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Wire Jewelry Organizer – Product of the week! 0

This week’s featured product is great for clutter busting, as it mounts to the wall, allowing you to save space around the home.

The Wire Jewelry and Accessories Rack is great for all you lovers of accessories, particularly the hanging type!  This jewelry organizer mounts right to the wall, allowing you to free up space on the bathroom counter, dresser top, or anywhere else you would normally place a jewelry box.  Although it doesn’t have special places for earrings, this jewelry wall rack is great for hanging pieces, such as necklaces, bracelets, watches, and even clothing accessories like belts, scarves and purses.  The notch necklace bar keeps each necklace from touching the next one, reducing the risk of tearing, tangling and breakage to your favorite necklaces and bracelets.   One great idea I had for this wall rack is to use it as a sort of valet for the next day’s outfit.  For example, if you mount it to the wall in the closet, you can then put whatever accessories you need for the next day (or the whole week) on this rack so that you don’t have to decide in the morning, shaving valuable time off of your morning primping routine.   You can hang a necklace, bracelet or watch, plus any scarves or belts that you will be wearing with your next outfit.  On the upper shelf, place perfumes, lip gloss, any makeup, notes, lists and reminders for that day.  If you find that you skip out on accessorizing your outfit out of lack of time, it may be beneficial to mount this rack to a wall that is easily accessible on your way out the door, instead of in the closet, for easier access!  Whatever you use it for, this jewelry organizer gets two thumbs up from me for its space-efficient and functional qualities.