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Jewelry Cleaner – Tarnish Remover 0

Putting a nice ring, bracelet or maybe a necklace under the tree for the Mrs this Christmas? Or maybe you have a decent jewelry collection of your own? We all make sure our favorite pieces are stored properly, but how often do you clean them?

If  you’re searching for a gift for the always-accessorized person in your life, consider some quality jewelry cleaner accessories.

Keep it clean

If you’re working on a budget, there are many different levels of jewelry upkeep. If you want to keep things inexpensive, a good solution or polishing cloth is a great gift. Not what you’re looking for? I recommend these awesome jewelry cleaning towelettes. They come in a dispensing tub –just like the wipes you use to tidy up of house — so you can easily access them. I love to keep them on the bathroom counter and give my everyday pieces a clean wipe as a part of my morning routine.

If the jewelry lover in your life is more serious about their collection, consider an ultrasonic cleaner. These digital cleaners are capable of cleaning jewelry, watches, glasses and more. These ultrasonic cleaners work by vibrating while jewelry soaks in cleaner, shaking free dirt and grim that you typically struggle to get to with standard cleaners.



Watch boxes and winders 0

Watch winders are not your typical jewelry storage, but they are an important piece of the puzzle. Any watch collector — or even those with one or two timepieces — knows the importance of proper storage and regular winding. 

Watch chests

Display your favorite timepieces in one of these solid wood chests from American Chest. Velvety suede lines the inside and matching pillows are ready to have watches wrapped around them for safe keeping.  Separate cubbies help protect pieces from scratches and dust. The lid features a sleek glass panel that keeps contents visible but completely protected. Available in two sizes, you can chose from the regular design that fits up to six watches or the larger design which fits up to 10 watches and includes a bottom drawer for accessories.

Watch winders

If you’re more of an enthusiast, watch winders are a must. This Double Watch Winder, also from American Chest, is crafted from solid American cherry wood. This winder can contain up to two watches at a time. Complete with four programs, this watch winder features nylon gears, a mabuchi motor and intermittent programming sequences. This beautiful dresser top piece also features the slim glass panel in the lid, perfect for keeping contents visible and well protected.

Plus, all of American Chest’s elegant products are made in the United States.

Find these products and more like them at

Clean Your Jewelry For The New Year 0

With the new year quickly approaching, it’s time to make thing feel new again.  The year brings new beginnings, when we introduce new and better habits and refurbish old things.  I like to spruce up my house, give everything a good scrub, clear away all the old dust, move some furniture around and celebrate the new year by making everything feel new again.  The same thing goes for jewelry – get it all clean and sparkly.  There is a variety of ways to get your jewelry clean, so I am going to talk about that right here.

jewelry cleaners

First of all, you have Jewelry Polishing Cloths.  For any flat-surface metal jewelry, such as a plain wedding band, bracelet or earrings, my absolute favorite cleaner is a simple, inexpensive jewelry polishing cloth.  Keep one of these tiny cloths in your jewlery organizer or box for on-the-spot polishing.

Liquid Jewelry Cleaners are usually sold as a very thin liquid in a bottle.  You simply dip the jewelry into the bottle for a few seconds and the results are amazing.  The drawback is that they are made with very strong smelling chemicals, so the only time I use them is for intricate pieces or woven jewelry that can’t be cleaned any other way.

If you’re looking for something a little more versatile, Silver Polishes work for jewelry as well.  These are usually heavy creams or lotions in a bottle.  For intricate pieces, anything woven, you will want to use a liquid dipping jewelry cleaner to get into hard-to-reach places, otherwise the tarnish will remain in the creases and you won’t get the effect you desire.

With all the jewelry cleaners on the market today, you’re sure to find one that works well for you.  And I have to say, cleaning and polishing your jewelry for the new year feels fantastic!  Everything feels new and special again so you don’t feel the need to go out and buy new pieces.

A Girl’s First Jewelry Box 0

This year for Christmas, I think I’m going to get my niece her first jewelry box.  This is very exciting for me, because I remember my first jewelry box and how special it felt to organize my jewelry and treasures for the first time.  It’s a kind of right of passage, and I’m excited to be a part of it for my ten year old niece!  So I have been researching jewelry organizers that are perfect for a young girl, and these are some of my finds.  I thought I would share my ideas here, in case anyone else is inspired to get a little girl her first jewelry box.

I just adore this musical jewelry box.  It’s pretty and simple, with just enough space for a young girl’s growing jewelry collection.  It also has a touch of sophistication without looking too grown up.

This one is also just too sweet for a little girl, but it might be a bit young for my ten year old niece.  I would definitely recommend this jewelry organizer for a younger girl:

This one goes in a very different direction from the first, but it’s just so colorful and fun!  The bright two-toned finish is very youthful:

A young girl with an already sizable jewelry collection will need something with a larger capacity.  The design of jewelry armoire is kid appropriate, but it also feels a little more grown up, like mom’s.

But I knew the perfect jewelry box for my 10 year old niece when I saw it, and it was so obvious.  It’s perfect because she’s at a transitional age and this one she can grow into.  It’s pretty and classic, and it will make her feel extra special.


Here is where you can find all of these precious little girls’ jewelry boxes:

1. The Kaitlyn Musical Jewelry Box by Mele & Co.

2. Kelsey Girl’s Musical Ballerina Jewelry Box by Mele & Co.

3. “Stackables” large Jewelry Box by Wolf Designs

4. Chloe Girl’s Pink and White Wooden Jewelry Armoire  by Mele & Co.

5. Cherry Jewelry Box with Lock and Key by 10 Stars

What I want for Christmas part 1 1

We gals love our accessories!  What do I want for Christmas this year?  I want a new jewelry box.  My current jewelry box is OK, but it’s very basic.  Six small square slots where I keep rings and earrings and one long section for necklaces.  While this is better than keeping them in a jumbled heap, it isn’t that much better because they still get tangled and can be difficult to find.

The jewelry organizer I’ve picked out for myself is the Paris Weave Jewelry Box by Ragar.  Whoever designed this one thought of everything, it even has a removable case for travel.  It’s also sleek and modern, yet timeless.

Here are some other home jewelry storage solutions:

This high fashion jewelry armoire is a real statement piece.  It has that mirrored façade that’s become so popular in accent furniture pieces.  It’s reflective and fancy, and pairs well with different kinds of furnishings.

Some gals don’t need a big fancy jewelry organizer, so something like this little spinner would be perfect for holding a few favorite pieces.


For the gal with limited space and a need for multi-functionality, we have a wall mounted jewelry armoire with a mirrored front and slots for pictures.  Here you can store your accessories, make yourself up and display memories.


And last but not least, any gal on the go needs a good travel jewelry case like this one.  Hard sided is great, because it not only serves as a travel jewelry organizer, but as a mini jewelry box wherever you go!

So if you’re struggling to think of a gift for that woman who has everything, or is difficult to shop for, consider the options I’ve shown you here.  Like I said, we gals love our accessories, and most of us have room for another jewelry organizer in our lives.  Happy holiday shopping folks!
Here are my picks for jewelry storage:
1.  Jewelry Box:  Paris Weave Jewelry Box by Ragar
2.  Jewelry Armoire:  Mirrored Silver Wood Jewelry Armoire by Powell
3.  Spinner:  Rain Cosmetic Spinner by InterDesign
1.  Wall Mount Cabinet: Victoria Wall Mount Jewelry Armoire by Proman Products
2.  Travel Case:  Round Leather Jewelry Case with Black Diamond Pattern

Great Gift Idea – Omiska Jewelry Box 0

reg-1286673587-160694The holidays are creeping up on us, and what better way to show your love and appreciation for friends and family than with a beautiful jewelry organizer!  The Omiska Jewelry Box is the perfect gift idea that will cover all gift giving bases.  Whether you are a husband looking for a gift for your girlfriend or wife, a friend looking for a present for your BFF, or a loving son or daughter shopping for mom, this jewelry storage box fits the bill.  Not too frilly, not too big, this jewelry organizer is just the right size and style.  The unique design includes small gold toned glass all over the piece, giving it a metallic look with modern art flair with large swirls around the side and on the top, and lines and rows around the base and lid.  Open it up to find storage for select jewelry pieces, use it for your most treasured gems, or for every day accessorizing. This jewelry box is elegant yet simple, nice enough to leave out on the dresser top or counter top in the bathroom – wherever you normally get ready for the day (or evening out).  The compact design is perfect for holding just a few pieces of jewelry without taking up a lot of space on your chosen surface, and the combination of classic design and modern materials give it timeless appeal, an organizer that you will have for years to come.

Jewelry Organizer and Cleaner All in One! 0

Keep your jewelry organized and clean at the same time, all in one easy step with this new product!
You have all heard me talk about how important it is to keep your jewelry safe and clean, but there are a number of new products that go a step further (or a step back, depending on how you look at it):  prevention.  That’s right!  Instead of waiting for your jewelry to get scratched and tarnished and then have to deal with it, why not start by preventing the tarnishing in the first place?  The Intercept Jewelry Anti-Tarnish Storage System does just that, and so much more!  This jewelry organizer keeps jewelry neat and tidy, and tarnish free.   You may not want to use this for everyday jewelry (or maybe you do), but it is a great choice for safe keeping of really special pieces (think Grandma’s earrings, mother in law’s necklace, that special present from your hubby), etc.  Each bag is coated with special anti tarnish material that protects metals and other precious jewelry from damage from corrosive gases for 30 years.  This is the same method used with keeping fine silverware tarnish free, but is now available for jewelry as well!  The red bags are easy to spot, and easy to use.  The folding bags are great for travel – simply toss them into your suitcase for safe jewelry travel anytime!  Since you are preventing tarnish from happening in the first place, you won’t have to use any harsh chemicals later on to clean your jewelry, making this a non toxic, eco friendly option for jewelry storage – good for you and good for the earth!  Works great for silver, gold, brass, copper and bronze.  The set includes two divided, folding bags with separate compartments and two drawstring bags – a great investment for your jewelry collection!

Jewelry Cleaners on the Go 0

The Product of the Week this week fits right into your purse, jewelry organizer or suitcase, and comes in multiple forms!


Happy New Year!  Ahead of us we have a whole year of fun.  Fun traveling, fun with jewelry and much more.  Many of us like to polish our jewelry.  What can I say?  It’s just fun to watch it get a little brighter, shinier and more beautiful every time!  And it’s certainly more gratifying than most other types of cleaning.  For travel, there are many options for jewelry cleaners on the go.  Obviously you don’t want to bring a big jar of paste or (worse) liquid and have it spill all over your suitcase or car, so what can you do to make sure that your jewelry looks its best anywhere you go?  Here are some tips and great products for achieving this: 

1.  Polishing Cloths – this is a great one to keep in your purse or in the glove box.  Next time you are in a waiting room, or picking up the kids from school, you can whip out this cloth and shine your rings, for a start.  It’s hard to believe how well these actually work until you give it a try – it is truly phenomenal when you see the tarnish on the cloth after using it on what you thought were your clean rings.  Note:  since these cloths are coated with a cleaner, you will want to put them in a ziplock bag before sticking them in your purse. 

 2.  Gel and Brush Jewelry Cleaner – This one is great for travel, not so much for the purse, though, as it requires rinsing.  You can polish many jewelry pieces with the handy cleaner and brush set, and then rinse to perfection.  The cap screws on tight, but I would recommend putting this in a ziplock bag just in case.

Pretty Bead and Jewelry Organizers 0


Product of the Week:  Spice Jars to Organize Beads and Jewelry

A friend of mine had a great idea that I wanted to share with you all.  She found these beautiful spice jars.  They are really unique, far from the regular plastic spice bottles that you see in the supermarket.  You can put whatever spice you want in them, and they have a beautiful see through lid.  Her idea was to use these spice canisters for her beads and jewelry making supplies – a great idea, I think!  They are pretty reasonably priced, considering the fact that they will last forever, and are sold in sets of four.  The see through lid just begs for something pretty to be stored inside. 

Here are some ideas: 

  • Beads – Just imagine how beautiful your colorful beads will look filled to the top of these stainless steel jars.  You won’t even have to open them to figure out what color you are going for because you can see right through the top!  For an art project in itself, you could fill these jars with colorful beads and then set them on your dresser, mantle or your crafts table – you decide if you will actually use the beads or just admire them! 
  • Jewelry Making Supplies – you can put rhinestones in one tin, wire in another tin, and even use the longer tins for small needle nose pliers and other tools.  If you have large pendants for upcoming jewelry making projects, this is a great place to keep them as well. 
  • Jewelry Organizer – this is a beautiful way to organize jewelry in the house, or better yet, on the go.  Keep a small selection of inexpensive pieces in your glove box or in your suit case so that you always have some jewelry with you for any occasion! 

If you are interested in making jewelry, here is some information, a great place to start!

Bead and Jewelry Organizer 2

 A Tool Chest performs well as a Jewelry Organizer – Go Figure!toolchestWho would have thought that your hubby could be filled with envy when he sees your new jewelry organizer?  This 16 Drawer Chest is designed, first and foremost, as a garage tool and hardware organizer; hence, the dull gray appearance, so he may just think that it’s a new garage organizer for him.  Except that it’s not.  It’s actually for you to store all your jewelry and crafts supplies in!  I’ll admit that it’s not cute, but it sure does come in handy for organizing anything jewelry or crafts related.

Here are the top benefits of using a tool chest to organize accessories:

  • The see through drawers are great for holding beads and beading supplies, jewelry or jewelry making supplies or any other crafts that you are interested in.
  • It is made of high impact polystyrene so it can really get tossed around – this is especially useful if you take your beads or crafts to sell at crafts fairs and farmers markets.
  • This drawer chest is also stackable, so you can maximize storage in any room for any project, at anytime!
  • It can be used on the counter top or dresser, but it can also be wall mounted.  That might sound kind of strange, but since you can remove whatever drawer you need, why not save a little counter space by mounting this to the wall.  A great place would be in the laundry room, behind the bathroom or bedroom door, or in the closet!  That way you don’t have to see it, either, a major plus since it is not designed to be decorative.

TIP:  To really get the most organizing out of these drawers, print up address labels for each drawer that tell you what is in them.  That way you don’t have to go digging needlessly and your beading process will go much more smoothly!  Here is some great, extra info for Beading fanatics.

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