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Jewelry Organizer and Cleaner All in One! 0

Keep your jewelry organized and clean at the same time, all in one easy step with this new product!
You have all heard me talk about how important it is to keep your jewelry safe and clean, but there are a number of new products that go a step further (or a step back, depending on how you look at it):  prevention.  That’s right!  Instead of waiting for your jewelry to get scratched and tarnished and then have to deal with it, why not start by preventing the tarnishing in the first place?  The Intercept Jewelry Anti-Tarnish Storage System does just that, and so much more!  This jewelry organizer keeps jewelry neat and tidy, and tarnish free.   You may not want to use this for everyday jewelry (or maybe you do), but it is a great choice for safe keeping of really special pieces (think Grandma’s earrings, mother in law’s necklace, that special present from your hubby), etc.  Each bag is coated with special anti tarnish material that protects metals and other precious jewelry from damage from corrosive gases for 30 years.  This is the same method used with keeping fine silverware tarnish free, but is now available for jewelry as well!  The red bags are easy to spot, and easy to use.  The folding bags are great for travel – simply toss them into your suitcase for safe jewelry travel anytime!  Since you are preventing tarnish from happening in the first place, you won’t have to use any harsh chemicals later on to clean your jewelry, making this a non toxic, eco friendly option for jewelry storage – good for you and good for the earth!  Works great for silver, gold, brass, copper and bronze.  The set includes two divided, folding bags with separate compartments and two drawstring bags – a great investment for your jewelry collection!