Animal ring holders make cute decor accents 0

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These animal ring holders showed up in my office a week ago and it was love at first sight.

Their modern, simple design is a great little accent piece where ever you need it. Whether you’re taking off your jewels to wash the dishes, give the kids a bath or just tuck into bed for the evening, these cute little guys will keep your precious safe.

I really love these. Yes, they’re cute, but that’s not it. They’re well designed on every level:

  • The small size fits perfect next to bathroom or kitchen sinks, atop vanity tables, nightstands and more.
  • Painted rubber spray design is long lasting.
  • Comes in four different cute animals: rabbit, dog, giraffe or elephant.
  • Felt bottom helps piece stay in place and protect surfaces from scratching.
  • Small design holds at least two rings.
  • Constructed from durable die cast zinc.

Having small storage pieces like ring holders around the house helps de-clutter your jewelry box too. Plus, having more than one safe spot for jewelry ensure you will not misplace items on windowsills, counter tops and other places around the home.

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