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80 Pocket Hanging Jewelry Organizer 0

I dare you to try to find a more space efficient, multi purpose, high capacity jewelry organizer for such a low price!  The 80 Pocket Hanging Jewelry Organizer is a must have in every home, hotel, office or wherever you keep your jewelry!  The superior design of this all in one jewelry storage rack includes so many beneficial features all packed into one compact unit and for a price that is much less than traditional wooden jewelry boxes!  Check out my review of this jewelry organizing star below:

Space Efficiecy – This jewelry organizer earns five stars for its commitment to space efficiency.  It hangs right over the closet rod with a built-in hanger and is very thin, so it blends right into your closet with your clothes, not much wider than a blouse, even when filled on both sides!

High Capacity Jewelry Storage – 80 pockets means, yep, you guessed it, storage for 80 pieces (or more) of jewelry.  Earrings and rings can be doubled or tripled in each pocket, so you’re really talking probably more like 100 pieces of jewelry.

Versatility – forty pockets on each side, and there are varying sizes of pockets to hold any type of jewelry that you have.  Smaller pockets are great for earrings, rings, pendants, extra chains and more trinkets, while the larger pockets can hold beaded necklaces and other large, hanging items like watches and bracelets. 

Cost – The price is right on this jewelry organizer, especially for those of us who find ourselves on a budget these days.

Portability – Even when filled, this jewelry organizer can be used for travel, simply fold or roll the bag and stash it in your luggage – this eliminates the painful process of deciding what to bring on your trip and what to leave!

Enjoy this inexpensive jewelry organizer in your home~