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Valentine’s Day: Acrylic Jewelry Organizer 0

Jewelry Organizers - Acrylic

Valentine’s Day is closing in on us and the pressure to find the perfect gift for our loved ones is weighing heavy. While roses, chocolate and jewelry seem like a quick fix, I encourage  you to think outside the box — well, maybe inside the box this time.

Acrylic jewelry organizers are a great gift for ladies who already have a collection of Valentine’s Day jewelry piled up. These durable and sleek storage pieces are a great addition to vanities, closets and dresser tops. They display as well as organize precious pieces, all while protecting them from dust, tangling and scratching.

Necklace Hanger 

A hanging necklace holder makes an excellent gift. Crystal clear acrylic makes up this entire piece, allowing a clear view of contents at all time. Hang numerous necklace from the 12 hooks, all of which are attached to a removable lid that lifts up to reveal contents. Necklaces hang so they do not tangle or knot. This display case makes a great statement piece, too, when you show it off atop a personal vanity, bathroom counter or dresser.

Earring Screen

If you’re sweetheart is more of an earring collector, an acrylic display screen is a gift she’ll love. Earrings stay organized, properly stored and easily accessible for your morning routine, too, when you use an earring screen. The accordion style design stands freely and can accommodate up to 128 sets of earrings of all styles; store your studs, hoops, and dangling pairs all next to each other.

Jewelry Chest of Drawers

If your special someone wears jewelry of all kinds, a small chest of drawers is the perfect gift. With three drawers, she can store as well as organize rings, bracelets, necklaces and other accessories. Padded drawers will protect her jewelry from scratching, tangling or knotting. Little pulls make it easy to access contents and the top of the organizer can even be used to stack remaining pieces. The compact design is also great on display.

Organize and Accessorize Your Vanity 0

“Every girl needs a good vanity” – at least, that’s what I told my husband when convincing him to along with me getting one.

vanityI haven’t had a vanity table since I was a teenage girl.  There’s something so romantic about the classic vanity.  A place that’s just for you, to do yourself up and feel pretty and girly.  The best part about having a vanity is accessorizing it.  I like to combine practical storage items with decorative accents like framed photos and little statues.  Mostly sentimental things that remind me of my loved ones or favorite travels.  I’m also a sucker for antiques, so it gives me a place to display my favorite trinkets and treasures.

I’d like to share with you some of my favorite finds for vanity accessories, both practical and decorative.  The first think you need is a place for your jewelry.  If you want something to hold your jewelry on top of the vanity, go with something stylish like the Bijou Jewelry Tree by Umbra.  You’ll also need something to organize cosmetics.  I’m a fan of the Personal Organizer with Drawers because it has divided compartments plus drawers.

Make up and jewelry storage are the most important places to start when it comes to accessorizing your vanity.  After that, you can add in all the little fun things.  Find a fancy hairbrush and hand mirror set, or mix and match little jars for holding small bits and pieces.  Remember, it’s a space that’s just for you and should reflect who you are and the things you love most!

Get This Jewelry Organizer Rack Before It’s Gone! 0

Do you have little space for jewelry storage in your bathroom?  Are you tired of your bulky jewelry box taking up surface area that you want to look clean and tidy? 

I have a solution for you, but you’ve got to hurry because this item is on sale and it’s flying off the shelves!


I’m really excited about the GemGini Magnetic Jewelry Organizer by Innovative Wishes because it does what so many jewelry organizers cannot – it saves space.  Those of us who are living in urban spaces don’t have a lot of room to mess around.  Our bathrooms are usually cramped, with little or no counter space, and we need to utilize every square inch available, while still maintaining a tidy and uncluttered look.  Often, the medicine cabinet is the only built-in storage provided in an urban home’s bathroom.

But before this product there was no way to store our jewelry in the medicine cabinet, other than piling it up on a shelf.  Not exactly ideal.  At just $10.99, the GemGini will not break the bank.  You’re making wise use of available space, and best of all, your jewelry is concealed behind the mirror and it won’t clutter up your bathroom.  Sure, you could use a wall mount jewelry rack, but wouldn’t you rather use that space for hanging decor?  I would.

And lastly, if you’re going to store your jewelry anywhere, wouldn’t you want it right where you’re putting it on to get ready?  Seems like a smart idea, if all you have to do is open the medicine cabinet, grab what you want, and put it on right there to check yourself out.

If you wait and this jewelry organizer sells out, you might find yourself in a world of regret.  So delay no further ladies, and get ’em while they’re hot!

The Many Ways to Organize Jewelry 0

When it comes to jewelry organizers, there’s something for everyone!

When choosing a jewelry box or jewelry organizer, the wealth of choices can be welcomed, but also a tad overwhelming!  How to choose depends on what you need, where you are going to put it, what your style is, how much jewelry you have, and on and on.  Check out my tips and reviews of different types of jewelry organizers below to find out which one will work best for you (or your significant other, if you are gift shopping).

Wooden Jewelry Boxes – These are the more traditional form of jewelry organizing, been around for centuries and centuries, keeping jewelry safe, neat and tidy.  Choose a hardwood box for long term jewelry storage.  A wooden jewelry box can come in any shape or form, from traditional square and rectangular models to round and half moons.

A box that incorporates glass doors or see through tops gives the most visual appeal.  A box with a mirror is nice, both storing your gems and helping you put them on!  And, for girls from 5 to 85, a musical jewelry box simply can’t be beat.  Choose a theme song that represents your life, or simply puts a smile on your face!

Fabric and Leather Jewelry Boxes – These are a great alternative to wood, perfect for the bathroom counter or dresser top for your most frequently used jewelry!  And the possibilities are endless with these, including pinks, blacks, greens and more.  Choose from large chocolate brown leather boxes and small open boxes.

Travel Jewelry Organizers – on the go, keep your most precious gems safe from loss and tangles with a great travel jewelry organizers.  These are available in every size and material, from small leather wallet size jewelry cases to full size organizers for most of your collection!

Check out the new and exciting Jewelry Rax by American Innotek!


Traveling Jewelry Organizer – Can Safe 1

A Can Safe is a Great Choice for Traveling with Jewelry Safely!

To get your jewelry to your destination safely and in one piece, consider one of these hidden safe cans, or faux product safes.  You’ve probably seen them before, and maybe just didn’t even know it.  They are available in all different types of common products that you see everyday, and are so discrete that you don’t even know what’s in them.  Some examples include 7 up cans, flat fix cans and more.  I’ve even seen Aquafina water bottles with hidden storage in the middle and water on the outside, and I am totally serious when I say that you can’t even tell that there is a hidden compartment inside.  I’ve also seen shaving cream type safes that actually spray, you guessed it, shaving cream out of the top!  Anyway, this is a really safe way to travel with jewelry, especially car travel. 

So keep one of these hidden safes next to your jewelry organizer.  All of them work equally well, and they are very small, just like the real products they are modeling, so you can stuff them into your suitcase.  Note: Airport security will definitely know what they are, but that’s fine, as long as no thief does!  The next time you are going on a trip, whether it is down the street or over the ocean, you will be thankful to have this nifty travel jewelry organizer with you.  There are other products specifically designed for traveling with jewelry, but I like these, as I said, because no one will know what they are.  If you have the 7 up can in your hotel room, even if someone comes into rummage through your luggage, there is no way they are going to think to look in a can of soda – brilliant!  Safe travels for you and your jewelry!