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All In One Primping Center Jewelry Organizer 0

This Jewelry Organizer is an all in one primping center, perfect for last minute getting ready in the morning or night!

The Wall Mount Accessory and Jewelry Organizer is an open style jewelry armoire that offers maximum jewelry storage at a great price, and so much more!  Underneath the jewelry rack is a separate bar for hanging scarves, purses, and any other type of hanging accessory you can think of. Now there is no excuse for leaving the house un-accessorized.  One of the things that I like best about this jewelry rack, besides the accessory hanger, which is my favorite, is that it has a separate hook for all of your gems so that they are all laid out in front of you, ready to go.  Seven wire rows are perfect for earrings of all types, from small dangling earrings to large loops and more.  Below that are fifteen pegs for hanging bracelets (or more earrings, if that’s your thing).  And underneath that are nine more pegs for long hanging necklaces.  Hanging necklaces is much better for them than shoving them in a drawer, it reduces tangling, snags and breakage, so that they will be around a lot longer to accessorize you.  A tray with three divided sections is perfect for watches, rings, brooches and more.  And, underneath that is the oh so useful accessory bar, for scarves, belts or headbands.  Made of wood and lined to protect your jewelry for years to come.  Use this jewelry wall rack wherever you are likely to do your primping in the morning, including the bathroom, bedroom, near the closet or even by the front door if you live in a studio!