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Acrylic Jewelry Organizers 0

For an affordable alternative to traditional wooden jewelry boxes that still has the same elegant quality, acrylic jewelry organizers simply can’t be beat!  Acrylic is a great choice for jewelry storage for many reasons.  First, it is an ultra durable material.  Much stronger than the regular plastic you are used to, acrylic is much thicker, offering extra protection of your favorite gems.  It is also easy to clean and dust.  Simply wipe it clean with a damp rag or wash cloth for an instant cleaning job.

Deluxe Jewelry Chest - 7 Drawers

Deluxe Jewelry Chest – 7 Drawers

But beyond that, probably the best thing about acrylic jewelry boxes is that they are crystal clear.  Just as clear as glass, these handy organizers allow you to see what jewelry is available to you without even having to open any doors or drawers.  It also makes it a great choice for display if you make jewelry as a hobby and like to sell or display to friends.  And because acrylic is such a versatile material, it can literally be made into any shape or size that is desired.  So there are countless different styles of acrylic jewelry organizers on the market.  My personal pick is this jewelry Chest – Deluxe 7 Drawer because it is large enough for almost an entire collection.  Another great thing about it is the lined drawers.  This is a must when you are dealing with precious stones and metals to keep things from scratching and to keep them from tarnishing.  The elegant drawer pulls and oversized top give it the feel of a traditional dresser, which I think makes it the perfect choice for keeping jewelry in the bedroom.  The extra wide design means that you can lay necklaces flat for the safest storage of them with no tangles or breakage.  Other acrylic jewelry boxes I’ve seen include smaller, single tiered ones with dividers for smaller items like earrings.  What’s your jewelry storage style?

Acrylic Jewelry Organizers Keep All in View 0

In my humble opinion, acrylic jewelry organizers are most definitely the best of the best when it comes to keeping your valuable accessories organized in an easy-to-find manner. These jewelry organizers come in a variety of shapes and sizes with many different purposes, but they are all simply my favorite when it comes to organizing my jewelry.

Earring Organizer, Acrylic, Holds 210 Pairs

Earring Organizer, Acrylic, Holds 210 Pairs

The best thing about acrylic jewelry organizers is that they have an awesome modern style that catches the eye nearly as much as the jewelry contained within! Of course, it helps that they are clear, making it easy to see the jewelry that is inside, saving me tons of time searching through tiny jewelry drawers.

The very first acrylic jewelry box I ever purchased is the Acrylic Jewelry Chest – Deluxe Acrylic Jewelry Box, which provides seven levels of storage for any kind of jewelry. This jewelry box came complete with soft foam inserts that are perfect for keeping the jewelry in pristine condition while being stored.

After I bought this jewelry box, I knew I needed to add more acrylic jewelry storage to my bedroom. The next item I purchased is the Earring Organizer, Acrylic, Holds 210 Pairs. I have many, many earrings so being able to hold every single one in an easy to locate place was a great convenience for me. This organizer has that same great contemporary look that acrylic provides. The only problem is that now I have filled up this organizer and have to find an additional organizer for any future earrings.

The Earring File is the earring storage accessory that I finally decided to go with, as it adds very similar style storage of earrings but holds 90 earrings. Hopefully this acrylic jewelry storage accessory will suffice for a few years, until I have collected even more earrings.