The Max Jewelry Organizer

New Product Alert:  for MAXIMUM Jewelry Storage, The Max!

What is a large jewelry collection, anyway?  The Max Jewelry Organizer holds up to 825 pieces of jewelry, and I’m calling that large!  However, even though this great jewelry organizer holds so much jewelry, at least it doesn’t take up a LARGE amount of space on your countertop.  At just over 15” wide, this jewelry box can easily fit on any dresser, in the closet or on the bathroom countertop, while still holding literally an entire collection of jewelry.  This is perfect for jewelry hoarders like myself, or really anyone.  Even if you don’t have a large collection of jewelry yet, just think what it might grow to in ten, twenty or thirty years!  You can use this jewelry organizer forever, literally.  A Breakdown of Benefits:
Size:  15 x 9 is the perfect size for counters and dresser tops.
Style:  The faux black leather is not only elegant, but a sure fit for whatever decor you already have in your bathroom or bedroom.  The little gold drawer pulls are a nice complement to the elegant black leather look.
Capacity:  The five drawer version holds up to 500 pairs of jewelry plus rings, while the twelve drawer version holds up to 825 pieces of jewelry in all.
Versatility:  Hold earrings, rings and more trinkets all in one jewelry organizer!
Safe and sound:  The foam inserts are soft, reducing scratches and dings to your favorite gems and metal pieces.  Keeping your jewelry in this one container means a clean countertop in the bathroom, and rest assured that you can always find the jewelry piece you are looking for!
This Jewelry Organizer has been designed to hold the most amount of jewelry possible in the smallest amount of space = space efficient jewelry storage, my favorite kind.

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  • This is great. Thanks for the information. I would be telling my wife that it’s better to do this than have them separated into small boxes.