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Spotlight: Go modern with a jewelry stand 0

There are a million ways to organize jewelry, but I always get excited when I see a fresh idea. This modern copper jewelry stand is the perfect marriage of efficiency and chic style. 

This show-stopping piece is crafted from steel and concrete. Yes, concrete. The unique design features a copper plated finish that cleverly accents any color pallet. This piece displays your favorite valuables while securing them in place.

This contemporary design has multiple ways of accommodating your goods. For starters, the bottom doubles as a jewelry dish. Complete with a lipped rim, this dish secure small, everyday pieces like wedding bands. Atop, three varying sized hangers hold necklaces, bracelets and earrings. The creative, double rail tops secure earrings in place.

This jewelry stand even features a protective foam bottom that prevents scratching on hard surfaces. Display it with confidence atop your dresser, nightstand, vanity, bathroom counter tops and much more without worrying about leaving behind damage.

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Organize and Accessorize Your Vanity 0

“Every girl needs a good vanity” – at least, that’s what I told my husband when convincing him to along with me getting one.

vanityI haven’t had a vanity table since I was a teenage girl.  There’s something so romantic about the classic vanity.  A place that’s just for you, to do yourself up and feel pretty and girly.  The best part about having a vanity is accessorizing it.  I like to combine practical storage items with decorative accents like framed photos and little statues.  Mostly sentimental things that remind me of my loved ones or favorite travels.  I’m also a sucker for antiques, so it gives me a place to display my favorite trinkets and treasures.

I’d like to share with you some of my favorite finds for vanity accessories, both practical and decorative.  The first think you need is a place for your jewelry.  If you want something to hold your jewelry on top of the vanity, go with something stylish like the Bijou Jewelry Tree by Umbra.  You’ll also need something to organize cosmetics.  I’m a fan of the Personal Organizer with Drawers because it has divided compartments plus drawers.

Make up and jewelry storage are the most important places to start when it comes to accessorizing your vanity.  After that, you can add in all the little fun things.  Find a fancy hairbrush and hand mirror set, or mix and match little jars for holding small bits and pieces.  Remember, it’s a space that’s just for you and should reflect who you are and the things you love most!

The Wonderful Folding Earring Screen 0

Earring Holder - Folding Screen Holds 128 Pairs of Earrings

Earring Holder - Folding Screen Holds 128 Pairs of Earrings

I have a confession to make: I am obsessed with earrings. Chunky bead clusters, vibrant gem strings, sparkly studs and sleek hoops make my heart beat faster than a two-shot macchiato. If you too lose all willpower at the sight of a new shiny pair, you probably have a vast collection that at times leaves you overwhelmed with joy and confusion.

Make sense of your treasured belongings with a jewelry organizer designed specifically for earrings. As you may already know, those little things easily get tangled or lost in the midst of peers; meanwhile sorting through them in a regular jewelry box can be a daunting task.

If you don’t have any jewelry storage at all, the situation takes an even scarier turn: did you put that lovely silver and amethyst pair that you got last Christmas in your purse, on a nightstand, or in the bathroom cabinet? Oh, here’s one, but where’s the other? Hope you don’t end up spending hours turning over the cushions, crawling under the bed and carefully inspecting your cat’s litter box. Oh, and don’t forget garbage disposal. It must be here somewhere.

Don’t beat yourself up: what you may not be aware of is that small jewelry participates in the worldwide conspiracy to make women of all races, ages and creeds question their judgment and mental stability.

Keep the runaway wannabes in check with the Folding Earring Screen, a latest find in my quest for sanity. This compact and efficient jewelry display holds up to 128 pairs of earlobe bedazzlers, which should be more than enough for any normal person. I, on the other hand, need two of those; however, the price is so refreshing that I’m stocking up for all my future indulgences. Come to think of it, I may pick up a few more at Stacks and Stacks to give away as stocking stuffers this holiday season.

Bijou Jewelry Organizer 0

Yay!  A Jewelry Tree for purchase, finally!

If you remember I blogged before about the benefits of a jewelry tree, a great idea but something that seems hard to find.  I even suggested making one, or using a mug tree instead.  Well now I’ve found a jewelry tree for purchase, as beautiful as its name, the Bijou Jewelry Organizer.  It’s not very expensive either.  A Jewelry Tree is a great choice for hanging necklaces, as it keeps them from getting tangled and broken.  These jewelry trees are great for beading enthusiasts, especially if you like to sell your jewelry at crafts fairs and flea markets.  At home, they are also a great choice for many reasons. First of all, they are pretty – by far the nicest way to display colorful jewelry.  You can really see what you have, making it impossible to “waste” jewelry that you have sitting around in drawers.  Second, they are practical.  The unique shape of the hooks means that you can hang necklaces, bracelets, and even hanging earrings on the pretty little hooks that are provided.  And, a tray at the bottom can hold other pieces, including rings, studs and watches.  This is a great way to keep a healthy selection of jewelry on hand, ready to go so that you aren’t ever tempted to lazily skip this important step of primping.  I think this would be great on the dresser, on the bathroom vanity (where there is a mirror to aid in dressing), or even on a hall or entryway table.  This one is made of stainless steel, a great complement to most jewelry pieces, and very affordable, a great all in one jewelry organizer!  Little girls would love this item too, perfect for playing dress up and starting their own little collections of gems.  Give her a few of your old pieces to start with to cherish forever.

Mug Tree Jewelry Organizer 3

A Mug Tree to Display Jewelry as yet another unique DIY Jewelry Organizer

I just came across a great idea for a jewelry organizer – something new, fresh and easy to get!  Remember my blog about a jewelry tree – this seemed like a great idea at the time – you can display your jewelry and organize it at the same time on a little tree.  Very pretty and very useful for countertop jewelry.  Well, another great idea for this is to use a mug tree.  A mug tree is usually made of wood or plastic and allows you to hang mugs, china and cups by the little arms or “branches”.  Another great use for these is as a jewelry tree.  Simply take a mug tree and hang your necklaces, bracelets and watches from it for both decorative and functional jewelry storage.  This is probably not the place to put your most expensive, precious gems, but for everyday pieces it is a great idea.  I like the idea of having one branch for each type of jewelry.  For example, a ring organizer branch (this is easy since rings have a hole in the middle so you can just slide them on the arm), a necklace branch and a bracelet branch.  If you wanted to do earrings, too, you could have a little DIY project by covering one of the branches in some kind of thick material like felt, that way you can stick pierced earrings, including studs and hanging earrings right on the rack!  Either way this is a fun way to make your jewelry stand out.  I like the idea of keeping this organizer out on the counter in the bathroom, or on top of the dresser.  Choose a wooden or metal mug tree, just make sure the branches are far enough apart so that you know you are going to be able to hang necklaces and bracelets safely.