bathroom counter or on your dresser top with just a few special pieces of colorful jewelry for everyday use. 

Here are some other little known facts about the useful plastic known as acrylic (and, yes, it is the same thing they use on your finger nails). 

  • Sturdy – it is harder to break acrylic than it is to break glass.  Although it will snap if it is thin enough and you drop it, it will not shatter into a million pieces like glass will. 
  • Weight – it is only half as heavy as glass, not very important in a jewelry box, but more useful in larger applications. 
  • Shapable – it can be shaped and welded (actually melted together) without any seams. 

Fascinated and want to know more? Here is some very technical info on acrylic plastic!

Jewelry Organizer and Linen Storage Trunk 2

A Linen Storage Trunk with Built In Jewelry Organizers does Double Duty as the Product of the Week


I don’t own this storage trunk, but I simply had to showcase it as this week’s product of the week.  What a phenomenal piece this is.  It is a storage trunk for linens and clothes, and has two jewelry organizers, perfect for almost an entire collection.  Check out this item and more jewelry organizers at Stacks & Stacks. 

Here are some of the great features of this chest and some different ideas for using it: 

  • Cedar – this chest is cedar lined.  As we know, cedar has some natural properties that make it great for storing linens and clothes.  Cedar is a natural insect repellent, useful for everything including those pesky moths.  So, storing wool sweaters and other linens is not a problem in this chest.  Cedar also has a wonderful aroma to it, which can be renewed as often as you’d like with sand paper.  Cedar is also naturally moisture and weather resistant, great for extreme climates. 
  • Removable jewelry trays – with two removable jewelry organizer trays, this chest is a cinch to use on a daily basis, or for long term storage.  This would be a very nice hope chest for the kids.  You can store their treasured childhood clothes in the large chest and jewelry and other collectibles in the lined jewelry drawers. 
  • Locking drawers – the drawers all feature working locks, nice for semi precious jewelry and other keepsakes.  Cherry finish – the beautiful cherry wood veneer gives a very classic, elegant look to any room 
  • Self rising jewelry tray – this is both fun and functional.  When you open the lid, the upper jewelry tray lifts with it, making storage underneath a cinch! 

Give it a try and let me know if you like it!

Pretty Bead and Jewelry Organizers 0


Product of the Week:  Spice Jars to Organize Beads and Jewelry

A friend of mine had a great idea that I wanted to share with you all.  She found these beautiful spice jars.  They are really unique, far from the regular plastic spice bottles that you see in the supermarket.  You can put whatever spice you want in them, and they have a beautiful see through lid.  Her idea was to use these spice canisters for her beads and jewelry making supplies – a great idea, I think!  They are pretty reasonably priced, considering the fact that they will last forever, and are sold in sets of four.  The see through lid just begs for something pretty to be stored inside. 

Here are some ideas: 

  • Beads – Just imagine how beautiful your colorful beads will look filled to the top of these stainless steel jars.  You won’t even have to open them to figure out what color you are going for because you can see right through the top!  For an art project in itself, you could fill these jars with colorful beads and then set them on your dresser, mantle or your crafts table – you decide if you will actually use the beads or just admire them! 
  • Jewelry Making Supplies – you can put rhinestones in one tin, wire in another tin, and even use the longer tins for small needle nose pliers and other tools.  If you have large pendants for upcoming jewelry making projects, this is a great place to keep them as well. 
  • Jewelry Organizer – this is a beautiful way to organize jewelry in the house, or better yet, on the go.  Keep a small selection of inexpensive pieces in your glove box or in your suit case so that you always have some jewelry with you for any occasion! 

If you are interested in making jewelry, here is some information, a great place to start!

Jewelry Organizer and Keepsake Box 0


Keepsake Box with Photo Frames:  A Jewelry Organizer as Pretty and Meaningful as the Jewels You Put in it!

I just saw this beautiful Jewelry Organizer and had to share!  Most people agree that jewelry is among their most cherished material possessions, and many more would also agree that precious photographs of their children, marriage, and other memorable life moments are even higher on the list!  This keepsake box brings the best of both worlds together simultaneously to offer a jewelry, keepsake and photo frame all in one piece! 

Six frame areas of differing sizes allow you to create a collage of your best photos, all framed in a beautiful hardwood box with a rich walnut finish.  On the inside, you can keep your most treasured jewelry, precious not necessarily because of its price, but because of its meaning to you.  Anniversary gifts, necklaces that your husband gave you after you had your kids, and even silly graduation gifts from friends are all great ideas for this box. 

It’s nice to stick with the same occasion, so that you have sort of a theme box, with the pictures on the outside matching the mementos that are inside!  The inside is hand lined with bone suede material, and features hanging necklace hooks (great for keeping necklaces tangle free) and ring rolls.  It is really a nice wooden box with glass frames, perfect for the bedside table, dresser or vanity. 

And, I can’t make this point too strongly, this would be a really nice gift for any girl or woman of any age.  If you have an occasion coming up, a very special occasion that needs a really out of the ordinary present (mom to grandma, dad to mom, etc), you can surprise your recipient by starting the photo collage (or the jewelry!) for her.