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Valentine’s Day: Acrylic Jewelry Organizer 0

Jewelry Organizers - Acrylic

Valentine’s Day is closing in on us and the pressure to find the perfect gift for our loved ones is weighing heavy. While roses, chocolate and jewelry seem like a quick fix, I encourage  you to think outside the box — well, maybe inside the box this time.

Acrylic jewelry organizers are a great gift for ladies who already have a collection of Valentine’s Day jewelry piled up. These durable and sleek storage pieces are a great addition to vanities, closets and dresser tops. They display as well as organize precious pieces, all while protecting them from dust, tangling and scratching.

Necklace Hanger 

A hanging necklace holder makes an excellent gift. Crystal clear acrylic makes up this entire piece, allowing a clear view of contents at all time. Hang numerous necklace from the 12 hooks, all of which are attached to a removable lid that lifts up to reveal contents. Necklaces hang so they do not tangle or knot. This display case makes a great statement piece, too, when you show it off atop a personal vanity, bathroom counter or dresser.

Earring Screen

If you’re sweetheart is more of an earring collector, an acrylic display screen is a gift she’ll love. Earrings stay organized, properly stored and easily accessible for your morning routine, too, when you use an earring screen. The accordion style design stands freely and can accommodate up to 128 sets of earrings of all styles; store your studs, hoops, and dangling pairs all next to each other.

Jewelry Chest of Drawers

If your special someone wears jewelry of all kinds, a small chest of drawers is the perfect gift. With three drawers, she can store as well as organize rings, bracelets, necklaces and other accessories. Padded drawers will protect her jewelry from scratching, tangling or knotting. Little pulls make it easy to access contents and the top of the organizer can even be used to stack remaining pieces. The compact design is also great on display.

New Product Alert – Mahogany Chair Vallet 0

Back to school time means a lot of things, but the most important thing in my book is this:  you have survived the summer and sent your children back to school, now it’s time to reward yourself!

One of the most rewarding things you can give yourself is the gift of organization.  I always feel enormously better after tackling a project and improving a part of my home, even if it’s just a small place like the closet or bedroom.  Whenever I need motivation to start a new organizing project I like to get it jump started by buying a new item and revolving the project around it.


This Mahogany Chair Valet is the newest addition to my bedroom.  I bought it to go with my closet renovation project.  By renovation, I really just mean cleaning it out.  The closet already has a good amount of shelves and rods to accommodate my husband’s and my clothing, but I’ve let it get too messy.

I also wanted a way to have more organized mornings.  With this valet stand, I can lay out my work clothes for the next day but it doesn’t stop there!  I can also pick out my jewelry and keep it organized on the chair.  I keep everyday items like my watch and security badge in the handy jewelry drawer of this valet chair.

Now my kids are back in school, my closet looks clean and my mornings can be even smoother.  Life is goooooood!

Acrylic Jewelry Organizers 0

For an affordable alternative to traditional wooden jewelry boxes that still has the same elegant quality, acrylic jewelry organizers simply can’t be beat!  Acrylic is a great choice for jewelry storage for many reasons.  First, it is an ultra durable material.  Much stronger than the regular plastic you are used to, acrylic is much thicker, offering extra protection of your favorite gems.  It is also easy to clean and dust.  Simply wipe it clean with a damp rag or wash cloth for an instant cleaning job.

Deluxe Jewelry Chest - 7 Drawers

Deluxe Jewelry Chest – 7 Drawers

But beyond that, probably the best thing about acrylic jewelry boxes is that they are crystal clear.  Just as clear as glass, these handy organizers allow you to see what jewelry is available to you without even having to open any doors or drawers.  It also makes it a great choice for display if you make jewelry as a hobby and like to sell or display to friends.  And because acrylic is such a versatile material, it can literally be made into any shape or size that is desired.  So there are countless different styles of acrylic jewelry organizers on the market.  My personal pick is this jewelry Chest – Deluxe 7 Drawer because it is large enough for almost an entire collection.  Another great thing about it is the lined drawers.  This is a must when you are dealing with precious stones and metals to keep things from scratching and to keep them from tarnishing.  The elegant drawer pulls and oversized top give it the feel of a traditional dresser, which I think makes it the perfect choice for keeping jewelry in the bedroom.  The extra wide design means that you can lay necklaces flat for the safest storage of them with no tangles or breakage.  Other acrylic jewelry boxes I’ve seen include smaller, single tiered ones with dividers for smaller items like earrings.  What’s your jewelry storage style?

The Max 12-Drawer Jewelry Chest – The Accessory Lovers Dream 0

Have a serious love for accessories? With so much to sort through it’s easy to forget about some pieces or have them end up in a hard to find place. Proper storage helps protect jewelry for years to come and makes it easy to accessorize so you get the most out of your collection.

the max 12-drawer jewelry chest

the max 12-drawer jewelry chest

Give your jewelry some serious storage with a the max 12-drawer jewelry chest. With lots of wide drawers it’s easy to see what you have. Consider organizing drawers by color, style or even occasional. That way you can always stay color coordinated or event appropriate and only have to look through a couple drawers instead of your entire jewelry box. For a large collection labeling drawers is a good way to cut the guess work out of finding that one necklace you had in mind.

Love adding a softer touch to your look with a chic scarf? Scarves can get damaged and forgotten about when left in the drawer. Use a specially designed hanger with custom hooks or loops so it’s easy to arrange scarves by color and you can see them all at once. Simply get more hangers as your collection expands.

Consider keeping a vanity mirror nearby, especially when storing jewelry in a walk in closet, so that you can easily see how your look is coming together and don’t have to run back and forth to the bathroom mirror.

When it comes time to travel don’t allow necklaces and bracelets to get tangled and scratched while floating around in your purse. Find a travel jewelry case with enough custom compartments for all your favorite pieces. Keeping your favorite bracelet in good condition goes beyond good storage. Using a jewelry cleaner to maintain shine and ward off tarnish is a must for any serious jewelry collector.

Simple tricks making getting dressed and getting out the door that much easier!

Bead and Jewelry Organizer 2

 A Tool Chest performs well as a Jewelry Organizer – Go Figure!toolchestWho would have thought that your hubby could be filled with envy when he sees your new jewelry organizer?  This 16 Drawer Chest is designed, first and foremost, as a garage tool and hardware organizer; hence, the dull gray appearance, so he may just think that it’s a new garage organizer for him.  Except that it’s not.  It’s actually for you to store all your jewelry and crafts supplies in!  I’ll admit that it’s not cute, but it sure does come in handy for organizing anything jewelry or crafts related.

Here are the top benefits of using a tool chest to organize accessories:

  • The see through drawers are great for holding beads and beading supplies, jewelry or jewelry making supplies or any other crafts that you are interested in.
  • It is made of high impact polystyrene so it can really get tossed around – this is especially useful if you take your beads or crafts to sell at crafts fairs and farmers markets.
  • This drawer chest is also stackable, so you can maximize storage in any room for any project, at anytime!
  • It can be used on the counter top or dresser, but it can also be wall mounted.  That might sound kind of strange, but since you can remove whatever drawer you need, why not save a little counter space by mounting this to the wall.  A great place would be in the laundry room, behind the bathroom or bedroom door, or in the closet!  That way you don’t have to see it, either, a major plus since it is not designed to be decorative.

TIP:  To really get the most organizing out of these drawers, print up address labels for each drawer that tell you what is in them.  That way you don’t have to go digging needlessly and your beading process will go much more smoothly!  Here is some great, extra info for Beading fanatics.

Happy Valentine’s Day! 2


A Gift Guide for Jewelry Storage for Everyone on your List!

Ahh, it’s that wonderful time of year again.  No, not Christmas, Valentine’s Day – a day celebrating love of all types, from Moms and Dads to their kids, Grandparents to their Grandchildren, and couples of all ages to each other!  Jewelry storage comes in many different forms, and, just as jewelry itself can be, a jewelry box is a beautiful gift to give on Valentine’s Day. 

Here is a list of some people you may be wanting to shower with gifts, and, for each, a jewelry storage option designed just for them! 

  • Wives and Girlfriends:  A Jewelry Box is an obvious choice.  Choose one in made of hardwood with glass or mirror accents.  If she likes very elegant home décor, dark and light cherry woods are the way to go.  If she has more modern taste, a white painted, black or espresso jewelry box will bring a smile to her face.  If she already has a lot of jewelry, here is a cute idea:  Purchase an inexpensive jewelry organizer, like a jewelry drawer divider tray and wrap it up, but first put her real present (a pair of earrings, or, maybe, a ring?) in it.  She will be thrilled by both of these thoughtful presents. 
  • Dads and Boyfriends:  Yes, some of them have jewelry too.  If not, a Men’s Valet is a nice V Day present – Stacks & Stacks has table top valets and beautiful wooden watch cases.  He will feel loved, important, and it will give him a nice place to set his wallet, keys and cell phone at night (as opposed to the floor) –  a gift to everyone! 
  • Girls and Young Women:  Little girls love musical jewelry boxes, with or without the spinning ballerina!  For older girls, faux leather boxes in cool blues, pinks and browns are a big hit, and can hold anything from jewelry to love notes on their dresser top.