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These animal ring holders showed up in my office a week ago and it was love at first sight.

Their modern, simple design is a great little accent piece where ever you need it. Whether you’re taking off your jewels to wash the dishes, give the kids a bath or just tuck into bed for the evening, these cute little guys will keep your precious safe.

I really love these. Yes, they’re cute, but that’s not it. They’re well designed on every level:

  • The small size fits perfect next to bathroom or kitchen sinks, atop vanity tables, nightstands and more.
  • Painted rubber spray design is long lasting.
  • Comes in four different cute animals: rabbit, dog, giraffe or elephant.
  • Felt bottom helps piece stay in place and protect surfaces from scratching.
  • Small design holds at least two rings.
  • Constructed from durable die cast zinc.

Having small storage pieces like ring holders around the house helps de-clutter your jewelry box too. Plus, having more than one safe spot for jewelry ensure you will not misplace items on windowsills, counter tops and other places around the home.

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Add some style with a modern jewelry box 0

Hello, beautiful! This contemporary twist on jewelry storage is sure to add style and conversation to any room. Add the Umbra Jewelry Storage Organizer to the bathroom counter, personal vanity, dresser and more to create convenient storage for small items. This double tiered jewelry chest has space for all of your precious pieces.

Two large containers with felt bottoms store and protect earrings, bracelets and more while the top lid acts as a dish for commonly used rings, necklaces plus more.

The concrete and copper design of this modern jewelry box create an unmistakably modern feel that is sleek and chic. Looking to add some additional storage without adding another large jewelry box? You found it!

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The Jewelry Bo…wl. 0

I must confess, I have been on an online jewelry shopping binge lately. I know, it’s terrible.

But I can’t help it!!! There are too many great pieces out there at affordable prices. So much I cannot keep track. I have a number of little packages coming through the mail this week, and honestly, I don’t even remember everything I bought. So I’ll get nice little surprises throughout the week and I totally didn’t break the bank.

Now, I have to figure out what I’m going to do with all my new jewelry because space is already at a premium. I don’t want to buy another jewelry box and I don’t want to replace the one I have because I love it so much. I know that for at least the next few months, I’m only going to feel like wearing my new stuff. So, I think the solution will be something like this Metal Frame Glass Bowl to hold my current faves:

jewelrybowlHang on a second, you say. That is NOT a jewelry box! Yeah, I know it’s not. It’s a bowl. I’ve done things like this in the past and it totally works. First of all, earrings look so cool dangling over the side. The bracelets and rings inside the bowl give it a “I don’t want to look too tidy” sort of urban look. You don’t have to agree with me on this, but keep an open mind at least.

This may not be the exact bowl I chose for organizing my current jewelry pieces, but I know I want to do something in this style. That way, I can keep most of my jewelry (which I won’t be wearing for a while) in the jewelry box I love and have a little fun with this funky organization solution.

New Product Alert! Mirror Armoire 0

Now, this I haven’t seen before and quite frankly, it’s genius!

Anytime a new organizing product for jewelry comes available, I like to put it to the test.  As an organizing freak, it’s my hobby to stay up to date on the latest products that keep our lives tidy and sensible.

Jewelry storage is especially fascinating to me because, well, first of all I’m a woman and also because there are so many solutions for storing jewelry available today.  To me, the smartest way to organize jewelry is by using wall space, but this full length dressing mirror with jewelry storage just might ruin my theory!


The Mirror Armoire by Corner will definitely find its way to my bedroom in the near future.  I’m thoroughly impressed by its design, as you can see.  This is truly one of those products that makes perfect sense, because every girl needs a dressing mirror and every girl needs jewelry storage.

Why not combine them?

It definitely doesn’t hurt that this jewelry cabinet and mirror has a classic, timeless design.  I won’t have to worry about it looking outdated eventually.  And, reorganizing my jewelry will be the perfect winter project now that the holidays are over!

Organize and Accessorize Your Vanity 0

“Every girl needs a good vanity” – at least, that’s what I told my husband when convincing him to along with me getting one.

vanityI haven’t had a vanity table since I was a teenage girl.  There’s something so romantic about the classic vanity.  A place that’s just for you, to do yourself up and feel pretty and girly.  The best part about having a vanity is accessorizing it.  I like to combine practical storage items with decorative accents like framed photos and little statues.  Mostly sentimental things that remind me of my loved ones or favorite travels.  I’m also a sucker for antiques, so it gives me a place to display my favorite trinkets and treasures.

I’d like to share with you some of my favorite finds for vanity accessories, both practical and decorative.  The first think you need is a place for your jewelry.  If you want something to hold your jewelry on top of the vanity, go with something stylish like the Bijou Jewelry Tree by Umbra.  You’ll also need something to organize cosmetics.  I’m a fan of the Personal Organizer with Drawers because it has divided compartments plus drawers.

Make up and jewelry storage are the most important places to start when it comes to accessorizing your vanity.  After that, you can add in all the little fun things.  Find a fancy hairbrush and hand mirror set, or mix and match little jars for holding small bits and pieces.  Remember, it’s a space that’s just for you and should reflect who you are and the things you love most!

New Product Alert – Mahogany Chair Vallet 0

Back to school time means a lot of things, but the most important thing in my book is this:  you have survived the summer and sent your children back to school, now it’s time to reward yourself!

One of the most rewarding things you can give yourself is the gift of organization.  I always feel enormously better after tackling a project and improving a part of my home, even if it’s just a small place like the closet or bedroom.  Whenever I need motivation to start a new organizing project I like to get it jump started by buying a new item and revolving the project around it.


This Mahogany Chair Valet is the newest addition to my bedroom.  I bought it to go with my closet renovation project.  By renovation, I really just mean cleaning it out.  The closet already has a good amount of shelves and rods to accommodate my husband’s and my clothing, but I’ve let it get too messy.

I also wanted a way to have more organized mornings.  With this valet stand, I can lay out my work clothes for the next day but it doesn’t stop there!  I can also pick out my jewelry and keep it organized on the chair.  I keep everyday items like my watch and security badge in the handy jewelry drawer of this valet chair.

Now my kids are back in school, my closet looks clean and my mornings can be even smoother.  Life is goooooood!

Product of the Week: Jewelry Storage for Dorm Living 0

If you’re heading off to college this year, it’s a good time to start planning.

You’ve most likely got a month at this point to start preparing for your new college life.  It’s an exciting time, maybe even a little bit scary.  But there’s nothing to fear about the unknown, college was a memorable and sweet time for most people who have experienced it.

Take this time to start getting organized and figuring out what you’ll need on your new journey.  Dorm life is very different from living at home with your parents.  You will be faced with the challenge of taking on grown up responsibilities like paying your own bills and keeping your space organized.  But don’t worry, it’s not rocket science!

If you have a lot of jewelry, you won’t be able to keep a large jewelry box in your dorm room.  There just isn’t enough space!  But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep all of your adornments and accessories with you when you go to college – you just need a smart organizing solution for them.

The Remy Forty-Eight Section Jewelry Box is perfect for any college bound girl.


Can you believe there are actually forty eight sections in this cute little jewelry case?  It is very well designed, to maximize storage capacity while maintaining a compact and portable design.  A removable tray with divided compartments is just one way to keep rings and earrings organized.  Your statement pieces like big dangly earrings will easily fit in the gusseted lid pocket.  And every other imaginable combination is possible – just do whatever fits best.

Best of all, this jewelry box is portable, so you don’t have to pack up your jewelry for trips back home to see the folks.  Simply grab your case and take the whole thing with you?  This way, you’ll also be assured that your jewelry is safe while you’re away.

Get This Jewelry Organizer Rack Before It’s Gone! 0

Do you have little space for jewelry storage in your bathroom?  Are you tired of your bulky jewelry box taking up surface area that you want to look clean and tidy? 

I have a solution for you, but you’ve got to hurry because this item is on sale and it’s flying off the shelves!


I’m really excited about the GemGini Magnetic Jewelry Organizer by Innovative Wishes because it does what so many jewelry organizers cannot – it saves space.  Those of us who are living in urban spaces don’t have a lot of room to mess around.  Our bathrooms are usually cramped, with little or no counter space, and we need to utilize every square inch available, while still maintaining a tidy and uncluttered look.  Often, the medicine cabinet is the only built-in storage provided in an urban home’s bathroom.

But before this product there was no way to store our jewelry in the medicine cabinet, other than piling it up on a shelf.  Not exactly ideal.  At just $10.99, the GemGini will not break the bank.  You’re making wise use of available space, and best of all, your jewelry is concealed behind the mirror and it won’t clutter up your bathroom.  Sure, you could use a wall mount jewelry rack, but wouldn’t you rather use that space for hanging decor?  I would.

And lastly, if you’re going to store your jewelry anywhere, wouldn’t you want it right where you’re putting it on to get ready?  Seems like a smart idea, if all you have to do is open the medicine cabinet, grab what you want, and put it on right there to check yourself out.

If you wait and this jewelry organizer sells out, you might find yourself in a world of regret.  So delay no further ladies, and get ’em while they’re hot!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Mens Accessory Organizers 0

Are you scrambling to find a gift for Dad this Father’s Day?  Don’t worry, you’ve got some time and I’ve got some ideas for you!

We tend to think of gifts for the men in our lives – our fathers, husbands, grandfathers, etc. – as being “manly” gifts like golf clubs, outdoor gear and business accessories.  But like us, men have a need to keep their accessories organized.  I should avoid using the term “jewelry organizer” but that’s essentially what I’m talking about.  Since men don’t usually carry a purse, they need a way to keep all those small odds and ends organized.  They may not own necklaces and bracelets like we do, but men have things like cufflinks, watches, tie clips and sunglasses.  There is absolutely no shame in buying a man something to organize his accessories!

mensvaletThis year I’m going to buy my husband this Organizer Valet by Royce Leather for his Father’s Day present.  I’m sure he’ll appreciate its masculine and modern look plus the storage benefits it provides.  This men’s valet can go on the dresser or his side of the bathroom sink and keep his “jewelry” (whoops! I said it!) in easy reach.  There are multiple compartments and organizing options with this accessory tray.  And best of all, it will almost be like a gift to myself as well.  No longer will I have to put up with this messy  bedside table that he clutters up with his wallet, keys, pocket change and watch at the end of the day.  A win win situation, folks!

So you see, finding a Father’s Day gift isn’t so difficult after all. You will find plenty of other ideas like this out there, including suit valets, watch cases, charging stations and more.  If your father or husband seems hesitant when receiving a gift like this, just tell him James Bond would have totally had one!

My Current Jewelry Obsessions 0

Today we’re going to take a break from talking about jewelry organization and have a little fun! 

This morning, as I was going through my jewelry box and struggling over what to wear, I realized it’s time for some new pieces.  When it comes to jewelry, I don’t have a particular style.  My style is all over the place from simple and classic to ornate and romantic.  These days I seem to be drawn toward the dramatic.  Big, chunky statement pieces.  Another new one for me is watches.  Throughout my twenties I NEVER wore a watch.  Now in my thirties it’s more about practicality than making philosophical statements about “not being bound to time”.  Hahahaha!


So when I opened up Etsy this morning, this awesome watch popped up on the first page.  The shop is called maggieslove and this is their Brown Suede Bracelet Watch with Red Coral Interchangeable Face.  LOVE!  So unique and a little offbeat, with its brown suede band that you wrap around your wrist.  But it’s also beautiful, with that pop of coral color.





I’m also getting into bib necklaces.  These are usually big, chunky necklaces that take center stage.  This one, the Vintage Flower Bib Statement Necklace – Sunshine and Daisies by rebecca3030 is an example of a very elaborate bib necklace, but they also come simpler than this.  The fun thing about a bib necklace, is that you can throw it on with a tank top or tee shirt and jeans for a casual look that still packs a “style punch”.  This bib necklace is right up my alley, but if you’re not ready for something so bold, check out other styles.  They come as simple as beaded strands in bright colors.




Lastly I want to talk about cocktail rings.  Every girl needs a good one.  We typically think of them as an oversized gem or stone that covers a good portion of your finger.  True, but these days there are many more options!  Like this Victorian Purity White Rose Cocktail Ring from the shop robinhoodcouture.  You will find all kinds of shapes from ovals to rectangles and irregular forms as well.  A good cocktail ring is a quick way to spruce up your look for going out on the town or hitting the farmer’s market on a Saturday afternoon.


I could go on and on for days about all the jewelry I want to add to my collection but for now I think I’ll stop talking about it and do it already!

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