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Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Mens Accessory Organizers 0

Are you scrambling to find a gift for Dad this Father’s Day?  Don’t worry, you’ve got some time and I’ve got some ideas for you!

We tend to think of gifts for the men in our lives – our fathers, husbands, grandfathers, etc. – as being “manly” gifts like golf clubs, outdoor gear and business accessories.  But like us, men have a need to keep their accessories organized.  I should avoid using the term “jewelry organizer” but that’s essentially what I’m talking about.  Since men don’t usually carry a purse, they need a way to keep all those small odds and ends organized.  They may not own necklaces and bracelets like we do, but men have things like cufflinks, watches, tie clips and sunglasses.  There is absolutely no shame in buying a man something to organize his accessories!

mensvaletThis year I’m going to buy my husband this Organizer Valet by Royce Leather for his Father’s Day present.  I’m sure he’ll appreciate its masculine and modern look plus the storage benefits it provides.  This men’s valet can go on the dresser or his side of the bathroom sink and keep his “jewelry” (whoops! I said it!) in easy reach.  There are multiple compartments and organizing options with this accessory tray.  And best of all, it will almost be like a gift to myself as well.  No longer will I have to put up with this messy  bedside table that he clutters up with his wallet, keys, pocket change and watch at the end of the day.  A win win situation, folks!

So you see, finding a Father’s Day gift isn’t so difficult after all. You will find plenty of other ideas like this out there, including suit valets, watch cases, charging stations and more.  If your father or husband seems hesitant when receiving a gift like this, just tell him James Bond would have totally had one!

My Current Jewelry Obsessions 0

Today we’re going to take a break from talking about jewelry organization and have a little fun! 

This morning, as I was going through my jewelry box and struggling over what to wear, I realized it’s time for some new pieces.  When it comes to jewelry, I don’t have a particular style.  My style is all over the place from simple and classic to ornate and romantic.  These days I seem to be drawn toward the dramatic.  Big, chunky statement pieces.  Another new one for me is watches.  Throughout my twenties I NEVER wore a watch.  Now in my thirties it’s more about practicality than making philosophical statements about “not being bound to time”.  Hahahaha!


So when I opened up Etsy this morning, this awesome watch popped up on the first page.  The shop is called maggieslove and this is their Brown Suede Bracelet Watch with Red Coral Interchangeable Face.  LOVE!  So unique and a little offbeat, with its brown suede band that you wrap around your wrist.  But it’s also beautiful, with that pop of coral color.





I’m also getting into bib necklaces.  These are usually big, chunky necklaces that take center stage.  This one, the Vintage Flower Bib Statement Necklace – Sunshine and Daisies by rebecca3030 is an example of a very elaborate bib necklace, but they also come simpler than this.  The fun thing about a bib necklace, is that you can throw it on with a tank top or tee shirt and jeans for a casual look that still packs a “style punch”.  This bib necklace is right up my alley, but if you’re not ready for something so bold, check out other styles.  They come as simple as beaded strands in bright colors.




Lastly I want to talk about cocktail rings.  Every girl needs a good one.  We typically think of them as an oversized gem or stone that covers a good portion of your finger.  True, but these days there are many more options!  Like this Victorian Purity White Rose Cocktail Ring from the shop robinhoodcouture.  You will find all kinds of shapes from ovals to rectangles and irregular forms as well.  A good cocktail ring is a quick way to spruce up your look for going out on the town or hitting the farmer’s market on a Saturday afternoon.


I could go on and on for days about all the jewelry I want to add to my collection but for now I think I’ll stop talking about it and do it already!

New Product Alert! Freestanding or Wall Mount Jewelry Cabinet 0

Every once in a while, something really neat comes along in the world of jewelry storage.



For me, it was today’s discovery of a most attractive and versatile jewelry organizer – the Wall Mount Jewelry Box Cabinet by 10 Stars.   An upright jewelry box that hangs your accessories vertically, giving you the easiest way to select pieces.  But what I love most about it, is that it can stand on its own on your dresser or bathroom counter, but can also be mounted to the wall if you choose.  And there are multiple finish options available.  A sophisticated Espresso shown here, a crisp and modern white with tan lining, or adorable white with pink lining.  That would make a really special gift for a young girl!

Now I’m about to switch gears, because this jewelry armoire has got me interested in some jewelry quotes (one of my favorite things to do is look up quotes about a particular subject).

Men who have a pierced ear are better prepared for marriage – they’ve experienced pain and bought jewelry.” – Rita Rudner.  This quote automatically jumped at me because my fiance has a pierced ear.  I’ll have to show this to him!

Jewelry and pins have been worn throughout history as symbols of power, sending messages. Interestingly enough, it was mostly men who wore the jewelry in various times…” – Madeleine Albright.  I’m not trying to go  off on a men-wearing-jewelry tangent, but I couldn’t resist this one either!

Okay, one more and this – I could not have said any better, “Jewelry should not upstage you. I pick one hot point on my body that I’m going to highlight. Let one area do the singing – you don’t want to hear three songs at once.” – Padma Lakshmi.