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All Purpose Jewelry Organizer 0

An All Purpose Box or Container makes a great jewelry organizer!

A jewelry organizer doesn’t have to be fancy!  In fact, most of us find that while we go through life we are accumulating so much jewelry that, by the time we are adults, we probably have more than one jewelry organizer anyway!  It’s nice to have a really nice jewelry box for special items.  This is the kind of investment piece jewelry organizer that you will spend a good amount of money on probably.  Some people like an ornate, hardwood box with carved details.  Some like the little armoire type glass jewelry boxes for with lights for displaying jewelry on the dresser top.  But, for everyday jewelry, a great place to start is with a simple box on the counter of the bathroom.  Keeping a small selection of jewelry in the bathroom where you get ready is a great way to remember to accessorize your outfits properly.  I know that if I don’t see the jewelry staring me in the face, (by that I mean reminding me that it’s there), I simply will forget or feel to lazy to put any on.  My life is so busy that I’ve found that keeping two or three pairs of earrings, two necklaces and a bracelet or anklet right on the counter, with the box open, is easy enough for me to accomplish a finished look when I leave the house.  Every couple of months, I switch up the selection of what is in there to so that I’m not over wearing the same pieces.  Any type of box can serve this purpose.  These Faux Leather Boxes make a great jewelry organizer.  I actually have a folding box that I got at Christmas with an array of Victoria’s Secret perfumes – I simply put a square piece of cotton in there to protect the jewelry.  But, I’m thinking of upgrading…