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Jewelry Travel Bag 0

Since it’s labor day this weekend, I’m trying to squeeze in one more summer trip, and as always I am faced with the dilemma of which jewelry pieces to bring with me. I mean, how does one choose when there are so many potential activities and situations that I could find myself in during the course of a weekend getaway. The simplest way to tackle this problem is to make a list or a chart of said possible situations. For example, what if my family decides to go out to dinner one night? Or what if an old friend from high school wants to have lunch with me? Once you get your list made, you’ve got to start figuring out how many pieces and different types of jewelry you are going to have to bring. And remember, to keep traveling with jewelry to a minimum, you can probably figure on wearing a few items more than one time. For example, if you are having lunch with a friend one day and dinner with family that night, there is no need to switch your earrings since we are talking about different people. Just as important, if not more, than what jewelry you are going to bring is this: how are you going to get it there? For just a weekend away, my favorite is this Genuine Leather Jewelry Organizer. I love the size of this bag in particular, because it can slip right into your purse, luggage, briefcase or pretty much anywhere. Inside you will find interior zip pockets, a holder for earrings and a button snap ring holder – all of these things are designed to keep your jewelry in one place so that you don’t lose an earring at the bottom of your luggage or worse… in the airport! Have a great holiday weekend everyone!