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Swanky Swinging Jewelry Organizer 0

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I found the cutest new Jewelry Organizer, the Swing Away Jewelry Armoire, and I just had to share!  I love the design of this jewelry organizer.  It reminds me of many smaller versions of this that I have seen, usually wooden jewelry boxes or acrylic models, where it’s a tall cylinder, and each level swings out to the side to open, revealing jewelry storage and dividers inside. This is basically the same concept as those, just a lot bigger, which means it can hold a lot more (big is good, right?) 

My thoughts on jewelry armoires are this:  If you have a lot of jewelry, a jewelry armoire is an investment.  It may seem like an expensive purchase, like buying a new couch or something, but it’s not like you will ever need to buy another one.  And, even if you are just getting started on a jewelry collection early in life, you are sure to fill a jewelry armoire in the years to come.  Another thing I like about them is that they are almost like a piece of furniture in themselves, a great accent piece, if you will.  Place a jewelry armoire in your bedroom, next to a walk in closet, or near the vanity (if you are lucky enough to have one). 

This jewelry organizer has a very cool design – the white painted wood and the round body almost have a retro feel to them, but work just as well in modern styled homes, as well as country chic.  This armoire has a storage space for everything, and a mirror on the upper portion for applying makeup and trying out your favorite gems.  The felt lined interior is a great, affordable way to keep jewelry safe and clean, free of tarnish, scratches and the dividers keep your longer pieces tangle free!