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Jewelry Organizer for Little Princesses 0

This Jewelry Organizer is just for your little princess!

The Princess Jewelry Cabinet is a very popular item this year.  And why not?  Why shouldn’t every little girl get to pretend she’s all grown up just like mom?  Plus, it might keep her out of your real grown up jewelry, saving you time and money from lost and damaged gems.  Most little girls, at one time or another, go through the imagination play stage.   First they start off playing animals, then family, and then, one day, before you know it, your little girl wants to play with makeup and jewelry!  What better gift is there for a  princess than her very own jewelry organizer?  I love this one because it is of a really high quality wood construction, with lots of drawers and secret storage areas.  The superior quality also allows it to have a great resale value once she grows out of it, although many will keep it into their “tween” years.    This jewelry cabinet is just like a grown up’s jewelry armoire, but sized down and painted just for her.  Side cabinets hold necklaces and bracelets and other long hang items, and the middle features divided drawers so she can practice organizing and taking good care of her jewels.  A large center section with a magnetic door has a hidden jewelry storage drawer within it, and, of course, the whole thing is painted purple and pink, with a crown on top, making your little one feel like a true princess when she p lays dress up!  You will be surprised and thankful when you see how much time your princess can amuse herself with this beautiful armoire.  For an alternate DIY project, cover a shoe box, plastic box or other container in princess wrapping paper so that she has a special place to keep her gems.