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Jewelry Boxes and Organizers for Everyone! 0

Different Jewelry Boxes for Different Types – and trust me, there’s something for everyone!

When choosing a jewelry box or jewelry organizer, the wealth of choices can be welcomed, but also a tad overwhelming!  How to choose depends on what you need, where you are going to put it, what your style is, how much jewelry you have, and on and on.  Check out my tips and reviews of different types of jewelry organizers below to find out which one will work best for you (or your significant other, if you are gift shopping).  Wooden Jewelry Boxes – These are the more traditional form of jewelry organizing, been around for centuries and centuries, keeping jewelry safe, neat and tidy.  Choose a hardwood box for long term jewelry storage.  A wooden jewelry box can come in any shape or form, from traditional square and rectangular models to round and half moons.  A box that incorporates glass doors or see through tops gives the most visual appeal.  A box with a mirror is nice, both storing your gems and helping you put them on!  And, for girls from 5 to 85, a musical jewelry box simply can’t be beat.  Choose a theme song that represents your life, or simply puts a smile on your face!  Fabric and Leather Jewelry Boxes – These are a great alternative to wood, perfect for the bathroom counter or dresser top for your most frequently used jewelry!  And the possibilities are endless with these, including pinks, blacks, greens and more.  Choose from large chocolate brown leather boxes and small open boxes.   Travel Jewelry Organizers – on the go, keep your most precious gems safe from loss and tangles with a great travel jewelry organizers.  These are available in every size and material, from small leather wallet size jewelry cases to full size organizers for most of your collection!