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The Wonderful Folding Earring Screen 0

Earring Holder - Folding Screen Holds 128 Pairs of Earrings

Earring Holder - Folding Screen Holds 128 Pairs of Earrings

I have a confession to make: I am obsessed with earrings. Chunky bead clusters, vibrant gem strings, sparkly studs and sleek hoops make my heart beat faster than a two-shot macchiato. If you too lose all willpower at the sight of a new shiny pair, you probably have a vast collection that at times leaves you overwhelmed with joy and confusion.

Make sense of your treasured belongings with a jewelry organizer designed specifically for earrings. As you may already know, those little things easily get tangled or lost in the midst of peers; meanwhile sorting through them in a regular jewelry box can be a daunting task.

If you don’t have any jewelry storage at all, the situation takes an even scarier turn: did you put that lovely silver and amethyst pair that you got last Christmas in your purse, on a nightstand, or in the bathroom cabinet? Oh, here’s one, but where’s the other? Hope you don’t end up spending hours turning over the cushions, crawling under the bed and carefully inspecting your cat’s litter box. Oh, and don’t forget garbage disposal. It must be here somewhere.

Don’t beat yourself up: what you may not be aware of is that small jewelry participates in the worldwide conspiracy to make women of all races, ages and creeds question their judgment and mental stability.

Keep the runaway wannabes in check with the Folding Earring Screen, a latest find in my quest for sanity. This compact and efficient jewelry display holds up to 128 pairs of earlobe bedazzlers, which should be more than enough for any normal person. I, on the other hand, need two of those; however, the price is so refreshing that I’m stocking up for all my future indulgences. Come to think of it, I may pick up a few more at Stacks and Stacks to give away as stocking stuffers this holiday season.

Modular Jewelry Storage with Style! 0

Modular storage ideas are everywhere, designed for every part of the home or office.  What “modular” means is that you can customize your storage to your organizing needs, using a variety of items that are designed to fit together, while still allowing you to customize.  And I’ve just come across this 18 compartment stacking velvet jewelry tray that is part of a modular jewelry system.

Velvet Jewelry Tray - Stacking - 18 Compartment

Velvet Jewelry Tray - Stacking - 18 Compartment

I can’t think of a better way for jewelry fanatics like us to keep our precious gems and metals neat, tidy and safe.  One of the great things about these jewelry trays is that they are designed to be used in drawers.  If you can designate an entire drawer of your dresser or bathroom vanity to jewelry, then these organizers are definitely the way to go.  They are easily stackable, so you can really maximize jewelry storage, even in very deep drawers, especially in the bathroom. They come in just two lengths, and each one is designed to hold different types of jewelry.  For example, a ring tray, a necklace tray, an earring tray – put these all together and you can safely store hundreds of pieces of jewelry or more.  Another thing I like about these is the velvet like lining.  We know that this is a great way to keep metals from tarnishing, extending the life of your jewelry in between cleanings.  Even if you only have a shallow drawer to use for jewelry storage, there is a solution.  Simply choose one of the jewelry organizing trays that has varying sizes of compartments.  That way you can put necklaces, rings, watches and earrings, for example, in one single tray.  Don’t have a drawer to use?  These jewelry organizers are elegant enough to be used on the dresser top or counter as well. Get yours at Stacks and Stacks!

Review: 12 Arm Clear Acrylic Necklace Holder 0

Necklace Holder - 12 Arm - Clear Acrylic

Necklace Holder - 12 Arm - Clear Acrylic

All too often a girl can find herself spending way too much time untangling a mess of bead strands, chains and pendants, running a risk of getting frustrated to the point of breaking a piece or two in a righteous fury.

I’ve been there.

Then I would sob over the precious remains, and no amount of chocolate would ease my pain. You know what I mean. Maybe it would be more beneficial to go to the garage and do a couple of rounds with my boyfriend’s punching bag, but I’m a girly girl and I cherish my knuckles.

As for the necklaces, there has to be an easier way to keep them from driving one psychotic. Jewelry boxes never work for this purpose, the most they do is keep the rings and loose charms together and out of sight. Left to their own devices in a dark confinement of a jewelry box, chains and strings seem to emulate the Garter snakes’ mating ritual, only to no worthy outcome, like a pearl or a diamond offspring. Oh, wouldn’t that be sweet.

Alas, till the scientists find a way to integrate reptilian DNA into gold’s and gems’ molecular structure, it is best to keep individual pieces apart. The easiest way to do that is to hang them up on a jewelry tree. The one that really caught my eye for its simplicity and convenience is the 12 Arm Clear Acrylic Necklace Holder. It displays your treasured sparklers in a clean and efficient manner, while easily fitting in with any décor style. Great for bedroom dressers and bathroom countertops alike, it allows you to swiftly find the one right accessory when you need it most.

That said, it does nothing for your decision making powers, there you’re completely on your own. A quick tip: when you see your mate’s forehead vein throb, it’s time to grab something. Anything. Get yours at Stacks and Stacks!