Mug Tree Jewelry Organizer

A Mug Tree to Display Jewelry as yet another unique DIY Jewelry Organizer

I just came across a great idea for a jewelry organizer – something new, fresh and easy to get!  Remember my blog about a jewelry tree – this seemed like a great idea at the time – you can display your jewelry and organize it at the same time on a little tree.  Very pretty and very useful for countertop jewelry.  Well, another great idea for this is to use a mug tree.  A mug tree is usually made of wood or plastic and allows you to hang mugs, china and cups by the little arms or “branches”.  Another great use for these is as a jewelry tree.  Simply take a mug tree and hang your necklaces, bracelets and watches from it for both decorative and functional jewelry storage.  This is probably not the place to put your most expensive, precious gems, but for everyday pieces it is a great idea.  I like the idea of having one branch for each type of jewelry.  For example, a ring organizer branch (this is easy since rings have a hole in the middle so you can just slide them on the arm), a necklace branch and a bracelet branch.  If you wanted to do earrings, too, you could have a little DIY project by covering one of the branches in some kind of thick material like felt, that way you can stick pierced earrings, including studs and hanging earrings right on the rack!  Either way this is a fun way to make your jewelry stand out.  I like the idea of keeping this organizer out on the counter in the bathroom, or on top of the dresser.  Choose a wooden or metal mug tree, just make sure the branches are far enough apart so that you know you are going to be able to hang necklaces and bracelets safely.

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  • So many ways to keep jewelry organized!

  • Tracy

    Have you ever seen those table top wreath holders? They had them at a discount store near me last year in a few finishes (black, white and antique bronze). They hag a hook on each side (some only have one) and were adjustable in height. so I bought 2 and use them for my costume jewlery necklaces–silver on one, gold one the other.

    Here is something similar to mine at Target

  • Michaela

    That’s a great idea – I’e never seen them before – thanks!