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Jewelry Organizer of the Week 0

A new find: The Hanging Jewelry Organizer does just that Hangs instantly, easily and space efficiently from the closet rod!

What better way to inspire yourself to accessorize every morning than by keeping your jewelry right there with your clothes! This is very important for someone like me. I am so busy that often, I leave the house without putting on any of the beautiful jewelry that I have just because it’s too hard to find it or pick it out. Keeping it right by my clothes makes it so much easier, so that there really is no excuse! This jewelry organizer is one of the most space efficient around, taking up just a few inches in the closet to organize 100 pieces of jewelry of all types! The sturdy construction includes a beautiful wood design with a rich mahogany finish, elegant enough to be placed next to your finest clothes. This hanging jewelry rack has five levels of storage. On the very top of the hanger there is a ring tray, complete with ring rolls for safe keeping of your favorite rings. Beneath, two pivoting bars swing in and out, and are padded for security, able to hold bracelets and watches. A large earring bar has dividers for added organization, and with the additional purpose of keeping the earrings on the hanging rack, so you don’t have to dig around on the floor of your closet for them. Two additional padded bars hold more earrings and hooked pieces, with prongs at the bottom for hanging pieces, including necklaces, bracelets and more! Overall this is a great choice for everyday jewelry. It helps to keep your most frequently used jewelry (the every day stuff) handy, which is very important for someone as busy as me!