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New Product Alert – Mahogany Chair Vallet 0

Back to school time means a lot of things, but the most important thing in my book is this:  you have survived the summer and sent your children back to school, now it’s time to reward yourself!

One of the most rewarding things you can give yourself is the gift of organization.  I always feel enormously better after tackling a project and improving a part of my home, even if it’s just a small place like the closet or bedroom.  Whenever I need motivation to start a new organizing project I like to get it jump started by buying a new item and revolving the project around it.


This Mahogany Chair Valet is the newest addition to my bedroom.  I bought it to go with my closet renovation project.  By renovation, I really just mean cleaning it out.  The closet already has a good amount of shelves and rods to accommodate my husband’s and my clothing, but I’ve let it get too messy.

I also wanted a way to have more organized mornings.  With this valet stand, I can lay out my work clothes for the next day but it doesn’t stop there!  I can also pick out my jewelry and keep it organized on the chair.  I keep everyday items like my watch and security badge in the handy jewelry drawer of this valet chair.

Now my kids are back in school, my closet looks clean and my mornings can be even smoother.  Life is goooooood!