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Red Travel Jewelry Box – Product of the Week! 0

jewelry-boxThis week’s new product is a beautiful, affordable, space efficient and travel friendly jewelry organizer.  The Red Travel Jewelry Box has everything you need in terms of jewelry storage when you go on vacation or away on business.  The thing that I love about this jewelry organizer is that it is compact enough and safe enough to go travelling with you, but actually when you are at home you could use it on your dresser top or bathroom counter as well.  No need to switch jewelry in and out of this organizer, just use it for your everyday jewelry, keep it out where you can see it, and then, when you are packing for a trip, simply close the lid and toss it into your suitcase.  Some of the other things that I like about this jewelry organizer are the dividers on the inside and the cream plush interior.  Both of these are great because they will make sure that your jewelry stays safe and clean.  The dividers allow you to separate pieces so that they are not bumping into each other and scratching while you are on the go, and also so that necklaces, bracelets and other longer pieces and chains don’t get tangled with others.  The ring rolls keep rings and earrings secure and an additional pouch in the lid can hold more gems.  A mirror is also built into the lid – great for applying makeup and putting on jewelry anywhere – you will never be without a mirror again when you need it most!  A magnetic flip closure keeps everything in place when you are traveling, so you don’t have your favorite jewelry spilling all over your suitcase or in the hotel room.  The red faux leather upholstery on the outside of the box is so fun!  Now you can have safe and stylish travels!