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The Jewelry Bo…wl. 0

I must confess, I have been on an online jewelry shopping binge lately. I know, it’s terrible.

But I can’t help it!!! There are too many great pieces out there at affordable prices. So much I cannot keep track. I have a number of little packages coming through the mail this week, and honestly, I don’t even remember everything I bought. So I’ll get nice little surprises throughout the week and I totally didn’t break the bank.

Now, I have to figure out what I’m going to do with all my new jewelry because space is already at a premium. I don’t want to buy another jewelry box and I don’t want to replace the one I have because I love it so much. I know that for at least the next few months, I’m only going to feel like wearing my new stuff. So, I think the solution will be something like this Metal Frame Glass Bowl to hold my current faves:

jewelrybowlHang on a second, you say. That is NOT a jewelry box! Yeah, I know it’s not. It’s a bowl. I’ve done things like this in the past and it totally works. First of all, earrings look so cool dangling over the side. The bracelets and rings inside the bowl give it a “I don’t want to look too tidy” sort of urban look. You don’t have to agree with me on this, but keep an open mind at least.

This may not be the exact bowl I chose for organizing my current jewelry pieces, but I know I want to do something in this style. That way, I can keep most of my jewelry (which I won’t be wearing for a while) in the jewelry box I love and have a little fun with this funky organization solution.

The Ultimate In Jewelry Organization 0

In an earlier blog post I discussed how velvet stacking jewelry trays are a great addition to any jewelry armoire or jewelry bureau. The trays provide your jewelry with compartmentalized storage and keep them safe from damage with velvet lining and an included plastic insert. Well, I have an update with some exciting new items that have proven to be very popular for those looking to organize their jewelry collection.

While the trays that I originally blogged about are intended to be used to organize rings, pendants, broaches and other smaller jewelry pieces, there are a few new organizers on the market.  One of these trays are designed to match and easily stack with the trays I discussed earlier. This matching tray gives your jewelry armoire seamless storage and organization. The other two items  are just an excellent complement to the stacking trays!

Velvet Jewelry Tray - Stacking - 7 Slot Necklace

Velvet Jewelry Tray – Stacking – 7 Slot Necklace

For those looking to get their necklaces organized, add a Velvet Jewelry Tray – Stacking – 7 Slot Necklace to your jewelry cabinet. This tray is great because it allows you to avoid the annoyance of tangles chains. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen some gorgeous necklace chains ruined because they have been tangled into an unmanageable and kinked knot.  This tray is able to store seven necklaces.

Another great option is placing a Velvet Jewelry Tray – Stacking 6 Compartmentin your drawers, this is just another way to provide a touch of storage to your jewelry drawer. This small jewelry tray does not match the stacking trays, but provides a little bit more organization in the drawer.

The Max Stax Earring Organizer Tray - 100 Pairs

The Max Stax Earring Organizer Tray – 100 Pairs

Finally, for the most efficient earring storage possible, the The Max Stax Earring Organizer Tray – 100 Pairs provides storage for up to a hundred pairs of earrings!  There are many options of the Max Stax organizer tray, from the above organizer tray all the way to the pendants and pins tray.

Modular Jewelry Storage with Style! 0

Modular storage ideas are everywhere, designed for every part of the home or office.  What “modular” means is that you can customize your storage to your organizing needs, using a variety of items that are designed to fit together, while still allowing you to customize.  And I’ve just come across this 18 compartment stacking velvet jewelry tray that is part of a modular jewelry system.

Velvet Jewelry Tray - Stacking - 18 Compartment

Velvet Jewelry Tray - Stacking - 18 Compartment

I can’t think of a better way for jewelry fanatics like us to keep our precious gems and metals neat, tidy and safe.  One of the great things about these jewelry trays is that they are designed to be used in drawers.  If you can designate an entire drawer of your dresser or bathroom vanity to jewelry, then these organizers are definitely the way to go.  They are easily stackable, so you can really maximize jewelry storage, even in very deep drawers, especially in the bathroom. They come in just two lengths, and each one is designed to hold different types of jewelry.  For example, a ring tray, a necklace tray, an earring tray – put these all together and you can safely store hundreds of pieces of jewelry or more.  Another thing I like about these is the velvet like lining.  We know that this is a great way to keep metals from tarnishing, extending the life of your jewelry in between cleanings.  Even if you only have a shallow drawer to use for jewelry storage, there is a solution.  Simply choose one of the jewelry organizing trays that has varying sizes of compartments.  That way you can put necklaces, rings, watches and earrings, for example, in one single tray.  Don’t have a drawer to use?  These jewelry organizers are elegant enough to be used on the dresser top or counter as well. Get yours at Stacks and Stacks!

Jewelry Drawer – A Great Way to Organize Jewelry 0

reg-1307568273-18974A dresser drawer, or, for that matter, any drawer around the home, from the bathroom to office, kitchen and beyond, is a great place to organize your jewelry. All you need is a little time and a few tools. First I recommend emptying out whatever drawer you are going to use. It can really be any size, it doesn’t matter if it’s a former silverware drawer in the kitchen or a junk drawer in the office. So, go ahead and empty that drawer, and while you are doing so, you can take the time to throw out old rubber bands, dust or even vacuum out crumbs and cobwebs. Next, you will want to measure your drawer – this will help you determine which jewelry organizer to buy. For the most versatile jewelry storage options, an Expandable Jewelry Drawer Organizer is the way to go. This one has a fixed height and depth, but the width is variable, allowing you to slide two pieces together and apart to fit your drawer. Once you have the jewelry drawer organizer set into place in your drawer, you can get to work putting your jewelry away in your new organizer – and that’s the best part! I would recommend to make things easy on you that you put your most used pieces towards the front, with the less frequently worn jewels near the back, especially if the drawer doesn’t open all the way. Remember, anything precious should be kept in a safe or safe deposit box – you don’t want to leave grandma’s genuine pearls in the top drawer of your dresser because that’s probably the first place a thief will be looking! If you prefer a different look for your organizer, there are also beautiful velvet lined modular trays that fit together for a custom jewelry organizer.

Acrylic Jewelry Organizers 2


A Review of Acrylic Jewelry Organizers: How to Use, Where to Buy and more!

I’d like to say that Acrylic Jewelry Organizers are the wave of the future, but actually they’ve been around for a really long time.  Still, they are a really nice alternative to other jewelry boxes and racks.  First, I have always wondered, what is acrylic?  Acrylic is a clear plastic that looks just like glass.  There are many great advantages of acrylic over glass, some of which I will get into below.

One of the reasons that acrylic is used in really thick applications (think windows and shower doors) is because it has a very high transparency rate, making it the clearest material known.  Think of really thick glass – it always has a slight green color to it, while thick acrylic remains clear.  And this is why it is really so great for jewelry boxes.  Because it is so clear, it really showcases beautiful jewelry well.

Some different types of acrylic jewelry organizers include hanging necklace organizers, simple lift lid boxes, and more complex divided boxes.  They are all a great choice for storing your jewelry, and especially useful if you have colorful rocks or gems that are nice to see through the box.  Here is a beautiful, simple acrylic jewelry organizer tray.  Use it on the bathroom counter or on your dresser top with just a few special pieces of colorful jewelry for everyday use.

Here are some other little known facts about the useful plastic known as acrylic (and, yes, it is the same thing they use on your finger nails).

  • Sturdy – it is harder to break acrylic than it is to break glass.  Although it will snap if it is thin enough and you drop it, it will not shatter into a million pieces like glass will.
  • Weight – it is only half as heavy as glass, not very important in a jewelry box, but more useful in larger applications.
  • Shapable – it can be shaped and welded (actually melted together) without any seams.

Fascinated and want to know more? Here is some very technical info on acrylic plastic!

Expandable Jewelry Organizer 0


Product of the Week! Expanding Jewelry Tray for In Drawer Jewelry Storage!

I found this great expanding jewelry tray that is designed for in drawer jewelry storage.  I can’t cheer enough about the benefits of storing your jewelry in a drawer.  There are so many great jewelry drawer dividers out there, that if you are lucky enough to have an open drawer in your bedroom dresser or even in the bathroom, you are really missing out if you don’t use it to organize your gems! 

This jewelry organizer expands from 13 to 22 inches, so you can really maximize storage in your drawer.  If you have an entire drawer that can be used, then simply stretch it out as far as it goes and organize away!  If, however, you only have half a drawer emptied out, say, next to your makeup in the bathroom, then you can still make use of this great organizer.  There is an upper layer with divided trays, or cubes, great for all of your earrings, rings and pendants.  If you slide that tray to the side, it reveals two more cubbies.  One large one that can hold bracelets, watches and more, and a long narrow cubby for necklaces.  It’s made of wood with a clear sealant on it, easy to clean when it gets dusty.  It features a loc ball system that keeps it open once you have opened it, no slippage. To protect it from dust, simply lay a cloth or towel over the top, this will also hide it from burglars, toddlers, and your roommate that likes to “borrow”  your stuff. 

Stacks & Stacks carries many more jewelry drawer dividers, including stackable felt lined trays in burgundy, black and more.  Or, for an easy to find and extremely affordable option, a simple plastic divided tray is always a great idea.

Jewelry Organizer Trays 0

Jewelry Trays Organize your Dresser Effortlessly! 

Jewelry is really just another piece of your outfit, so why not give it a home in your dresser above your socks, pants and shirts?  Some dressers come with smaller sized drawers on top – if your dresser has drawers like these, by all means, use them for jewelry storage!  If you aren’t blessed with a built-in jewelry drawer, you can make a similar set up in one of your dresser drawers by using these handy jewelry organizer trays.  

jewelrytraysThey are very inexpensive compared to jewelry boxes, and they come in more than 10 different models, so you can choose the exact configuration that you need.  They are padded and velvet lined in a deep burgundy color, perfect for showing off your favorite gems.  They are modular, which basically means that they come in two sizes that are complementary to each other.  So take the interior measurements of your drawer and then you can make a complete drawer organizer, filling (or almost filling) the bottom of your drawer.  They are also stackable, a GREAT feature if you are using a typical, deep dresser drawer.  (Just remember to put pieces that you use most often on top). 

Here are some of the different configurations available, and how to use them. 

  • The 20 Ring Holder is perfect for rings.  The 18 Compartment Tray holds earrings, pendants and also rings if you wish. 
  • The Bracelets and Watches tray holds medium length chains, and necklaces stay safely separated in a double wide 7 Slot Necklace Tray.  If you have necklaces with stiff wires, or something valuable that you don’t want to store bent, there is even a totally open tray. 
  • The Personal Valet has 3 large compartments for your cell phone, wallet and anything else you use daily. 
  • There are many more mixed trays too that hold a mixture of different types of jewelry – check it out and start getting your jewelry organized now!