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Product of the Week: Jewelry Storage for Dorm Living 0

If you’re heading off to college this year, it’s a good time to start planning.

You’ve most likely got a month at this point to start preparing for your new college life.  It’s an exciting time, maybe even a little bit scary.  But there’s nothing to fear about the unknown, college was a memorable and sweet time for most people who have experienced it.

Take this time to start getting organized and figuring out what you’ll need on your new journey.  Dorm life is very different from living at home with your parents.  You will be faced with the challenge of taking on grown up responsibilities like paying your own bills and keeping your space organized.  But don’t worry, it’s not rocket science!

If you have a lot of jewelry, you won’t be able to keep a large jewelry box in your dorm room.  There just isn’t enough space!  But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep all of your adornments and accessories with you when you go to college – you just need a smart organizing solution for them.

The Remy Forty-Eight Section Jewelry Box is perfect for any college bound girl.


Can you believe there are actually forty eight sections in this cute little jewelry case?  It is very well designed, to maximize storage capacity while maintaining a compact and portable design.  A removable tray with divided compartments is just one way to keep rings and earrings organized.  Your statement pieces like big dangly earrings will easily fit in the gusseted lid pocket.  And every other imaginable combination is possible – just do whatever fits best.

Best of all, this jewelry box is portable, so you don’t have to pack up your jewelry for trips back home to see the folks.  Simply grab your case and take the whole thing with you?  This way, you’ll also be assured that your jewelry is safe while you’re away.

Jewelry Organization for Holiday Travel 0

With the holidays approaching quickly, chances are you’re looking forward to some travel in the near future.  Whether you go home to visit family during the holidays or skip town altogether for some destination spot, there is a lot of planning and things you will need to stay organized on your trip.  For the ladies, the most coming thing is jewelry organization.  A travel case for your jewelry is a necessity because obviously you can’t take your whole jewelry box along and you want your jewelry to travel safely.

Every gal’s need is different and every trip requires different types and amounts of jewelry.  I tend to be an “overpacker” because I like to be prepared for anything.  Better to have too much than too little in my book.  For me, the ladies’ pocket book jewelry case is perfect because it has so many compartments and offers a complete jewelry organization solution for on the go purposes.  And it’s sturdy so it’s like a jewelry box away from home.  

For the light packing lady, a jewelry clutch or roll up jewelry case might be preferable.  Most of them still have a generous capacity yet they’re smaller and take up less space in the luggage.  One thing I don’t recommend ladies, is tossing all of your jewelry into a sock or satchel of some kind.  It’s not worth the trouble! Not only will your jewelry end up tangled and possibly scratched, but it will be easier to lose pieces wherever you’re staying.

Look for a few basic things when picking out a good travel jewelry organizer:  pockets to hold every kind of jewelry (necklaces, earrings, etc.), ease of portability, and of course – a style that suits your personal taste!

Jewelry Travel Bag 0

Since it’s labor day this weekend, I’m trying to squeeze in one more summer trip, and as always I am faced with the dilemma of which jewelry pieces to bring with me. I mean, how does one choose when there are so many potential activities and situations that I could find myself in during the course of a weekend getaway. The simplest way to tackle this problem is to make a list or a chart of said possible situations. For example, what if my family decides to go out to dinner one night? Or what if an old friend from high school wants to have lunch with me? Once you get your list made, you’ve got to start figuring out how many pieces and different types of jewelry you are going to have to bring. And remember, to keep traveling with jewelry to a minimum, you can probably figure on wearing a few items more than one time. For example, if you are having lunch with a friend one day and dinner with family that night, there is no need to switch your earrings since we are talking about different people. Just as important, if not more, than what jewelry you are going to bring is this: how are you going to get it there? For just a weekend away, my favorite is this Genuine Leather Jewelry Organizer. I love the size of this bag in particular, because it can slip right into your purse, luggage, briefcase or pretty much anywhere. Inside you will find interior zip pockets, a holder for earrings and a button snap ring holder – all of these things are designed to keep your jewelry in one place so that you don’t lose an earring at the bottom of your luggage or worse… in the airport! Have a great holiday weekend everyone!

Red Travel Jewelry Box – Product of the Week! 0

jewelry-boxThis week’s new product is a beautiful, affordable, space efficient and travel friendly jewelry organizer.  The Red Travel Jewelry Box has everything you need in terms of jewelry storage when you go on vacation or away on business.  The thing that I love about this jewelry organizer is that it is compact enough and safe enough to go travelling with you, but actually when you are at home you could use it on your dresser top or bathroom counter as well.  No need to switch jewelry in and out of this organizer, just use it for your everyday jewelry, keep it out where you can see it, and then, when you are packing for a trip, simply close the lid and toss it into your suitcase.  Some of the other things that I like about this jewelry organizer are the dividers on the inside and the cream plush interior.  Both of these are great because they will make sure that your jewelry stays safe and clean.  The dividers allow you to separate pieces so that they are not bumping into each other and scratching while you are on the go, and also so that necklaces, bracelets and other longer pieces and chains don’t get tangled with others.  The ring rolls keep rings and earrings secure and an additional pouch in the lid can hold more gems.  A mirror is also built into the lid – great for applying makeup and putting on jewelry anywhere – you will never be without a mirror again when you need it most!  A magnetic flip closure keeps everything in place when you are traveling, so you don’t have your favorite jewelry spilling all over your suitcase or in the hotel room.  The red faux leather upholstery on the outside of the box is so fun!  Now you can have safe and stylish travels!

80 Pocket Hanging Jewelry Organizer 0

I dare you to try to find a more space efficient, multi purpose, high capacity jewelry organizer for such a low price!  The 80 Pocket Hanging Jewelry Organizer is a must have in every home, hotel, office or wherever you keep your jewelry!  The superior design of this all in one jewelry storage rack includes so many beneficial features all packed into one compact unit and for a price that is much less than traditional wooden jewelry boxes!  Check out my review of this jewelry organizing star below:

Space Efficiecy – This jewelry organizer earns five stars for its commitment to space efficiency.  It hangs right over the closet rod with a built-in hanger and is very thin, so it blends right into your closet with your clothes, not much wider than a blouse, even when filled on both sides!

High Capacity Jewelry Storage – 80 pockets means, yep, you guessed it, storage for 80 pieces (or more) of jewelry.  Earrings and rings can be doubled or tripled in each pocket, so you’re really talking probably more like 100 pieces of jewelry.

Versatility – forty pockets on each side, and there are varying sizes of pockets to hold any type of jewelry that you have.  Smaller pockets are great for earrings, rings, pendants, extra chains and more trinkets, while the larger pockets can hold beaded necklaces and other large, hanging items like watches and bracelets. 

Cost – The price is right on this jewelry organizer, especially for those of us who find ourselves on a budget these days.

Portability – Even when filled, this jewelry organizer can be used for travel, simply fold or roll the bag and stash it in your luggage – this eliminates the painful process of deciding what to bring on your trip and what to leave!

Enjoy this inexpensive jewelry organizer in your home~

Travel Jewelry Organizers for Everyone! 0

Summer travel season is rapidly approaching – read on to see which travel jewelry organizer is right for you! 

With summer just a stone’s throw away, many of us are getting ready for vacations.  Vacations of all types, from fun in the sun beach getaways to fab European excursions to simple weekend road trips and other jaunts!  Whatever type of traveler you are, and whatever your style, there IS a jewelry organizer designed to get your favorite gems from door to door in one piece!  Here are some of my best finds for the season.

For Light Packers and Backpackers – This goes for anyone who will be carrying most of her travel belongings on her back.  Whether you are backpacking through Europe or hiking into a friend’s wedding under a forest canopy, you still need to accessorize, whether you are in this camp-wedding or not!  What you’ll need:  Something compact, with just enough space for a few of each type of jewelry.  Try a Jewelry Roll – these fit into even the smallest luggage (or day-pack, if it’s a hike-in wedding).  They are similar size to an envelope, but meant for jewelry.

Medium Size Jewelry Collections on the GO!  Go for a Purse Style Jewelry Box.  Bonus – if you can fit your entire jewelry collection in one of these organizers – this one is very compact yet packs a punch in terms of storage, you don’t even have to pick what you want to take along – simply bring it all with you and decide at the hotel!  

Diva Travel Goddess:  You need choices.  Many many choices while on the go, for dinner, beach, sightseeing – the possibilities are endless, and so should be your jewelry choices.  My advice is to go as big and boxy as you want – it can’t hurt.  Just make sure you use something that has an interior that can take rolling around with grace – think zippers, button closure ring rolls, and a lock or latch on the cover.

Traveling Jewelry Organizer – Can Safe 1

A Can Safe is a Great Choice for Traveling with Jewelry Safely!

To get your jewelry to your destination safely and in one piece, consider one of these hidden safe cans, or faux product safes.  You’ve probably seen them before, and maybe just didn’t even know it.  They are available in all different types of common products that you see everyday, and are so discrete that you don’t even know what’s in them.  Some examples include 7 up cans, flat fix cans and more.  I’ve even seen Aquafina water bottles with hidden storage in the middle and water on the outside, and I am totally serious when I say that you can’t even tell that there is a hidden compartment inside.  I’ve also seen shaving cream type safes that actually spray, you guessed it, shaving cream out of the top!  Anyway, this is a really safe way to travel with jewelry, especially car travel. 

So keep one of these hidden safes next to your jewelry organizer.  All of them work equally well, and they are very small, just like the real products they are modeling, so you can stuff them into your suitcase.  Note: Airport security will definitely know what they are, but that’s fine, as long as no thief does!  The next time you are going on a trip, whether it is down the street or over the ocean, you will be thankful to have this nifty travel jewelry organizer with you.  There are other products specifically designed for traveling with jewelry, but I like these, as I said, because no one will know what they are.  If you have the 7 up can in your hotel room, even if someone comes into rummage through your luggage, there is no way they are going to think to look in a can of soda – brilliant!  Safe travels for you and your jewelry!

Jewelry Organizer – Product of the Week! 2


This Compact Catch All Travels with you to keep you Organized Anywhere!

Planning a Vacation?  Don’t leave home without this adorable Leather Travel Catch All, available at  Not only does this bin come in handy in a million ways, it is absolutely adorable.  It’s made of nappa leather, a very high quality and supple leather, and, even better, it comes in Black (great for the guys), plus three more trendy colors, including Blue, Key Lime and Pink (perfect for us gals!)  It folds flat, so there’s really no excuse for not bringing it with you, because it will take up absolutely no space in your luggage.  So toss one of these in your suitcase.  When you get to the hotel, simply fold the sides up and fasten with four buttons, it couldn’t be easier to use, and gives you an 8 x 8 inch box instantly. 

Here are some different ideas of how to use this cute bin: 

  • Jewelry Organizer:  In the hotel, you can set this catch all right on top of the dresser or table, preferably near a mirror.  Dump your jewelry into it so you can see all the different pieces that you have brought.  Separate them right off the bat so choosing and dressing will be a cinch when you are pressed for time! 
  • Catch All – Use this bin in the hotel room as a catch all for keys, wallet, and cell phone.  If you have ever locked yourself out of your hotel room, then you know why it is so important to have a designated place for it! 
  • Bathroom Organizer – On the bathroom counter, this little organizer is great for makeup, lotions and other toiletries.  Slide one of these leather catch-alls into your toiletries bag and then set it up when you get there so that you will have all of your primping supplies handy when you need them! 

Here are some tips on how to prepare your jewelry for travel.  Bon Voyage!

Product of the Week! Hanging Jewelry Organizer 1


A Hanging Jewelry Organizer Provides Space-Efficient Jewelry Storage

Many people are surprised to find all the different products and organizers that are made to hang right over the closet rod.  Over the Rod Shoe Racks are great for shoe storage.  Over the Rod Accessory Hangers hold belts, scarves and more.  And, you can even find Jewelry Organizers in this Space-Efficient form!

Of course, most of us already have our closets filled to the max with clothes, every inch taken up by favorite shirts, dresses and skirts.  But, give me just 2 inches of hanging space in your closet, and I’ll give you a jewelry organizer.

This Hanging Jewelry Organizer, available at, is very narrow.  It hangs two different ways:  wide, which allows you to see everything that is in it, and sideways in the closet – it only takes up a few inches of hanging space this way.  It has 80 pockets, enough for almost any jewelry collection, and the pockets come in varying sizes, so you can put earrings and rings in the smaller pockets, and necklaces and bracelets in the larger ones  (Small pockets 2.5″h x 4.25″w; large pockets are 6.5″h x 4″w).

Here are some other great uses and features of this product:

  1. Kids Organizer – Keep your little girl’s barrettes, hair bands and bows in this easy to use pocket organizer
  2. Travels Well by Car, Boat or Plane – this organizer can be folded or rolled up and stuffed in a suitcase.  When you get to your destination, you can hang it over the closet rod or even on a hook on the bathroom door
  3. Garage Organizer – Keep small tools, screws, nuts and bolts in these tiny pockets – if you don’t have a hook on the door in the garage, simply nail into the wall and hang this organizer from it!

Product Of the Week – Jewelry Wipes 0

jewelry-wipesDisposable Jewelry Wipes are this week’s Product of the Week, For Good Reason (read on…)

For on the go jewelry cleaning, or just cleaning at home, these jewelry wipes can’t be beat! You can keep them virtually anywhere, because they come in a small, lightweight plastic container, and they dispense just like wet wipes, through the top with a perforated lid! It couldn’t be easier, all you do is pull out a wipe, and shine away!

They work on metals, great for necklace chains, bracelets and rings. One of the things I like to do with them is to clean my wedding ring on the inside, where you sometimes forget to shine. This will help keep tarnishing to a minimum, and save your fingers from dark circles. The only thing that took me by surprise when trying these out was that they are actually dry to the touch. At first I thought maybe they had “expired”, but after reading the directions, they are actually designed this way, which is nice because they don’t leave an obvious amount of jewelry cleaner on your hands, which would make it impossible to use these “on the go”.

Here are some ideas on when and where to use these wipes:

  • Travel – probably the best travel jewelry cleaner. You can put the whole box in your suitcase or, better yet, just place one or two wipes in a ziplock bag in your carry on so that you have something productive to do on the plane!
  • Car – keep these in your glove box for instant jewelry shining in the car (not while you are driving, though 🙂 )
  • Jewelry Organizer – An obvious place for these is right in your jewelry box – you may find that you don’t even need anymore jewelry cleaners once you give these a try!

Now, get shining!

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