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Clutter Free Jewelry Storage 0

When you think jewelry storage you usually think of a jewelry box stored on top of the dresser. A wall mounted design helps to free up tabletop space and create a clutter free look. These jewelry armoires can be added to the bedroom or the walk in closet for storage where it’s needed most. Whether you want to create a more streamlined look or gain more storage a jewelry armoire can be the perfect way to store your entire collection.

Organizing Jewelry Valet - by Jobar

Organizing Jewelry Valet – by Jobar

For open access and storage that allows every piece to be viewed at once try the Organizing Jewelry Valet. This wall mounted design has specialized hooks that store everything from necklaces to earrings and a scrolling design adds a lovely, decorative touch to this rack.

Imperial Wall Mount Jewelry Armoire

Imperial Wall Mount Jewelry Armoire

For jewelry storage with traditional touches the Imperial Wall Mount Jewelry Armoire – Antique White is the perfect choice. Carved details and molding give this armoire a classic look that makes a it a timeless addition to the bedroom or walk in closet. A built in mirror makes it easy to try on different pieces when not in the bathroom.
The convenient design of the Over The Door Jewelry Armoire is a great way to gain a mounted armoire without having to install it. This jewelry armoire is a great for the dorm or an apartment since it can easily be moved. The long mirror also provides a place to get ready.
For a similar streamlined look with a more permanent design try the Wall Mount Jewelry Armoire – Plantation Oak. Lots of interior storage fits a large jewelry collection on both sides of the interior. Rows of hooks for necklaces make it easy to sort and organize different types.
For jewelry collections big and small and coming in a variety of designs there is a jewelry armoire that is right for any space.

The Ultimate In Jewelry Organization 0

In an earlier blog post I discussed how velvet stacking jewelry trays are a great addition to any jewelry armoire or jewelry bureau. The trays provide your jewelry with compartmentalized storage and keep them safe from damage with velvet lining and an included plastic insert. Well, I have an update with some exciting new items that have proven to be very popular for those looking to organize their jewelry collection.

While the trays that I originally blogged about are intended to be used to organize rings, pendants, broaches and other smaller jewelry pieces, there are a few new organizers on the market.  One of these trays are designed to match and easily stack with the trays I discussed earlier. This matching tray gives your jewelry armoire seamless storage and organization. The other two items  are just an excellent complement to the stacking trays!

Velvet Jewelry Tray - Stacking - 7 Slot Necklace

Velvet Jewelry Tray – Stacking – 7 Slot Necklace

For those looking to get their necklaces organized, add a Velvet Jewelry Tray – Stacking – 7 Slot Necklace to your jewelry cabinet. This tray is great because it allows you to avoid the annoyance of tangles chains. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen some gorgeous necklace chains ruined because they have been tangled into an unmanageable and kinked knot.  This tray is able to store seven necklaces.

Another great option is placing a Velvet Jewelry Tray – Stacking 6 Compartmentin your drawers, this is just another way to provide a touch of storage to your jewelry drawer. This small jewelry tray does not match the stacking trays, but provides a little bit more organization in the drawer.

The Max Stax Earring Organizer Tray - 100 Pairs

The Max Stax Earring Organizer Tray – 100 Pairs

Finally, for the most efficient earring storage possible, the The Max Stax Earring Organizer Tray – 100 Pairs provides storage for up to a hundred pairs of earrings!  There are many options of the Max Stax organizer tray, from the above organizer tray all the way to the pendants and pins tray.