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From Nesting Box to Jewelry Organizer 0

Here I offer some tips on how to take an ordinary box and turn it into a jewelry organizer! Read on to find out.

There are so many reasons to choose a nesting box as a jewelry organizer for your collection. First, you might simply like the design of a particular box more than you do some of the specifically designated jewelry boxes out there. For example, I just came across the Barclay Nesting Boxes and think they are absolutely adorable! I love the design, but how can I turn them into jewelry boxes when they are not already divided and lined? Second, you may already have a box lying around your house, and you just might want to use that as a jewelry box, but aren’t sure how to make it functional in that way. Here are some things to consider when making your own jewelry box.

1. Liners – Most jewelry organizers are lined in order to protect the precious stones and metals inside from scratching. If your box isn’t lined, you’ve got two options: You can either line it yourself, which is really simple – just get some fabric and small staple gun and line away or you can use all of those small cardboard and hinged jewelry boxes you have that fit in your new box. Since they are already lined, you don’t have to worry about lining the box but you will still have your jewelry box!

2. Dividers – Another thing to think of here are dividers. Most jewelry dividers keep necklaces from tangling and metals from scratching one another (see liner above). One way to deal with this is, again, to use those little cardboard jewelry boxes you have (without the lids). A great way to deal with necklaces is by running a series of safety pins on the inside of the box where you can loop long hanging jewelry in and around!