Welcome to my Jewelry Organizer Blog!

I love jewelry! If you have found my blog, you must also like jewelry, or at least need to know what to do with it.  Join me on my journey of jewelry organizing and check back soon for tips on more jewelry ideas, including recycled jewelry, eco-friendly ideas, beading (of course!) and do it yourself jewelry organizer ideas!  Don’t forget to leave comments with your own tips and stories!

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  • I love ( the max jewelry organization ) you will find
    a 12 drawer chest that holds over 800 pieces of jewelry! It can be placed on a dresser or vanity! If, you have a space of 15″ wide by 9″ deep! You have a blog already about the acrylic necklace holder you can find that, as well.

  • It was a pleasure hearing that you loved my site! My products are sold online by Stacks and Stacks, and, they offer great service to their customers. Thank you for your blog!!