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The Max 12-Drawer Jewelry Chest – The Accessory Lovers Dream 0

Have a serious love for accessories? With so much to sort through it’s easy to forget about some pieces or have them end up in a hard to find place. Proper storage helps protect jewelry for years to come and makes it easy to accessorize so you get the most out of your collection.

the max 12-drawer jewelry chest

the max 12-drawer jewelry chest

Give your jewelry some serious storage with a the max 12-drawer jewelry chest. With lots of wide drawers it’s easy to see what you have. Consider organizing drawers by color, style or even occasional. That way you can always stay color coordinated or event appropriate and only have to look through a couple drawers instead of your entire jewelry box. For a large collection labeling drawers is a good way to cut the guess work out of finding that one necklace you had in mind.

Love adding a softer touch to your look with a chic scarf? Scarves can get damaged and forgotten about when left in the drawer. Use a specially designed hanger with custom hooks or loops so it’s easy to arrange scarves by color and you can see them all at once. Simply get more hangers as your collection expands.

Consider keeping a vanity mirror nearby, especially when storing jewelry in a walk in closet, so that you can easily see how your look is coming together and don’t have to run back and forth to the bathroom mirror.

When it comes time to travel don’t allow necklaces and bracelets to get tangled and scratched while floating around in your purse. Find a travel jewelry case with enough custom compartments for all your favorite pieces. Keeping your favorite bracelet in good condition goes beyond good storage. Using a jewelry cleaner to maintain shine and ward off tarnish is a must for any serious jewelry collector.

Simple tricks making getting dressed and getting out the door that much easier!