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New Product Alert! The Roxsee Jewelry Hanger 0

I try to stay abreast of all the latest jewelry organizer products!  Jewelry boxes, armoires, travel cases, hangers – you name it!  I like them all.  And it is such a relief that finally they are branching out and making creative solution for jewelry storage.  Rather than the regular old jewelry box of our mothers’ time, we gals today have so many options.  It’s important because everyone is different.  Some like the benefits of a jewelry box, which keeps items concealed and contained, whereas some like the freedom of grabbing a necklace on the go from the rack.

While I was prowling for new jewelry products, I came across this little gem – the Roxsee Jewelry Hanger by Untangle My Chain.


First of all, how cute is it?  I think they designed it to look like a dress form.  And not only does it come in black, but also in PINK for those extra girly girls (like me – wink wink).  This organizer is definitely for the latter mentioned lady, who wants to see everything she’s got and make a quick selection, without having to open up drawers or sift through trays.

Another great feature I noticed right off the bat is that it has a way to store stud earrings.  Most jewelry hangers cannot accommodate studs, but the Roxsee can accommodate many.  And then of course it offers everything else a good jewelry hanger should have:  necklace and bracelet hangers, holes for your dangly earrings, etc.

But to top it all off, the Roxsee is designed to hang over your door or a closet rod.  Simple and space-saving!  Sigh…..