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Hanging Jewelry Organizer – Small Spaces 0

There are so many different ways to organize as well as store jewelry — but what do you do when you have absolutely no surface space to store your pretties? 

I recently moved house for what feels like the millionth time and the transition has left me with a smaller bedroom, but  a bigger closet. The bittersweet change has forced me to rethink my wardrobe and accessory storage.

I used to keep my jewelry in nice trays atop a vanity, but the new master bedroom just doesn’t have room for the extra furniture.

After scanning Pinterest for days, I attempted a cute DIY hanging board, but the cluttered look was just too much in the small room. So, I thought, I have the closet space, why not use it for jewelry, too?

A little searching lead me to the Hanging Jewelry Organizer (above). The simple design was a life saver and, honestly, is one of those inventions that makes you wonder, “why didn’t I think of that!”

I love this slim organizer for so many reasons, where do I begin?

First, it has so many pockets, tabs and velcro loops. I fit all of my jewelry in it and still have room left. It’s a great excuse to feed my bad habit. You have 28 pockets plus 14 loops to stash your pieces. The four large pockets are excellent for watches,  cuffs and other bigger pieces. On the other side, six medium sized pockets and 18 small pockets are perfect for earrings of every size. I have lots of broaches, too, and they fit perfectly in these pockets.

The pockets are made of clear vinyl, too, so it’s super simple to find what you’re looking for.

As if that’s not enough, the top hook is designed to fit on any standard sized closet rod. It even swivels so you can twist and turn the double-sided organizer when you’re searching for that perfect piece.

This piece is just easy and efficient, there’s not much more to it. It fits easy in your wardrobe, even if you have a small closet and it holds loads of jewelry. Even if I had the room for a large standing jewelry box, I’d probably opt for this organizer to hold my everyday favorites.

Valentine’s Day: Acrylic Jewelry Organizer 0

Jewelry Organizers - Acrylic

Valentine’s Day is closing in on us and the pressure to find the perfect gift for our loved ones is weighing heavy. While roses, chocolate and jewelry seem like a quick fix, I encourage  you to think outside the box — well, maybe inside the box this time.

Acrylic jewelry organizers are a great gift for ladies who already have a collection of Valentine’s Day jewelry piled up. These durable and sleek storage pieces are a great addition to vanities, closets and dresser tops. They display as well as organize precious pieces, all while protecting them from dust, tangling and scratching.

Necklace Hanger 

A hanging necklace holder makes an excellent gift. Crystal clear acrylic makes up this entire piece, allowing a clear view of contents at all time. Hang numerous necklace from the 12 hooks, all of which are attached to a removable lid that lifts up to reveal contents. Necklaces hang so they do not tangle or knot. This display case makes a great statement piece, too, when you show it off atop a personal vanity, bathroom counter or dresser.

Earring Screen

If you’re sweetheart is more of an earring collector, an acrylic display screen is a gift she’ll love. Earrings stay organized, properly stored and easily accessible for your morning routine, too, when you use an earring screen. The accordion style design stands freely and can accommodate up to 128 sets of earrings of all styles; store your studs, hoops, and dangling pairs all next to each other.

Jewelry Chest of Drawers

If your special someone wears jewelry of all kinds, a small chest of drawers is the perfect gift. With three drawers, she can store as well as organize rings, bracelets, necklaces and other accessories. Padded drawers will protect her jewelry from scratching, tangling or knotting. Little pulls make it easy to access contents and the top of the organizer can even be used to stack remaining pieces. The compact design is also great on display.

New Product Alert! The Roxsee Jewelry Hanger 0

I try to stay abreast of all the latest jewelry organizer products!  Jewelry boxes, armoires, travel cases, hangers – you name it!  I like them all.  And it is such a relief that finally they are branching out and making creative solution for jewelry storage.  Rather than the regular old jewelry box of our mothers’ time, we gals today have so many options.  It’s important because everyone is different.  Some like the benefits of a jewelry box, which keeps items concealed and contained, whereas some like the freedom of grabbing a necklace on the go from the rack.

While I was prowling for new jewelry products, I came across this little gem – the Roxsee Jewelry Hanger by Untangle My Chain.


First of all, how cute is it?  I think they designed it to look like a dress form.  And not only does it come in black, but also in PINK for those extra girly girls (like me – wink wink).  This organizer is definitely for the latter mentioned lady, who wants to see everything she’s got and make a quick selection, without having to open up drawers or sift through trays.

Another great feature I noticed right off the bat is that it has a way to store stud earrings.  Most jewelry hangers cannot accommodate studs, but the Roxsee can accommodate many.  And then of course it offers everything else a good jewelry hanger should have:  necklace and bracelet hangers, holes for your dangly earrings, etc.

But to top it all off, the Roxsee is designed to hang over your door or a closet rod.  Simple and space-saving!  Sigh…..

80 Pocket Hanging Jewelry Organizer 0

I dare you to try to find a more space efficient, multi purpose, high capacity jewelry organizer for such a low price!  The 80 Pocket Hanging Jewelry Organizer is a must have in every home, hotel, office or wherever you keep your jewelry!  The superior design of this all in one jewelry storage rack includes so many beneficial features all packed into one compact unit and for a price that is much less than traditional wooden jewelry boxes!  Check out my review of this jewelry organizing star below:

Space Efficiecy – This jewelry organizer earns five stars for its commitment to space efficiency.  It hangs right over the closet rod with a built-in hanger and is very thin, so it blends right into your closet with your clothes, not much wider than a blouse, even when filled on both sides!

High Capacity Jewelry Storage – 80 pockets means, yep, you guessed it, storage for 80 pieces (or more) of jewelry.  Earrings and rings can be doubled or tripled in each pocket, so you’re really talking probably more like 100 pieces of jewelry.

Versatility – forty pockets on each side, and there are varying sizes of pockets to hold any type of jewelry that you have.  Smaller pockets are great for earrings, rings, pendants, extra chains and more trinkets, while the larger pockets can hold beaded necklaces and other large, hanging items like watches and bracelets. 

Cost – The price is right on this jewelry organizer, especially for those of us who find ourselves on a budget these days.

Portability – Even when filled, this jewelry organizer can be used for travel, simply fold or roll the bag and stash it in your luggage – this eliminates the painful process of deciding what to bring on your trip and what to leave!

Enjoy this inexpensive jewelry organizer in your home~

Jewelry Organizer of the Week 0

A new find: The Hanging Jewelry Organizer does just that Hangs instantly, easily and space efficiently from the closet rod!

What better way to inspire yourself to accessorize every morning than by keeping your jewelry right there with your clothes! This is very important for someone like me. I am so busy that often, I leave the house without putting on any of the beautiful jewelry that I have just because it’s too hard to find it or pick it out. Keeping it right by my clothes makes it so much easier, so that there really is no excuse! This jewelry organizer is one of the most space efficient around, taking up just a few inches in the closet to organize 100 pieces of jewelry of all types! The sturdy construction includes a beautiful wood design with a rich mahogany finish, elegant enough to be placed next to your finest clothes. This hanging jewelry rack has five levels of storage. On the very top of the hanger there is a ring tray, complete with ring rolls for safe keeping of your favorite rings. Beneath, two pivoting bars swing in and out, and are padded for security, able to hold bracelets and watches. A large earring bar has dividers for added organization, and with the additional purpose of keeping the earrings on the hanging rack, so you don’t have to dig around on the floor of your closet for them. Two additional padded bars hold more earrings and hooked pieces, with prongs at the bottom for hanging pieces, including necklaces, bracelets and more! Overall this is a great choice for everyday jewelry. It helps to keep your most frequently used jewelry (the every day stuff) handy, which is very important for someone as busy as me!

Towel Rack as Jewelry Organizer 2

Another solution for organizing necklaces and other jewelry is found in the Kitchen!


You’ve probably heard me go on and on many times about how the only way that necklaces should be stored is either hanging or laid out flat completely with no bends.  This is the best way to make sure that your chains don’t break and that necklaces don’t get knotted.  Well, I just had a great tip from someone for a necklace organizer.  This is great for people that don’t have access to stores that sell these necklace and jewelry organizers, and it’s also great if you already have one of these around your home! 

Remember those swing arm towel racks that your grandma used in the kitchen?  Well, they are making a comeback, but with updated styles, using more contemporary materials like brushed steel. 

These wall mounted racks make great hangers for necklaces, bracelets and anklets.  Here’s why:  Each arm moves independently, and since there are either 2 or 3 arms, you can maximize jewelry storage like never before with these.  Just think how many chains you can put on three 12” bars.  That’s three feet! of necklace hanging storage.  And, you can split up the three bars however you want.  Maybe one arm for pieces you wear all the frequently, another for bracelets, and another for anklets.  The possibilities are endless for using these. 

You can also use them to hide your jewelry.  Simply use the bottom two arms for hanging jewelry, but put a hand towel or kitchen towel over the top and press all three arms to the wall.  A burglar running through your house will never suspect that there is jewelry hiding behind that towel! 

If you find that the material is a little too “slippery” for the items you are storing, (most likely with beads and pearls), here’s a tip:  Wrap the swing arm in masking tape and allow a little messiness, this will create creases and bumps that your necklaces can settle into!

Product of the Week! Hanging Jewelry Organizer 1


A Hanging Jewelry Organizer Provides Space-Efficient Jewelry Storage

Many people are surprised to find all the different products and organizers that are made to hang right over the closet rod.  Over the Rod Shoe Racks are great for shoe storage.  Over the Rod Accessory Hangers hold belts, scarves and more.  And, you can even find Jewelry Organizers in this Space-Efficient form!

Of course, most of us already have our closets filled to the max with clothes, every inch taken up by favorite shirts, dresses and skirts.  But, give me just 2 inches of hanging space in your closet, and I’ll give you a jewelry organizer.

This Hanging Jewelry Organizer, available at, is very narrow.  It hangs two different ways:  wide, which allows you to see everything that is in it, and sideways in the closet – it only takes up a few inches of hanging space this way.  It has 80 pockets, enough for almost any jewelry collection, and the pockets come in varying sizes, so you can put earrings and rings in the smaller pockets, and necklaces and bracelets in the larger ones  (Small pockets 2.5″h x 4.25″w; large pockets are 6.5″h x 4″w).

Here are some other great uses and features of this product:

  1. Kids Organizer – Keep your little girl’s barrettes, hair bands and bows in this easy to use pocket organizer
  2. Travels Well by Car, Boat or Plane – this organizer can be folded or rolled up and stuffed in a suitcase.  When you get to your destination, you can hang it over the closet rod or even on a hook on the bathroom door
  3. Garage Organizer – Keep small tools, screws, nuts and bolts in these tiny pockets – if you don’t have a hook on the door in the garage, simply nail into the wall and hang this organizer from it!