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Keeping Jewelry Safe 1

Keep your Jewelry Safe from Theft, Fire and Water Damage!

For your most precious jewelry, a simple jewelry organizer may not be secure enough.  Most jewelry is inexpensive enough that we would not be devastated, emotionally or financially, if it were lost. But some jewels, even cheap pieces that have a hefty price tag just in terms of memories, need to be stored, locked, or hidden!  Here are some options for how to safely store your most important jewelry at home.

  • Locking Jewelry Boxes – This won’t be much of a deterrent to burglars, but if you have little ones at home that like to walk off with your diamonds, dropping them all about the house like they were goldfish crackers, this will at least protect your gems from their tiny hands.  These jewelry boxes have a tiny keyhole, and include a key, sometimes with a cute tassel.  This a great option for jewelry storage in the closet, bathroom and on the dresser.


  • Office Safes – These heavy duty safes can hold much more than just jewelry.  They are called “office safes” because they can hold your most important documents, like passports and bank account numbers, keeping thieves out.  Bonus:  Some of them are also fire proof or waterproof, extra protection against natural disasters.  Choose from combination locks, key locking safes, and even bio metric thumbprint locking safes.
  • Hidden Safes:  Fool everyone from burglars to your annoying little sis with these hidden safes.  One option is a wall mounted safe that you can hang a large painting or print over.  Another option are these trickier containers:  a 7up can in the kitchen unscrews for hidden storage, a can of Flat Fix in the trunk holds extra cash, and a fake electrical outlet is great for your favorite pearls and diamonds!

Now, rest assured that with one of these options, your jewelry is safe and sound, always!