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Jewelry Drawer – A Great Way to Organize Jewelry 0

reg-1307568273-18974A dresser drawer, or, for that matter, any drawer around the home, from the bathroom to office, kitchen and beyond, is a great place to organize your jewelry. All you need is a little time and a few tools. First I recommend emptying out whatever drawer you are going to use. It can really be any size, it doesn’t matter if it’s a former silverware drawer in the kitchen or a junk drawer in the office. So, go ahead and empty that drawer, and while you are doing so, you can take the time to throw out old rubber bands, dust or even vacuum out crumbs and cobwebs. Next, you will want to measure your drawer – this will help you determine which jewelry organizer to buy. For the most versatile jewelry storage options, an Expandable Jewelry Drawer Organizer is the way to go. This one has a fixed height and depth, but the width is variable, allowing you to slide two pieces together and apart to fit your drawer. Once you have the jewelry drawer organizer set into place in your drawer, you can get to work putting your jewelry away in your new organizer – and that’s the best part! I would recommend to make things easy on you that you put your most used pieces towards the front, with the less frequently worn jewels near the back, especially if the drawer doesn’t open all the way. Remember, anything precious should be kept in a safe or safe deposit box – you don’t want to leave grandma’s genuine pearls in the top drawer of your dresser because that’s probably the first place a thief will be looking! If you prefer a different look for your organizer, there are also beautiful velvet lined modular trays that fit together for a custom jewelry organizer.