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Valentine’s Day: Acrylic Jewelry Organizer 0

Jewelry Organizers - Acrylic

Valentine’s Day is closing in on us and the pressure to find the perfect gift for our loved ones is weighing heavy. While roses, chocolate and jewelry seem like a quick fix, I encourage  you to think outside the box — well, maybe inside the box this time.

Acrylic jewelry organizers are a great gift for ladies who already have a collection of Valentine’s Day jewelry piled up. These durable and sleek storage pieces are a great addition to vanities, closets and dresser tops. They display as well as organize precious pieces, all while protecting them from dust, tangling and scratching.

Necklace Hanger 

A hanging necklace holder makes an excellent gift. Crystal clear acrylic makes up this entire piece, allowing a clear view of contents at all time. Hang numerous necklace from the 12 hooks, all of which are attached to a removable lid that lifts up to reveal contents. Necklaces hang so they do not tangle or knot. This display case makes a great statement piece, too, when you show it off atop a personal vanity, bathroom counter or dresser.

Earring Screen

If you’re sweetheart is more of an earring collector, an acrylic display screen is a gift she’ll love. Earrings stay organized, properly stored and easily accessible for your morning routine, too, when you use an earring screen. The accordion style design stands freely and can accommodate up to 128 sets of earrings of all styles; store your studs, hoops, and dangling pairs all next to each other.

Jewelry Chest of Drawers

If your special someone wears jewelry of all kinds, a small chest of drawers is the perfect gift. With three drawers, she can store as well as organize rings, bracelets, necklaces and other accessories. Padded drawers will protect her jewelry from scratching, tangling or knotting. Little pulls make it easy to access contents and the top of the organizer can even be used to stack remaining pieces. The compact design is also great on display.

Spotlight: Go modern with a jewelry stand 0

There are a million ways to organize jewelry, but I always get excited when I see a fresh idea. This modern copper jewelry stand is the perfect marriage of efficiency and chic style. 

This show-stopping piece is crafted from steel and concrete. Yes, concrete. The unique design features a copper plated finish that cleverly accents any color pallet. This piece displays your favorite valuables while securing them in place.

This contemporary design has multiple ways of accommodating your goods. For starters, the bottom doubles as a jewelry dish. Complete with a lipped rim, this dish secure small, everyday pieces like wedding bands. Atop, three varying sized hangers hold necklaces, bracelets and earrings. The creative, double rail tops secure earrings in place.

This jewelry stand even features a protective foam bottom that prevents scratching on hard surfaces. Display it with confidence atop your dresser, nightstand, vanity, bathroom counter tops and much more without worrying about leaving behind damage.

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Jewelry Organizer of the Week: Rain Cosmetic Spinner 0

Our newest find this week is an adorable jewelry organizer that is great for the tabletop or countertop in the bedroom or bathroom.  The Rain Cosmetic Spinner has so many things going for it, I simply must have one.  I would put it right on my bathroom counter, which is where I put on my makeup every morning.  It would be great to have some of my everyday jewelry handy for when I get ready each day.  Another great thing would be to have some place to put my jewelry when I go to bed at night.  This is very convenient and it will help me avoid losing earrings and just dumping necklaces on the ground.  Some of the things I like about this jewelry tree are the style, size and convenience.  This jewelry rack is made of resin, but it almost looks like hammered silver or something like that.  Yet it is very inexpensive, perfect for young girls that are exploring the world of jewelry, and for grown up jewelry fans like us!  Another thing that is great about this jewelry organizer is its size.  It is so compact that you won’t even know it is there – it can go right on top of your dresser or bathroom counter without taking up valuable storage space.  This is what I love about organizing my jewelry, so many great ways to keep it neat, tidy and safe, and they are always coming out with new and improved innovative products.  Check out the Rain Cosmetic Spinner today!

Product of the Week – Victorian Jewelry Organizer 0

A Jewelry Stand gets a facelift with Victorian Style and convenient Jewelry Storage concepts!

You’ve all heard me rave about Jewelry Trees, I’ve blogged about them at least once before.  This is a new take (actually not new at all, but definitely a come back piece) on the jewelry tree.  Instead of a tree, it is a beautiful Victorian lady. Her name is Cherie, and she is an elegant choice for a jewelry organizer.  These jewelry stands have been around forever, a favorite during Victorian times and ever since.  She looks like a porcelain doll (actually resin) and has your choice of two different colored dresses, pale blue and tan.  Eight metal hooks hold necklaces, bracelets, watches, rings and some hanging earrings – that’s right, pretty much all types of jewelry!  The best thing about a jewelry stand is that is that it’s a great alternative to jewelry boxes and drawer jewelry dividers in some cases.  One benefit to a jewelry stand is that it keeps necklaces and chains from tangling and breaking.  When they are hanging, as opposed to coiled in a little divided box, they simply can’t get tangled with themselves  or other pieces.  But, the reason that I like jewelry stands the most is that you can keep some of your favorite everyday pieces handy and ready to go at a moment’s notice.  If you’re like me, you don’t have time to look through a jewelry box every morning, night, etc.  I’m very busy, so the only hope for me to accessorize myself is to have everything laid out, easy to see and easy to access, tangle free and just enough choices to take me through the week.  So give this beautiful lady, Cherie the Victorian Lady Jewelry Stand a try!  She just might convince you to look your best every day!