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New Product Alert! The Zoey Wall Mount Jewelry Mirror 0

Anytime a new organizing product for jewelry comes available, I like to put it to the test.  As an organizing freak, it’s my hobby to stay up to date on the latest products that keep our lives tidy and sensible.  Jewelry storage is especially fascinating to me because, well, first of all I’m a woman and also because there are so many solutions for storing jewelry available today.  To me, the smartest way to organize jewelry is by using wall space.  There are several ways to do this, with products like wall mounted hooks and wall mounted jewelry cabinets like the Zoey Wall Mount Jewelry Mirror.  The decorative mirror front conceals a cabinet with multiple hangers for necklaces, earrings, etc.

That’s pretty standard for a wall jewelry cabinet – I mean, they all come with hooks for hanging jewelry, but this one has the style factor that you don’t see in many jewelry wall racks.   Its clean and modern design impressed me the most.  And best of all, like every wall mounted organizer, you save space on the dresser or bathroom vanity.  Whether you live in a large home or a small one, there is always a good reason to be concerned about space efficiency when it comes to jewelry organizers.  Why let your whole house be overrun by jewelry and jewelry boxes if you don’t need to?

Our First Jewelry Boxes 0

Every woman remembers her first jewelry box she got as a little girl.  Like mine, yours was probably sparkly, or floral, or pink – very girly.  It might have had a twirling ballerina that popped up when the lid was opened and spun around to music.  Those jewelry boxes were extra special.  They held plastic beaded necklaces and bracelets we made with our friends, costume jewelry handed down from our mothers, our first earrings from when we got our ears pierced at the mall, and even some treasures.  And we felt so grown up with our very own place to organize our jewelry and treasures, just like mom did.
princess jewelry cabinet

I don’t recall there being a large variety of jewelry boxes for little girls when I was growing up, it seemed like we all had a similar one, like what I described above.  It’s exciting to see that children’s jewelry boxes have come a long way and there is so much more variety.  For example, the Princess Jewelry Cabinet – Children’s Jewelry Armoire.  It has all the same characteristics of a jewelry armoire that we grown women would have, but with all the frills and colorful excitement a little woman loves.  There are even side cabinets for hanging necklaces.

You can also find the more traditional ballerina jewelry boxes that have been updated to look a bit more modern and sophisticated.  I think it’s nice to see that the people designing kids’ products are taking it a little more seriously, because if there’s one thing an eight year old girl takes seriously, it’s her growing collection of fabulous adornments!

Jewelry Organization for Holiday Travel 0

With the holidays approaching quickly, chances are you’re looking forward to some travel in the near future.  Whether you go home to visit family during the holidays or skip town altogether for some destination spot, there is a lot of planning and things you will need to stay organized on your trip.  For the ladies, the most coming thing is jewelry organization.  A travel case for your jewelry is a necessity because obviously you can’t take your whole jewelry box along and you want your jewelry to travel safely.

Every gal’s need is different and every trip requires different types and amounts of jewelry.  I tend to be an “overpacker” because I like to be prepared for anything.  Better to have too much than too little in my book.  For me, the ladies’ pocket book jewelry case is perfect because it has so many compartments and offers a complete jewelry organization solution for on the go purposes.  And it’s sturdy so it’s like a jewelry box away from home.  

For the light packing lady, a jewelry clutch or roll up jewelry case might be preferable.  Most of them still have a generous capacity yet they’re smaller and take up less space in the luggage.  One thing I don’t recommend ladies, is tossing all of your jewelry into a sock or satchel of some kind.  It’s not worth the trouble! Not only will your jewelry end up tangled and possibly scratched, but it will be easier to lose pieces wherever you’re staying.

Look for a few basic things when picking out a good travel jewelry organizer:  pockets to hold every kind of jewelry (necklaces, earrings, etc.), ease of portability, and of course – a style that suits your personal taste!