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Jewelry Cleaners on the Go 0

The Product of the Week this week fits right into your purse, jewelry organizer or suitcase, and comes in multiple forms!


Happy New Year!  Ahead of us we have a whole year of fun.  Fun traveling, fun with jewelry and much more.  Many of us like to polish our jewelry.  What can I say?  It’s just fun to watch it get a little brighter, shinier and more beautiful every time!  And it’s certainly more gratifying than most other types of cleaning.  For travel, there are many options for jewelry cleaners on the go.  Obviously you don’t want to bring a big jar of paste or (worse) liquid and have it spill all over your suitcase or car, so what can you do to make sure that your jewelry looks its best anywhere you go?  Here are some tips and great products for achieving this: 

1.  Polishing Cloths – this is a great one to keep in your purse or in the glove box.  Next time you are in a waiting room, or picking up the kids from school, you can whip out this cloth and shine your rings, for a start.  It’s hard to believe how well these actually work until you give it a try – it is truly phenomenal when you see the tarnish on the cloth after using it on what you thought were your clean rings.  Note:  since these cloths are coated with a cleaner, you will want to put them in a ziplock bag before sticking them in your purse. 

 2.  Gel and Brush Jewelry Cleaner – This one is great for travel, not so much for the purse, though, as it requires rinsing.  You can polish many jewelry pieces with the handy cleaner and brush set, and then rinse to perfection.  The cap screws on tight, but I would recommend putting this in a ziplock bag just in case.