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New Product Alert! Mirror Armoire 0

Now, this I haven’t seen before and quite frankly, it’s genius!

Anytime a new organizing product for jewelry comes available, I like to put it to the test.  As an organizing freak, it’s my hobby to stay up to date on the latest products that keep our lives tidy and sensible.

Jewelry storage is especially fascinating to me because, well, first of all I’m a woman and also because there are so many solutions for storing jewelry available today.  To me, the smartest way to organize jewelry is by using wall space, but this full length dressing mirror with jewelry storage just might ruin my theory!


The Mirror Armoire by Corner will definitely find its way to my bedroom in the near future.  I’m thoroughly impressed by its design, as you can see.  This is truly one of those products that makes perfect sense, because every girl needs a dressing mirror and every girl needs jewelry storage.

Why not combine them?

It definitely doesn’t hurt that this jewelry cabinet and mirror has a classic, timeless design.  I won’t have to worry about it looking outdated eventually.  And, reorganizing my jewelry will be the perfect winter project now that the holidays are over!

A Girl’s First Jewelry Box 0

This year for Christmas, I think I’m going to get my niece her first jewelry box.  This is very exciting for me, because I remember my first jewelry box and how special it felt to organize my jewelry and treasures for the first time.  It’s a kind of right of passage, and I’m excited to be a part of it for my ten year old niece!  So I have been researching jewelry organizers that are perfect for a young girl, and these are some of my finds.  I thought I would share my ideas here, in case anyone else is inspired to get a little girl her first jewelry box.

I just adore this musical jewelry box.  It’s pretty and simple, with just enough space for a young girl’s growing jewelry collection.  It also has a touch of sophistication without looking too grown up.

This one is also just too sweet for a little girl, but it might be a bit young for my ten year old niece.  I would definitely recommend this jewelry organizer for a younger girl:

This one goes in a very different direction from the first, but it’s just so colorful and fun!  The bright two-toned finish is very youthful:

A young girl with an already sizable jewelry collection will need something with a larger capacity.  The design of jewelry armoire is kid appropriate, but it also feels a little more grown up, like mom’s.

But I knew the perfect jewelry box for my 10 year old niece when I saw it, and it was so obvious.  It’s perfect because she’s at a transitional age and this one she can grow into.  It’s pretty and classic, and it will make her feel extra special.


Here is where you can find all of these precious little girls’ jewelry boxes:

1. The Kaitlyn Musical Jewelry Box by Mele & Co.

2. Kelsey Girl’s Musical Ballerina Jewelry Box by Mele & Co.

3. “Stackables” large Jewelry Box by Wolf Designs

4. Chloe Girl’s Pink and White Wooden Jewelry Armoire  by Mele & Co.

5. Cherry Jewelry Box with Lock and Key by 10 Stars

Your Dream Jewelry Box 0

Are you looking for a new way to organize your jewelry and accessories?  Is your jewelry collection outgrowing your current jewelry box?  Do you want to make your jewelry easier to find and access so you don’t forget certain pieces?  I’m going to share some jewelry storage ideas and favorite products to renew your interest in jewelry organization.  It’s no secret that keeping your jewelry tidy, untangled and easy to access is important.  Especially for those of us who spend a pretty penny on adornments.

My first tip is to sort and prioritize the pieces in your jewelry box.  Separate your finer pieces from casual and costume jewelry.  Alternatively, you can sort your jewelry pieces by color or style.  This makes jewelry selection faster and easier in the morning when you’re getting ready or in the evening as you’re rushing out for a date or evening at the theater.

When it comes to selecting a jewelry box, armoire, cabinet or other organizer, I believe a good one should have at least four drawers – no less.  Obviously one for earrings, one for bracelets, one for necklaces and one for rings.  Ideally, a good jewelry organizer will have a place to hang necklaces rather than letting them lay in a drawer.  You will also want it to have other pockets and places to keep accessories like pins, brooches, pendants, etc.  Cuff bracelets can be challenging to store, because most jewelry organizers don’t have deep enough drawers for them.  The most creative solution I have seen for this, is to store your cuffs on a countertop paper towel holder.

No matter what your home jewelry storage requirements are, you need to make sure you find the perfect one for you!

What I want for Christmas part 1 1

We gals love our accessories!  What do I want for Christmas this year?  I want a new jewelry box.  My current jewelry box is OK, but it’s very basic.  Six small square slots where I keep rings and earrings and one long section for necklaces.  While this is better than keeping them in a jumbled heap, it isn’t that much better because they still get tangled and can be difficult to find.

The jewelry organizer I’ve picked out for myself is the Paris Weave Jewelry Box by Ragar.  Whoever designed this one thought of everything, it even has a removable case for travel.  It’s also sleek and modern, yet timeless.

Here are some other home jewelry storage solutions:

This high fashion jewelry armoire is a real statement piece.  It has that mirrored façade that’s become so popular in accent furniture pieces.  It’s reflective and fancy, and pairs well with different kinds of furnishings.

Some gals don’t need a big fancy jewelry organizer, so something like this little spinner would be perfect for holding a few favorite pieces.


For the gal with limited space and a need for multi-functionality, we have a wall mounted jewelry armoire with a mirrored front and slots for pictures.  Here you can store your accessories, make yourself up and display memories.


And last but not least, any gal on the go needs a good travel jewelry case like this one.  Hard sided is great, because it not only serves as a travel jewelry organizer, but as a mini jewelry box wherever you go!

So if you’re struggling to think of a gift for that woman who has everything, or is difficult to shop for, consider the options I’ve shown you here.  Like I said, we gals love our accessories, and most of us have room for another jewelry organizer in our lives.  Happy holiday shopping folks!
Here are my picks for jewelry storage:
1.  Jewelry Box:  Paris Weave Jewelry Box by Ragar
2.  Jewelry Armoire:  Mirrored Silver Wood Jewelry Armoire by Powell
3.  Spinner:  Rain Cosmetic Spinner by InterDesign
1.  Wall Mount Cabinet: Victoria Wall Mount Jewelry Armoire by Proman Products
2.  Travel Case:  Round Leather Jewelry Case with Black Diamond Pattern

New Product Alert! The Zoey Wall Mount Jewelry Mirror 0

Anytime a new organizing product for jewelry comes available, I like to put it to the test.  As an organizing freak, it’s my hobby to stay up to date on the latest products that keep our lives tidy and sensible.  Jewelry storage is especially fascinating to me because, well, first of all I’m a woman and also because there are so many solutions for storing jewelry available today.  To me, the smartest way to organize jewelry is by using wall space.  There are several ways to do this, with products like wall mounted hooks and wall mounted jewelry cabinets like the Zoey Wall Mount Jewelry Mirror.  The decorative mirror front conceals a cabinet with multiple hangers for necklaces, earrings, etc.

That’s pretty standard for a wall jewelry cabinet – I mean, they all come with hooks for hanging jewelry, but this one has the style factor that you don’t see in many jewelry wall racks.   Its clean and modern design impressed me the most.  And best of all, like every wall mounted organizer, you save space on the dresser or bathroom vanity.  Whether you live in a large home or a small one, there is always a good reason to be concerned about space efficiency when it comes to jewelry organizers.  Why let your whole house be overrun by jewelry and jewelry boxes if you don’t need to?

Our First Jewelry Boxes 0

Every woman remembers her first jewelry box she got as a little girl.  Like mine, yours was probably sparkly, or floral, or pink – very girly.  It might have had a twirling ballerina that popped up when the lid was opened and spun around to music.  Those jewelry boxes were extra special.  They held plastic beaded necklaces and bracelets we made with our friends, costume jewelry handed down from our mothers, our first earrings from when we got our ears pierced at the mall, and even some treasures.  And we felt so grown up with our very own place to organize our jewelry and treasures, just like mom did.
princess jewelry cabinet

I don’t recall there being a large variety of jewelry boxes for little girls when I was growing up, it seemed like we all had a similar one, like what I described above.  It’s exciting to see that children’s jewelry boxes have come a long way and there is so much more variety.  For example, the Princess Jewelry Cabinet – Children’s Jewelry Armoire.  It has all the same characteristics of a jewelry armoire that we grown women would have, but with all the frills and colorful excitement a little woman loves.  There are even side cabinets for hanging necklaces.

You can also find the more traditional ballerina jewelry boxes that have been updated to look a bit more modern and sophisticated.  I think it’s nice to see that the people designing kids’ products are taking it a little more seriously, because if there’s one thing an eight year old girl takes seriously, it’s her growing collection of fabulous adornments!

Clutter Free Jewelry Storage 0

When you think jewelry storage you usually think of a jewelry box stored on top of the dresser. A wall mounted design helps to free up tabletop space and create a clutter free look. These jewelry armoires can be added to the bedroom or the walk in closet for storage where it’s needed most. Whether you want to create a more streamlined look or gain more storage a jewelry armoire can be the perfect way to store your entire collection.

Organizing Jewelry Valet - by Jobar

Organizing Jewelry Valet – by Jobar

For open access and storage that allows every piece to be viewed at once try the Organizing Jewelry Valet. This wall mounted design has specialized hooks that store everything from necklaces to earrings and a scrolling design adds a lovely, decorative touch to this rack.

Imperial Wall Mount Jewelry Armoire

Imperial Wall Mount Jewelry Armoire

For jewelry storage with traditional touches the Imperial Wall Mount Jewelry Armoire – Antique White is the perfect choice. Carved details and molding give this armoire a classic look that makes a it a timeless addition to the bedroom or walk in closet. A built in mirror makes it easy to try on different pieces when not in the bathroom.
The convenient design of the Over The Door Jewelry Armoire is a great way to gain a mounted armoire without having to install it. This jewelry armoire is a great for the dorm or an apartment since it can easily be moved. The long mirror also provides a place to get ready.
For a similar streamlined look with a more permanent design try the Wall Mount Jewelry Armoire – Plantation Oak. Lots of interior storage fits a large jewelry collection on both sides of the interior. Rows of hooks for necklaces make it easy to sort and organize different types.
For jewelry collections big and small and coming in a variety of designs there is a jewelry armoire that is right for any space.

The Max 12-Drawer Jewelry Chest – The Accessory Lovers Dream 0

Have a serious love for accessories? With so much to sort through it’s easy to forget about some pieces or have them end up in a hard to find place. Proper storage helps protect jewelry for years to come and makes it easy to accessorize so you get the most out of your collection.

the max 12-drawer jewelry chest

the max 12-drawer jewelry chest

Give your jewelry some serious storage with a the max 12-drawer jewelry chest. With lots of wide drawers it’s easy to see what you have. Consider organizing drawers by color, style or even occasional. That way you can always stay color coordinated or event appropriate and only have to look through a couple drawers instead of your entire jewelry box. For a large collection labeling drawers is a good way to cut the guess work out of finding that one necklace you had in mind.

Love adding a softer touch to your look with a chic scarf? Scarves can get damaged and forgotten about when left in the drawer. Use a specially designed hanger with custom hooks or loops so it’s easy to arrange scarves by color and you can see them all at once. Simply get more hangers as your collection expands.

Consider keeping a vanity mirror nearby, especially when storing jewelry in a walk in closet, so that you can easily see how your look is coming together and don’t have to run back and forth to the bathroom mirror.

When it comes time to travel don’t allow necklaces and bracelets to get tangled and scratched while floating around in your purse. Find a travel jewelry case with enough custom compartments for all your favorite pieces. Keeping your favorite bracelet in good condition goes beyond good storage. Using a jewelry cleaner to maintain shine and ward off tarnish is a must for any serious jewelry collector.

Simple tricks making getting dressed and getting out the door that much easier!

Product of the Week: Cheval Jewelry Wardrobe 0

I’ve seen a jewelry box, a jewelry organizer, even armoires, but this is the first Jewelry Wardrobe I’ve ever come across, and that makes me very excited!  Just think – more space for rings, earrings, necklaces and every other type of jewelry that I hold near and dear to my heart!  The Cheval Jewelry Wardrobe is the ultimate in elegant jewelry storage, allowing you to organize your entire collection of gems all in one large jewelry organizer!  This full size jewelry storage cabinet features a dressing mirror on the front.  This makes it great for use in the bedroom because it serves two purposes, allowing you to use the mirror for getting dressed in the morning or for an evening out, with all of you jewelry conveniently located right behind that mirror!  The outside of this jewelry organizer is made of wood and available in several rich finishes, including black, so you are sure to find the right one to fit your home style and color scheme.  On the inside, there is a space for everything:  hooks for necklaces, bracelets and watches,  special long hang earrings section and ring holders!  The lining on the interior means that your precious metals and gems will be safe for years to come -free of tarnish, scratches and tangles!

Jewelry Organizer for Little Princesses 0

This Jewelry Organizer is just for your little princess!

The Princess Jewelry Cabinet is a very popular item this year.  And why not?  Why shouldn’t every little girl get to pretend she’s all grown up just like mom?  Plus, it might keep her out of your real grown up jewelry, saving you time and money from lost and damaged gems.  Most little girls, at one time or another, go through the imagination play stage.   First they start off playing animals, then family, and then, one day, before you know it, your little girl wants to play with makeup and jewelry!  What better gift is there for a  princess than her very own jewelry organizer?  I love this one because it is of a really high quality wood construction, with lots of drawers and secret storage areas.  The superior quality also allows it to have a great resale value once she grows out of it, although many will keep it into their “tween” years.    This jewelry cabinet is just like a grown up’s jewelry armoire, but sized down and painted just for her.  Side cabinets hold necklaces and bracelets and other long hang items, and the middle features divided drawers so she can practice organizing and taking good care of her jewels.  A large center section with a magnetic door has a hidden jewelry storage drawer within it, and, of course, the whole thing is painted purple and pink, with a crown on top, making your little one feel like a true princess when she p lays dress up!  You will be surprised and thankful when you see how much time your princess can amuse herself with this beautiful armoire.  For an alternate DIY project, cover a shoe box, plastic box or other container in princess wrapping paper so that she has a special place to keep her gems.

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